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Fallaaho Khayrun Haafezan, wa Howa Arham ur-Raahemeen (Yusuf 64)
Allaah Ta'aala is the Best Keeper (of this Da'wat) and He is the most Merciful of all Merciful Ones (on the Khuddaam of Da'wat)
Rawzah Mubaarakah of Saiyedi Ameenji bin Jalaal saheb (ra)  
Historic Facts of Saiyedna 'Ali saheb (aq) from 'Alavi Manuscripts
Part 4 - The Kirdaar (role) and Status (darajah) of Saiyedi Ameenji bin Jalaal saheb (aq) during 29th Da'i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna ‘Ali saheb (aq)

After highlighting the occurrences of manipulation done with the historic facts by the publications of other Bohra communities, the account of Saiyedi Ameenji bin Jalaal (ra) also seem to be shrouded in the mystery. In this article we will make a serious attempt to bring forth the manipulations done with the historical facts about Saiyedi Ameenji bin Jalaal (ra). Role of Saiyedi Ameenji bin Jalaal (ra) is of utmost importance as far as the Haqqaaniyat of Nass of 29th Alavi Da’i Saiyedna ‘Ali bin S Ibraahim ash-Shaheed (aq) is concerned.

  • Mystery surrounding the Historical events of Saiyedi saheb (ra)
  • Manipulation in his Date of Intiqaal
  • What 'Alavi Taareekh says about Saiyedi saheb (ra)
  • Books of Saiyedi saheb (ra)

Sibghatullaah wa man Ahsano minallaahe Sibghatan (2-138) – We should follow the Deen-o-Imaan of Allaah Ta’aala, who is better than Allaah in bestowing us the True Sense (colour)  of His Deen.  
Historic Facts of Saiyedna 'Ali saheb (aq) from 'Alavi Manuscripts
Part 3 - 'Ilmiyat of Saiyedna 'Ali saheb (aq) in front of Saiyedna Dawoodji Burhaanuddin
bin Saiyedi Qutubshah saheb (aq)

Saiyedna ‘Ali saheb (aq) had an unparallel command over the Kutub-e-Da’wat like “Asaas at-Ta’weel” and “Ta’weel ad-Da’aaim”. Abd ut-Taiyeb Zakiyuddin, son of 27th Da’i ul-Mutlaq was nowhere near the high standard of ‘Uloom-e-Da’wat of Saiyedna ‘Ali saheb (aq). Even Saiyedna Dawoodji saheb (aq) was aware about this fact. And this was the only reason why he preferred Saiyedna Safiyuddin saheb (aq) on the sublime Maqaam of Da’i ul-Mutlaq and propagated Nass-e-Jali on him. If at all his son Abd ut-Taiyeb Zakiyuddin deserved the qualities of becoming a Da’i (with respect to the ‘Uloom-e-Da’wat), Saiyedna Dawoodji saheb (aq) would have directly done Nass on his son with the fact that at the Intiqaal of Saiyedna in 1021 AH his son was not a neophyte but 49 yrs of age.                                                   read more....

Bayaan of Pehli Raat (Laylat-e-Ulaa) of Jumaadi ul-Ukhraa 1435

How to recognise “Shaitaan” and its deeds?  It is around us, in us and in our thoughts and actions | Haaris bin Murrah became Shaitaan because he became disobedient to Maulaana Aadam Safiyullaah (as) | Saiyedna Moayyad Shiraazi saheb (aq) explains that, Allaah Ta’aala has not revealed among Humans who is with Him and who is against, each deed of a person decides him being with Rahmaan or Shaitaan | Imaam Ja’far us-Saadiq (as) says that, Shi’a will face the grave consequences and harsh situations because of the Mahabbat of Maulaana ‘Ali Ameer ul-Mumineen (as)

| Download : 13:03 mins / 5.97 MB

Qissah of 3rd Faatemi Imaam Saiyed ur-Raake’ina was Saajedeen Maulaana ‘Ali Zayn ul-‘Aabedeen (as) in which he gives two Rotis to a poor person having Imaan on Maulaana ‘Ali Saheb-e-Zulfeqaar (as).  Because of this Imaami barakaat Allaah Ta’aala grants his great Rizq with two Pearls (lu’lu’) and one of the ashaab of Imaam ‘Aali Maqaam purchases these pearls and assures him to pay all his debts and to look after his households.

