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Ad-Da'wat ul-Haadiyat ul-'Alaviyah (A'lallaaho Manaaraha wa Zikraha)
The Official Website of the 45th ad-Da'i al-Mutlaq al-Haqq Haatim ul-Khayraat, Rabee' ul-Barakaat Saiyedna Abu Sa'eed il-Khayr Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (tus)
Bayaan of Aqaa Maulaa on Different Aspects
Deen and Duniyaa

The use of Mobile and Internet and the things related to it by all type of people | Everyone has the inbuilt tendency to ask, search, test, enquire and scrutinize things before using be it Drinking Water or any Gadget or Instrument | “Sundooq ul-‘Uloom” meaning the Cabinet of Knowledge are the Hujjat and Haadi (Proof and Guide) of Allaah who are the Masters of Life on this Land and in Heavens | Life is nothing but ‘Ilm-o-‘Amal (Knowledge and Deeds) so one should come to its Master before acquiring anything | ‘Ilm from Allaah Ta’aala is unadulterated from the Day one till the Last Day and it has been bestowed upon His Da’i uninterrupted through Fayz, Ta’eed and Salaam for showing Siraat-e-Mustaqeem to mankind in every places and time | This Da’wat of Allaah is the treasure trove of all Sciences and Faculties, a mumin should always feel peace in asking things to his Da’i for which he is Ignorant but with nobility and pureheartedness | “Ikhwaan us-Safaa”, The Brethren of Purity, is the book written by 9th Faatemi Imaam Maulaana Ahmad al-Mastoor (as), the encyclopedia of all Sciences | Like this there are innumerable books on different topics in Da’wat-e-Shareefah | Du’aat ul-Balaagh who were prolific writers and distinguished orators worked extensively for the ‘Ilmi Khidmat of Da’wat and they submitted their works to their respective Hujjat who in turn forwarded it in the Hazrat of Imaam and in this way the Huge Faatemi Library came into being in Cairo during the time of 18th Imaam Maulaana Mustansir Billaah (as) in 480 AH

Alavi Bohras: Shahrullaah il-Mo'azzam 1437 Alavi Bohras: Shahrullaah il-Mo'azzam 1437 Alavi Bohras: Shahrullaah il-Mo'azzam 1437
Shahrullaah il-Mo'azzam : 1437 AH
Mobile App: Ahl uz Zikr

In this Shahrullaah 1437, we the TEAM ALAVI feel very much elated the by the Razaa Mubaarak of Huzoor e 'Aali TUS we are launching our community’s much awaited Mobile App named “Ahl uz-Zikr”.  After registration mumineen would get Deeni Messages, Photos, Audio, Video and Different Akhbaar.  It is initially launched on Android and will be made available for iPhone users too.

The Features of this App are:

  1. Text, Audio and Video, Messages with Photos
  2. Namaaz timings and Azaan
  3. Urs Reminders
  4. Miqaat Reminders means Important Historic and Current Akhbaar
  5. Hijri Calendar
  6. Araz to Saahab e Da'wat
  7. Qiblah Direction
  8. Quran Recitation, Translation, and Commentary (coming soon)
Mumineen could download this App from Google Play store: or

Ramazaan and Shawwaal
Mishkaat ul-Haadi Newsletter


Main Topics:

  1. Opprotunity+Effort+Patience=Accomplishment
  2. 27th Da'i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna B Dawoodji bin S Qutubshah (aq) - Part 6
  3. The Traditions of Rasoolullaah (saws): To Practice Good deeds and shun Bad ones, To speak Truth in any condition - Part 15
  4. The stories of Bani Israa'eel: Ahaadees-e-Bani Israa'eel - 24th Story - The Result of the Act of Zinaa and Sadaqah
  5. Dars-e-Lisaan ud-Da'wat: Eye
  6. Akhbaar-e-Haatemiyah: Programs by Different Committee's, Warsi of Maulaa Muqaddas, Madrasah Exams, Misaaq Majlis, Ahmedabad Ibaadat-gaah
In order to read the current issue you must register yourselves. You can freely read the past issues and articles.

Alavi Bohras: Qare'een-e-Da'wat - Istiqbaal of Aqaa Maulaa   Akhbaar: 26-8-1437
Istiqbaal of Aqaa Maulaa by Qaare'een-e-Da'wat

On the Mubaarak Occasion of the ‘Urs e Maymoon of 36th Da’i ul Mutlaq Saiyedna Hameeduddin saheb (RA) on 26th Sha’baan 1437, around 100 Qare’een-e-Da’wat did  Istiqbaal of Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna saheb (TUS) at Bustaan-e-Badri and offered Ziyaafat-e-Faakherah to commemorate the completion of Maulaa’s First Year on Masnad-e-Imaami.  It was on 20th Sha’baan 1436 when Aqaa Maulaa ascended the Nooraani Throne of Da’wat e Haadiyah as the 45th Da’i ul Mutlaq appointed through Nass-e-Jali by his predecessor and Waalid-e-Giraami Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb (RA).