| Download : 18:45 mins / 8.59 MB

Historic Facts of Saiyedna 'Ali saheb (aq) from 'Alavi Manuscripts
Part 2 - Discrepancies about the Year of Demise of Abd ut-Taiyeb Zakiyuddin
and the Reason about our Hujjat

Sahifah Printed in 1273 AH


Sahifah Printed in 1277 AH


Sahifah Printed in 1294 AH


Sahifah Printed in 1344 AH

Abd ut-Taiyeb Zakiyuddin, son of Saiyedna Burhanuddin Dawoodji bin Qutubshah (aq) who claimed to be the Da'i died on 2nd Rabi ul Awwal 1031 AH during the Da'iship of Saiyedna 'Ali saheb (aq). This date is confirmed in the following images taken from 4 different Sahifah printed by various Bohra publishers in which first 3 fall in a stretch of 21 yrs i.e. in 1273 AH, 1277 AH and 1294 AH. Interestingly, after 50 years this date was changed to 2nd Rabi ul Awwal 1041 AH mentioned in the last Sahifah printed in 1344 AH . This manipulation negates and nullifies some historic narrations given against the Haqqaaniyat of Saiyedna 'Ali saheb (aq) elsewhere on the internet and electronic media.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 read more....

Alaa be-Zikrillaahe Tatma'innul Quloob - Surely, the hearts of the Mumineen are at Peace by the Zikr of Allaah Ta'aala

“Udkholuha be-Salaamin Aameneen”, this is the Qur’anic verse ordering mumineen-muttaqeen to enter Jannat with Salaam where they would be secure from evilness of the Shayaateen.  41st Da’i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna Jivabhai Fakhruddin saheb (aq) inscribed this Aayat of Surat ul-Hijr on Wood and did hadiyah to one of the khidmat-guzaar residing in Badri Mohalla in 1314 AH.  This mubaarak piece of wooden plaque found its way to Da’wah Shareefah and after 129 yrs by the farmaan of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) it has been placed in Devdi Mubaarak.

“Daar us-Salaam” is a supreme place in Jannat where a true mumin of Ahl ul-Bayt (as) will dwell and he would be given power to choose the select mumineen and make them enter into this place of Rahmat and Ne’mat along with him. 

Yaa Qawmana Ajeebu Daa'iyallaah - O Our People, Answer (Follow) the Call of Da'iyullaah means Saheb-e-Da'wat
Mazoon Maulaa sitting on the Masnad where Bay'at and Nikaah majlis is held
Majlis-e-Khusoosi in Ghurfah Mubaarakah Mazoon Maulaa with Hudood in the majlis Zeenat-e-Noor of the Majlis Tabaarakasmo Rabbeka Zul Jalaale wal Ikraam - Blessed is the Name of your Lord, the Lord of Glory and Respect

Time and again, at the same place as per the necessity and requirement, Da’i uz-Zamaan did restoration work and maintained Devdi Mubaarak meticulously.   But the ghurfah mubaarakah – room where Da’i uz-Zamaan stays, does the majlis and studies ‘Uloom-e-Ahl-e-Bayt (as) has remained unchanged.   Since last two years due to the construction activities going on around Devdi Mubaarak, some weakness appeared on the walls and its restoration and renovation became inevitable.  After the ‘Urs Mubaarak of Nuruddin Maulaa in Surat, the work began and within three months it got finished with complete refurbishment of Ghurfah Mubaarakah of Saiyedna saheb (tus).  With the spiritual outlook the blissful touch was maintained by all possible efforts as the place is termed “Ghurfat ul-Jannat”,  The Castle of Paradise.                                                                                                                                              read more.....

Some of the Prophetic Traditions - Ahaadees-e-Nabawiyah written in Devdi Mubaarak:

The Head of the Wisdom is the Fear of Allaah

Ra’s ul-Hikmate Makhaafatullaah

Before any Talk, Mumin should say Salaam

as-Salaamo qablal Kalaame

Majesty is only for Allaah

al-‘Azmato Lillaahe

Respect is only for Allaah

al-‘Izzato Lillaahe

Truth is always Bitter

al-Haqqo Murran

The Best among People is the one who serves People without any Personal Gain

Khayrun Naase man Yanfa’on Naasa

When Imaam says something, mumineen should stop Talking

Izaa Khatabal Imaamo Harramal Kalaama

Dars-e-Haatemi: Akhbaar & Video
Weekly Deeni Dars of Mazoon Maulaa (dm)