  'Urs Mubaarak: 26 Sha'baan 1437 - Audio
Saiyedna Hameeduddin Shamsuddin bin S Hebatullaah (QR)

The words and Mafhoom of Sajadah, Sadaqah and ‘Uqbaa is related to the Ziyaarat of Saheb-e-Maqaam i.e. Da’i-e-Aal-e-Mohammad (sa).  Farishta-Malaa’ikah bowed down in front of Nabiyullaah Aadam (as) as he was Saheb-e-Maqaam for whom Allaah Ta’aala made obligatory doing Sajadah for all beings and for the Saheb who is appointed by Nass in his place till the Day of Judgement.  ‘Uqbaa is the ultimate place of return for the people who believe in the obedience of Saheb-e-Maqaam.  The place of permanent dwelling and graced with unending bounties and raised to the sublime status in front of Awliyaaullaah. 

Alavi Bohras: Aqaa Maulaa at the Seminar of Family Bonding and Launching of the Helpline   Akhbaar - Tadbeer Foundation - Workshop: 22-5-2016
Importance of Family Relationships & Helpline Launch
Press Report: Gujarat Samachar | Divya Bhaskar | Sandesh | Mid-Day (Mumbai)

While launching the Helpline, Aqaa Maulaa said in his key address that, “Today the principle of Pythagorean Triangle is applicable in Family Relationship, its Bonding and the Role of each family members with others.  The 3 points of A, B & C where the angles are formed are Grand Parents, Parents and Children of the family.  They are equally inter-related with each other to form a complete Triangle.  All sides are equal and each one has a direct connection with the remaining two.  Each one has its role to play.  No one can take the place of other.  These Dynamics can work magic for the Healthy Family. 


Bhaisaheb: The Second Name of Brotherhood

Mumineen do remember that we are Alavis, therefore after every name we add the word “Bhai”, and because of Maulaa Ali’s wilaayat and imaan we are brothers and comrades. Where there is the concept of brotherhood, there exists the blessings of Jamaa’at-congregation (community). The congregation of Mumineen is the greatest blessing from Allaah Ta’aala. The most sanctimonious five (Panjatan-e- Paak) also have two brothers, our First and the Second Imaam Maulaana Hasan il Mujtabaa (as) and the chief of Martyrs Maulaana Husain (as).


Laylat un-Nisf - 15th Sha'baan ul-Kareem (Shab-e-Baraa'at)

Razaa of Listening the Bayaanaat and its Elucidation | Turn towards elevating your Spirit, your deeds and your Profitable Business between you and your Rabb | Sha’baan brings with it the Vast Sea of Barakaat | The Change of Qiblah and its Taweel | Taking proper Meaning of the Bayaan | As per Ilm-e-Taweel who is Man and Woman | The Relation between Teacher and Student | The Creation of Human and his Nature | Illuminating Shama’-Chiraagh-Koriya during the ‘Ibaadaat of Laylat un-Nisf, the Mubaarak Night of 15th Sha’baan ul-Kareem | Noor of Tanzeel and Taweel | Noor of the Mahabbat of Ameer ul-Mumineen Maulaana ‘Ali (as)

Alavi Bohras: Tasees on the Dast-e-Mubaarak of Aqaa Maulaa   Akhbaar: 9-8-1437
Laying of Tasees-Foundation Stone for Ibaadat-gaah cum Hall

9th Sha’baan ul-Kareem 1437, 15-5-2016, Sunday, Ahmedabad was blessed by the visit of Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna saheb (tus) for laying of the Foundation Stone- Tasees- Sang-e-Buniyaad of ‘Ibaadat-gaah cum Community Hall behind the Alavi Musaafir Khaana in Saraspur.  It is after the construction of the Rawzah Mubaarakah of 31st Da’i ul Mutlaq Saiyedna Badruddin Hasan bin Saiyedi Wali (aq) saheb in 1411 AH that such construction activity has took place. 