Mazoon Maulaa will insha-allaah impart the khusoosi nikaat-important points based on Fiqh, Tareekh, Falsafah, Mantiq, Taweel-o-Haqeeqat, Qur’anic interpretation based on Ta’leemaat of Faatemi A’immat &  Du’aat, Seerat-e-Awliyaa, Aadaab-e-Tarbiyat and current affairs of Jamaa’at on every Saturday at 08:00 pm for an hour.  This is meant only for Khuddaam of Da’wat who have preliminary knowledge of Taiyebi Doctrines and Tenets, but those who are keen in acquiring this ‘Uloom-e-Haqq should personally contact the Vezaarat officials of Da’wah Shareefah.  Razaa will be granted to sincere mumineen who are aware of the Barakaat of ‘Uloom-e-Da’wat.

'Urs-e-Maymoon of Maulaatona Maa Faatemah Zahraa (as):

Salaam: Marqad-o-Mehshar ka Ghamm ho kisliye aye Mumino,
Bakhashwayegi Gunaaho ko Hamaare Faatemah.
| Download : 08:27 mins / 3.87 MB
Fazeelat: Every room has 4 walls and is lightened to make it the place of peaceful stay.  Likewise in Panjatan-e-Paak (as) there are 4 ashaab and this ruhaani and jannati Ghurfah-room is lightened by the Noor of M. Faatemah Zahraa (as), this noor is the Ruh of Panjatan-e-Paak (as).  M. Faatemah Zahraa (as) is the affectionate mother of her Shi’ah Kholasaa and she protects them from all Duniyaawi Aafaat-o-Balaa.  Muminaat should follow the aadaab of Faatemi Majlis by wearing Ridaa as per the azmat of Chaadar-e-Faatemah.  Muminaat should attend only those majlis which has been given permission by Da’wat-e-Haadiyah.  The place is an idol-house where people gather without the Zikr of Imaam uz-Zamaan (as) and Da’i uz-Zamaan (tus).
| Download : 13:40 mins / 12.50 MB
Waaqe'ah: Ayesha enters into the room of Maulaatona Faatemah (as) when she was busy making “Hareero” for Imaam Husain (as).  Bayaan of Rasoolullaah (saws) from the mimbar revealing the fazeelat of Maulaatona Faatemah (as) and warning those who make dirty plans in hiding her merits.
| Download : 13:13 mins / 12.30 MB

Jumaadi I & Jumaadi II
Mishkaat ul-Haadi Newsletter


Main Topics :

  • Pearls of Knowledge
  • Merits of Khayr-o-Nisaa il-'Aalameen Maulaatona Faatemah az-Zahraa (as)
  • Religion and Science: Part I
  • An Interesting Story of a small Sparrow and a Foolish Gardener
  • Lisaan ud-Da'wat - The Reality of your body and Soul
  • Foundation of Islaam: Good Character
  • The Most Respected Companion of Rasoolullaah (saws): Maulaana Salmaan ul-Faarsi - Part XXIII
  • The stories of Bani Israa'eel: Ahaadees-e-Bani Israa'eel - 11th Story - The Glory of Sadaqah
  • The Traditions of Rasoolullaah (saws): To Practice Good deeds and shun Bad ones, To speak Truth in any condition - Part VI
In order to read the current issue you must register yourselves. You can freely read the past issues and articles.

Wa Kafaa be-Rabbeka Haadiyaw wa Naseeran (Surat ul-Furqaan-31) - All-Sufficient is Allaah Ta'aala as a Guide and a Helper
Du'aa-Tasbeeh - Audio with Arabic Script, Translation
Du'aa of Rasoolullaah (saws) at Taa'if

While eating grapes of the garden of Waleed bin ‘Utbah, Rasoolullaah (saws) did du’aa and that carried hikmat which resulted khidmat ud-Da’wat in the progeny of Waleed.  Every grape is the khidmat of Da’i ul-Mutlaq in Yaman that started with the 5th Da’i Saiyedna ‘Ali bin Mohammad (aq) who did Da’wat from 605 AH till 612 AH.  There will be ad-Du’aat ul-Mutlaqeen from the Aal of Waleed who will become the guardian of Faatemi Da’wat and will call mumineen to Imaam uz-Zamaan (as), the children of 21st Imaam Maulaana Abul Qaasim Taiyeb (as).

Waaqe'ah of Addaas offering Grapes to Rasoolullaah (saws) at Taa'if

Haqeeqat of 'Alavi Tareekh from Kutub ud-Da'wat ish-Shareefah - Part 1
Historic Facts of Saiyedna 'Ali saheb (aq) from 'Alavi Manuscripts
Excerpt from the Kutub-e-Da'wat   Mazoon Maulaa Saiyedi Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (dm)
Bayaan of Mazoon Maulaa: | Download : 09:43 mins / 08.91 MB

In his bayaan Mazoon Maulaa quoted the riwaayat of Maulaai Yusuf bin Khaanji (ra) which is recorded in different Da’wat Shareefah books and it is preserved in our Khazaanah ‘Aamerah.  The riwaayat reveals the dialogue between the 27th Da’i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna Dawoodji Burhaanuddin bin Saiyedi Qutubshaah (aq) and 28th Da’i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam Safiyuddin bin Saiyedi Taiyebshaah (aq) before 1000 AH in Ahmedabad when 29th Da’i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna ‘Ali Shamsuddin bin Saiyedi Ibraahim (aq) was born in Vadodara.  It is the most credible account where 29th Da’i ul-Mutlaq is in the blissful lap of his grand-father, the 28th Da’i ul-Mutlaq in front of 27th Da’i ul-Mutlaq, saying that, “O Shaikh Aadam! Don’t worry, this child being your grandson will become your Eye-sight (Qurrat ul-‘Ayn) and will become one of the pillar of your Da’wat.”

Shining Stars:

Maimanah Nuruddinbhai Jariwala (Gold Medalist in MBA - IBM)
Her message: 
As we all know that with globalization and increasing competition from MNC's and foreign competitors, all MBA's today must be exposed to the global environment.   Even domestic companies will insist on MBA's having knowledge on the International Business scenario. Therefore, I consider it as an attractive career option for the youths because of the interesting career opportunities it offers. So for youth who want to explore various countries can opt for this post graduate degree.                                                                                                             read more...

Hasnain Sho'ebali Murmurwala
(Award for World's biggest storage structure for Sulphur)
His message: "Civil Engineering" is the original engineering field, In which we use our analytical abilities and knowledge of the physical world to design and figure out how to build things.  We face the challenge of designing structures that resist extreme wind, earthquakes, blast, temperature and others...!  Today this field has evolved with demanding times of Building Innovations and I therefore appeal to my community's Engineer brothers to explore new things for getting the best of their career.


Urs Mubaarak - Ahmedabad & Nadiad - 18-4-1435
Saiyedna Badruddin Hasan bin Saiyedi Wali saheb (qr)

Video of the Bayaan at Faatemi Masjid

At Ahmedabad, after the namaaz of Maghrib, in the majlis of shab-e-‘Urs, Mazoon Maulaa stressed on the essence of Haqq, the hardships to follow it and the falsehood of its enemies.  Du’aat in their full capacity during their life-time never compromised in urging mumineen to embrace Haqq either openly or secretly.  Mo’jezaat of Shaheed-e-Aa’zam is manifest among mumineen and the Yaqeen-o-Imaan of mumineen for Da’i ul-Haqq is always alive but hidden in their hearts.

History & Books: 2nd Da'i ul-Mutlaq of Yaman
Saiyedna Ibraahim bin Saiyedi Husain al-Haamedi (QR)
16th Sha’baan 557 AH (Ghail-e-Bani Haamid) – 30/07/1162 AD

Unlike the period of Saiyedna Zo’aib bin Moosa (aq), it was the blessing of Allaah that during his time there was no unrest or rebellion in any place. Mumineen were in peace and harmony and followed the orders of Da’i ul-Mutlaq openly and fearlessly. He used to call his opponents and talk to them sympathetically about their differences and always tried to bring a friendly solution to the disputes. Such was your approach with the disputants that many of them accepted his word and returned to the shadow of Imaan.