'Urs Mubaarak: 44th Da'u ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb (ra): 5th Sha'baan 1437
'Urs Mubaarak - Saiyednal Muqaddas Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb (ra) - 5-8-1437 'Urs Mubaarak - Saiyednal Muqaddas Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb (ra) - 5-8-1437
Bayaan of Aqaa Maulaa:
Part 1: Intiqaal of Maulaanal Muqaddas and Mazaar-e-Yusufi | “Rijaal”, Men of Promise, Piety and Peace even at the time of Death, they are Du’aat-e-Haqq | “Jibaal”, Mountains maintain balance of this Earth, so as Du’aat who maintain balance in the Shari’at | The Responsibility of Du’aat is to unveil the Ugly Face of this World and to explain the overall benefits in following Deenullaah, as this life is a small part of a long Spiritual Journey | Aqaa Maulaa recited the Bayt composed by the 41st Da’i ul Mutlaq Saiyedna Fakhruddin saheb (aq) where Maulaa mentioned the Haalaat of Death and how a mumin should perceive it and prepare himself before it finally separates Soul from Body
  Download (06.20 MB & 13.33 mins)
Part 2: The Daur of Muqaddas Maulaa is coined as “Ta’meeri Daur” | During the duration of the Da’wat of 42 yrs Muqaddas Maulaa’s Du’aa for the Taraqqi and Aabaadi of Mumineen has been fulfilled | The Existence of Haqq in the Hearts of Mumineen is because of the Jihaad-e-‘Ilmi of Du’aat | Muqaddas Maulaa did Naseehat for the Tarbiyat of Children | Zikr of the Wa’az of Muqaddas Maulaa on 2nd Moharram 1436 | Wasiyat of Muqaddas Maulaa to grant Mu’aafi to all those people who had acted against the Nizaam of Da’wat | Wrote day-to-day affairs and encouraged reading and keeping an eye on National and International News | Knowledge is a Noble Legacy |  Muqaddas Maulaa was a Great Administrator and Disciplinarian
  Download (06.60 MB & 14.25 mins)

Alavi Bohras: Vadodara Heritage Walk   Akhbaar
Vadodara Heritage Walk

The area is distinguished with the tales of Rich Historical accounts and Heritage Monuments since 2000 years.  It was the first human settlement near the Vishwamitri river that gradually transformed into the beautiful city of Vadodara.  The Heritage walk included the buildings of First Library of Vadodara, First Jail of Vadodara, Archives Building, Pot Museum, GPO and Khari Vav, Tambekar Wada, Kothi Building, Kharchiker Haveli etc.  Many of the participants were enthralled and amazed to know the never heard tales and facts of Vadodara History.


Akhbaar: Rajab ul-Murajjab 1437
Bay'at-e-Imaam uz-Zamaan (as)

Saiyedna saheb Aqaa Maulaa said in his Bayaan that, “The recitation  of the text of this misaaq takes merely few minutes and you all say Na’am in between and we take Waseelah of our Maulaa Imaam Taiyeb ul-‘Asr wal Heen.  But it takes lifetime dedication, sincerity, nobility, truthfulness, faith and obedience to keep promise given to the Da’i to follow the rules and regulations, halaal-o-haraam, ‘ibaadat-o-‘aamaal laid down by the Divine Law of Islaam revealed upon the Ambiyaa (as). 


at-Taiyebaat - Recipes
So-Dhaan-nu (Sodannu)

So-Dhaan-nu popularly known as "Sodannu" is a sweet dish prepared from Rice, Sugar, Curd and Dry Fruits in the Holy Month of Rajab ul-Murajjab. It is prepared in every Alavi household with ikhlaas-o-yaqeen near the Mubaarak Night of Me’raaj.  Generally people prefer to make it on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the month.  Mumineen extend Izn to all neighbors, relatives and friends for the Salawaat and also distribute it along with Da’wat-e-Shareefah for Barakaat.

  Akhbaar: STAR Charitable Trust
Cancer Detection Camp: 24-4-2016

The main focus of the Camp is detecting the Cervical & breast Cancer in Women. Cervical Cancer – Cancer of the mouth of Uterus is the leading cause of Mortality and Morbidity in Women in the recent times. The main purpose of this camp is to spread awareness about breast & Cervical Cancer – an initiative also started by the Government of Gujarat. This Cancer Detection Camp was open for the Women of all communities and was held at Zenith School. 170 women took advantage of this camp and got breast checkup & PAP test. Out of which 10 ladies underwent Mamography.

  Akhbaar - Tadbeer Foundation
Awareness amongst Rural People

TADBEER FOUNDATION has always accomplished its motive by spreading awareness to various class and age of people. The journey continues and this time TADBEER FOUNDATION went to Madheli Village (Near Parul Institute) to spread the light of awareness amongst rural people.

1. Child Abuse
2. Importance of Education
3. Health is Wealth (Awareness about Cleanliness)

World Heritage Week - Educational and Industrial Transformation of Alavi Bohras  

Monumental Life of Vadodara - Alavi Bohras
Educational and Industrial Transformation

Vadodara celebrated World Heritage Day – 18th April 2016, with a bang and fervor. Many events and shows were organized across the city and will continue for a week. There is increased sense of awareness among the Barodians as far as Heritage Talks and Walks are concerned and that is a good sign for the coming generations. Through the perseverant efforts of Heritage Lovers, city has undergone a move of Re-exploration and Re-discovery.

at-Taiyebaat - Healthy Food and Lifestyle with Healthy Snacks Cooking Competition  

at-Taiyebaat - 17-4-2016 AD/11-7-1437 AH
Healthy Food Habits and Lifestyle with Healthy Snacks Cooking Competition

Our daily Namaaz is the best example of exercise, concentration and balance.  It’s the straight way to get connected with the world above you and this Spiritual power has a overwhelming effect both mentally and physically.  You should do Shukr that you are healthy today, because sickness is bound to come.  You should do Shukr that you are alive today, because death is always advancing towards you.  This health and life is the best ne’mat of Khudaa Ta’aala.”

at-Taiyebaat - Valedictory Function of English Speaking Classes   Akhbaar: at-Taiyebaat
Valedictory Function for the 1st Batch of English Classes
Mukaasir ud-Da’wat (dm) said in his speech that, “Today I feel that I am in UK as all of you speak English so nicely and confidently.  I must say that the effort started by at-Taiyebaat today should continue and like this batch many of you should encourage others to take part in this type of educational activities and help in building positivity in our community.  English is an International Language and everywhere you will have to face it.  Make it the part of your routine as it has become the basic tool of communication.  When I was in school studying in 6th Class Marhoom Mukaasir ud-Da’wat Saiyedi Dr. Husain Mo’eenuddin saheb (ra) inculcated in me the habit of reading Times of India newspaper and this has helped me immensely in making the base of English Language strong.

COPE District Head Mr. Rajesh Nambiar shared his views and said that, “I can’t believe my eyes that so many well dressed Alavi Bohra ladies are today conversing in the Queen’s language.  You all have done a fantastic job and worked hard to achieve this milestone in such a short time.  I am always with at-Taiyebaat and will be a part of their Endeavours in Education and Awareness.”

  Akhbaar: 11-12-13th March 2016
Alavi Representation in World Culture Festival - AOL

AOL organized World Culture Festival in New Delhi from 11th to 13th March 2016. Continuing our warm relations the AOL members presented a special and exclusive invitation to Huzoor e ‘Aali TUS to grace the International Event by his presence and to become the part of the continuing efforts in establishing the World Peace and Religious Equality by involving different communities, cultures, religions and nations.  Huzoor e ‘Aali TUS along with Mukaasir ud Da’wat and Ra’s ul Hudood graced the International World Culture Festival of AOL by his auspicious presence and personally invited Sri Sri Ravishankarji to visit Vadodara at the Alavi Centre.

Shining Stars
  • Sister Lokhandwala Alefiyah Shamsuddin, has achieved 3 gold medals from MS University in January 2016 under the Graduation program of "Interior Designing" from the Faculty of Family and Community Sciences previously known as “Home Science”.  She had consistently topped in all the three years under graduation.  And she is now pursuing the PG program in the same faculty.  She says that, “She completely owe her achievement to her parents who have been her back bone and inspiration throughout her studies.   Without their constant help, support, encouragement and their confidence in her it would not be possible for her to get such an honour and success.”

Dubai: Yaadgaar and Taareekhi Visit of Aqaa Maulaa   Akhbaar: Urs Mubaarak M. Faatemah Zahraa (as) - 18-2-2016 AD/11-5-1437 AH
Week-long stay of Aqaa Maulaa (tus) in Dubai

Dubai got the Barakaat of Da’wat ul-Haqq with the Aamad-e-Ahmad and Qadam mubaarak of Naa’ib-e-Imaam uz Zamaan (as), 45th Da’i ul Mutlaq Haatim ul-Khayraat Rabee’ ul-Barakaat Saiyedna Abu Sa’eed il-Khayr Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (tus).  Maulaa visited Dubai on the miqaat of the ‘Urs Mubaarak of Khayr-o-Nisaa il-‘Aalameen Maulaatona Faatemat uz-Zahraa (as) and stayed for a week 18-25 Feb 2016 AD, 11-18 Jumaadi ul-Ulaa 1437 AH.  Maulaa accepted the izn-e-khaass of the Mumineen of Dubai to shower his blessings by taking their Bay’at and give them an opportunity for the Khidmat of Da’i-e-Haqq in Dubai.  Faiyaaz ud-Da’wat il-‘Alaviyah Husainbhai Mulla Ziyauddin Adenwala spearheaded and organized the entire visit and Maulaa did Qiyaam at his place in Bur Dubai.  Maulaa did Nawaazeshaat on Faiyaaz ud-Da’wat for his sincere khidmat right from the first day till the wadaa’ at airport.