Purity of Shi’ah Taiyebi ‘Alavi Mumineen is due to the Noor of Rasoolullaah Bawaji (saws) and Maulaana ‘Ali Ameer ul-Mumineen (saws), The Simplicity of ‘Alavi Nikaah, From Waseelah and Salawaat of Rasoolullaah Bawaji (saws) till the Razaa of Da’i uz-Zamaan (tus) forms the Core and Soul of Nikaah,  Who is the Best of the Women – “al-Walood wal Wadood”, Completeness of Faith is performing Nikaah, Du’aa for the families of Dulhaa-Dulhan,  Our Da’wat is on Sidq-o-Safaa (Truthfulness and Serenity)


During the Rasm of Dhaaru, all the family members including the Bride and Groom are called to the Da’wat-e-Haadiyah where exclusive Nasihat (friendly advice) for the Imaani Married life based on the teachings of Faatemi Du’aat (aq) is given to them. Importance of Married life is explained to them with references from the Aayah of the Qur’an and Ahadees of Rasoolullaah (saws).

Mazoon ud-Da'wat il-'Alaviyah   Rasm of Sheerini   Da'i ullaah il-Ameen Saiyedna saheb (tus)

On 8th Rabi’ ul-Awwal 1435 AH, Alavi Mumineen celebrated 56th Birthday of their Beloved Maulaa Haatim ul-Khayraat Rabi’ ul-Barakaat Mazoon wa Mansoos us-Da’wat il-‘Alaviyah Saiyedi Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (daamallaaho majdahu).  44th al-Da’i ul-Mutlaq al-‘Alavi  Naa’ib-e-Imaam il-Muttaqeen Saiyedna Abu Haatim Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb (tawalallaaho ‘umrahush shareef ilaa yaum id-deen) was present in the majlis-e-masarrat when he with his dast-e-mubaarak did the rasm of Sheerini (cutting of the cake) and said that,

“O Children of Da’wat, You should always till your last breath do efforts to give Faatemi-Taiyebi knowledge to mumineen and invite them to act accordingly.  You should always protect our culture, thoughts, customs and relations.  We are with Haqq and Allaah Ta’aala has bestowed us with the itaa’at and mahabbat of two ‘Ali, one is Shaah-e-Najaf and the other is Shaah-e-Ahmedabad.  “Khushi” is a very little thing with Shi’ah of Ahl ul-Bayt (as), but for us there is always Cruelty and Repression done by the enemies of Haqq.  Always be prepared for “Museebat.”  Today I congratulate my Mazoon-o-Mansoos for his Saalgirah and I pray for his Sehhat and Khidmat of Da’wah Shareefah.”

Du'aa-Tasbeeh - Audio with Arabic Script, Translation
Du'aa of Maulaana Jibra'eel Ameen

Du'aa of Maulaana Jibra'eel Ameen before the intiqaal of Rasoolullaah (saws): This is the du'aa-e-khusoosi recited for the fazeelat, ta'ziyat and sabr of Ahl ul-Bayt (as) where Rasoolullaah (saws) is about to depart from this Abode of Calamities and how one should percieve the reward of his deeds, may it be blissful or sinful. Rasoolullaah (saws) says that, My mumineen are the Chosen people who will have the didaar of both me and my 'Ali at their time of death. Our Mahabbat would lead them to Najaat and Mumineen never dies spiritually as we make then eternal.

Saiyedi Ma'zoon Maulaa (dm)
Urs Mubaarak - 2 Rabi' ul-Awwal 1435
Rasool us-Saqalain Mohammad ul-Mustafaa (saws)

Audio Clips:

  • Kalaam: 07:37 mins | 3.49 MB
    "Wasf-e-Ahmad ka faqat itna Sila de Yaa Rabb, Tu hame Saaheb-e-Kirdaar bana de Yaa Rabb"
  • Bayaan: 21:02 mins | 9.62 MB
    The whole life of Rasoolullaah (saws) is Mo’jezah | Rasoolullaah (saws) is sent not only for Muslims but for entire Mankind | His Risaalat (Prophethood) encompasses every living and non-living thing | Every person and everything do Tasbeeh of Allaah Ta’aala | The verses of Surat ul-Burooj highlighting the creation of a man | Allaah Ta’aala and his du’aat (Nabi and his progeny) knows your deeds | “Balaghal ‘Olaa be-Kamaalehi…..Sallu ‘Alayhe wa Aalehi” | Obedience of Rasoolullaah (saws) | Delicate scent of Musk was emanating from every visitor who went for the didaar of Rasoolullaah (saws) at his birth

'Urs Mubaarak-14 Safar 1435

Ma'refat becomes the basic principle of Isma'ili-Taiyebi faith. The knowledge of the "self" leads to the knowledge of Allaah Ta'aala. Ma'refat is the link between this world and the world unseen and without it one cannot reach towards the state of Salvation. Da'iyullaah teaches mu'min the way of ma'refat starting from himself, his household, his relatives, his neighbours, his community, his Imaam, his Wasi, his Nabi and his Lord - Allaah Jalla Shaanohu.