Mazoon Maulaa Saiyedi Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (dm)   'Urs Mubaarak: 19 Rabi' ul-Aakhar 1437
Saiyedna Badruddin Hasan bin Saiyedi Wali saheb (qr)
Maulaa said that, “A Mumin who do ziyaarat of these Du’aat are in the nooraani company of Malaa’ikat-Angels and and he himself becomes an angle gaining the shafaa’at of our Du’aat.  The Door of this Rawzah is “Baab-e-Hittah”, meaning the door to Najaat because mumin completely safeguards his walaayat and ‘aqeedat towards his lifetime.  The Rawzah of our Du’aat is the centre for Haajat-rawaai for all those who take Maulaa’s Waseelah.”
  Download (07.16 MB & 15.38 mins)

Ziyaarat-e-Muqaddasah   Akhbaar: Rabi' ul-Aakhar 1437
Ziyaaraat-e-Muqaddasaat Tour

Shahzaada Bhaisaheb Sa’eed ul-Khayr joined them from Qumm and he is now leading the group.  Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna saheb (tus) did Khusoosi Du’aa for the Kaamyaabi of the Safar and peaceful return to India with sehhat and ‘Aafeyat.  With Namaaz-e-Imaamat, Majlis, Bayaan and Ziyaarat, Shahzaada saheb in every possible way doing khidmat and hidaayat of the group.  Having deep knowledge of Arabic and Persian language, it is helping in a great way to group members in doing ziyaarat.

  Akhbaar - 25-2-1437
"Aywaan-e-Fakhri" - Khaandaan of Saiyedna Fakhruddin saheb (aq)

The Supremacy of the people of the family of Da’i is not based on its relationship with Da’i but on ikhlaas, khidmat, ‘ilm and taqwaa.  The 6 sons of Saiyedna Fakhruddin saheb (aq) were all learned with the ‘Uloom of Da’wat-e-Shareefah like the sons of Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb (aq).  They were Saiyedna Badruddin saheb, Bhaisaheb Ibraahim, Bhaisaheb Hameeduddin, Bhaisaheb Najmuddin, Bhaisaheb Abd ul-Husain and Bhaisaheb Husaamuddin.

Click here to Install the "al-Qalam"

Android Application LAUNCHED

  • It is a Broadcasting App through which you will get Text Messages and links of Photos, Audio clips, Video clips etc.
  • You will also Share these on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other Social Media Websites.
  • The Feature of Qur'an-e-Azeem's Translation and its Commentary will be added soon.
  • Website Updates will also be published through this App as it is done via Emails since many years.
  • Alavi Calendar and Namaaz Timings will also be added soon.
  • You can also Download this App directly from Play Store.

Tree Plantation Program

Saiyedi saheb added that, “Rasoolullaah (saws) did naseehat to ahl-e-Islaam that Allaah Ta’aala has not decided the reward of these three things meaning it bears huge reward when done keeping in mind the importance of the service to Makhlooq-mankind.  1) Planting Trees for better environment, 2) Constructing Roads for better commuting and 3) Digging Wells for better household.  If people follow this with sincerity and cooperation then there will remain no doubt that it will help in creating strong base for social and environmental benefit.  Surely “PLANTS” stands for “Please Let A Nature To Survive” and “TREE” stands for “Treasure and Resource for Environmental Enrichment”.

In the Past : Wallaaho bekulle shayin Aleem

The succession of the true and blessed Da'wat, which exists on the facade of the earth from the beginning of creation till the Day of Resurrection (Qayaamat) , continues to disengage us from the bodily confinement and personifies our deeds, abiding to the shari'at, and ascends us to the sanctity and sacredness through the path of salvation (najaat). The competent authority of Allaah (Hujjat) is always present on this globe below the skies, either publicly (zaahir) or in the veil (satar, baatin). Allaah Ta'aala says in the Qur'an that, ‘This practice (sunnat) has been continuing from timeless periods and there is no possibility of change or alteration in it; and in every era there is a fiend, infernal and hellish Satan (Shaitaan) against the divine and saintly authority of Allaah (Hujjat).'

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