  • Bayaan on Ma'refat - The Core of Learning and Cognition
  • Kalaam-e-Jalaali

To get Barakaat in the House, Mumineen should atleast follow these things...
  • Every member of the House should give preference to Lisaan ud-Da’wat (our classical Gujarati language) over other languages. As far as possible, at least once, food must be eaten together in the Thaal, sitting on the ground. Clothes should be worn by all the members according to our Bohra culture.
  • Everyone should have habit of saying Salaam while entering the House. Elders must be respected by all. Youngsters should be well behaved. Women should be Honoured.
  • It is against the conduct of a Mu’min to call his wife by her name in the House. This equally applies to the wife not calling her husband by his name.

'Urs Mubaarak - 20/1/1435 - 35th Da'i ul-Mutlaq
Saiyedna Nooruddin Noorbhai bin Saiyedi Shaikhali (QR)
  • Bayaan-e-Nooraani: Niyyat and Maqsad of Ziyaarat, Ma’refat of Muqaddas Maulaa, Meaning of “Noor”, “Noor of Allaah” remains constant and alive all the time in form of Da’iullaah. (10:51 mins, 4.96 MB)
  • Video of Ziyaarat Nooraaniyah
  • Kalaam-e-Nooraani (Audio)
  • Qaseedah Nooraaniyah (Audio)
  • Photo Album

Da'wat-e-Haadiyah Publication: Release of the Booklet of

This beautiful booklet named "Ad’eeyat-o-Salaat-e-Yaum il-Jomo’ah" is the collection of different supplications, prayers, merits and ahkaam related to Friday which happens to be the most revered and rewarding day for Mumineen.  It is the day when Allaah Ta’aala orders angels to descend on the places where mumineen recites salawaat, offers namaaz and do du’aa and in turn wipe out all sins and bestow them with unending blessings.  In order to benefit themselves mumineen-muminaat should always keep this booklet with them while going to masjid for Jomo’ah prayer

Cover of the Wuzoo DVD  
Akhbaar : Release of DVD of the

Since Wuzoo is an integral part of the Shari’at of Allaah it is very important that every mumin should know how to perform Wuzoo correctly. Though Wuzoo is taught in the Madrasah, but with the passing time, many things are forgotten which should be refreshed in the minds of the mumineen. Considering these facts, Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna Saheb (tus) gave Razaa Mubaarak to compose a Video of Wuzoo which would be helpful to the students of Madrasah as well as to the mumineen in general too. The video is recorded in two languages – Lisaan ud-Da’wat (Gujarati) and English (for the mumineen who have difficulty in reading and understanding Lisaan ud-Da’wat). This would also be helpful to the mumineen who wants to correct their Wuzoo before going to Hajj and ‘Umrah.

Qul Howallaaho Ahad  
Tahaarat - Ritual Purity

There are two types of ghusl, the obligatory (compulsory) ones (farz) and the recommended ones (sunnat). There are seven obligatory ritual baths. The ritual bath should be preceded by Istinjaa and wuzu as described earlier. While doing wuzu you should take the name of the ghusl for which you are purifying yourself. First the impurity should be removed from the private parts with water and thereafter water should be poured freely over the whole body. The hands should be used to cleanse that part of body, which they can reach. No part of the body should remain dry and being not washed by water and massaged by the hand.


Community Anthem (Qaumi Taraana):

In the Past : Wallaaho bekulle shayin Aleem

The succession of the true and blessed Da'wat, which exists on the facade of the earth from the beginning of creation till the Day of Resurrection (Qayaamat) , continues to disengage us from the bodily confinement and personifies our deeds, abiding to the shari'at, and ascends us to the sanctity and sacredness through the path of salvation (najaat). The competent authority of Allaah (Hujjat) is always present on this globe below the skies, either publicly (zaahir) or in the veil (satar, baatin). Allaah Ta'aala says in the Qur'an that, ‘This practice (sunnat) has been continuing from timeless periods and there is no possibility of change or alteration in it; and in every era there is a fiend, infernal and hellish Satan (Shaitaan) against the divine and saintly authority of Allaah (Hujjat).'

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