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Ad-Da'wat ul-Haadiyat ul-'Alaviyah (A'lallaaho Manaaraha wa Zikraha)
The Official Website of the 45th ad-Da'i al-Mutlaq al-Haqq Haatim ul-Khayraat, Rabee' ul-Barakaat Saiyedna Abu Sa'eed il-Khayr Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (tus)

In the wake of recent attacks in Different Parts of the World where innocent people have been targetted and killed; Maulaanal Min'aam Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb, the Spiritual Head 45th Da'i ul-Mutlaq (tus) of Alavi Bohras and the community members along with whole of the Muslim Community of Vadodara strongly condemn the attacks.

Indeed it's an act against Humanity. Terrorism has no Religion. Such heinous act is in no way the facet of Islaam and it's followers. We favour Peace and Harmony all over the World.
"Namaaz padhwa chalo Bhaisaheb aawa che,
Khudaa na Ghar ma Masallo bichaawi besa che"
(Merits of Namaaz-e-Fajr)
"Munawwar ye saara Jahaan kijiye ab,
Zuhoor aye Imaam uz-Zamaan kijiye ab"
(Imaam uz-Zamaan (as))
  Bayaan of the Pehli Raat of Jumaadi ul-Ulaa 1437
Jumaadi ul-Ulaa is the Mubaarak Month of the Birth of Saiyedat-o-Nisaa il-‘Aalameen Maulaatona Faatemat uz Zahraa (as), by whose virtue our Da’wat and Aal-e-Mohammad (as) is recognized | Rasoolullaah (saws) is the Saaheb of Sajadah and Rahmat where as Maulaana ‘Ali (as) is the Saaheb of Ruku’ and Maghferat | The other name of a Human is to commit a Mistake | Bayaan of Maulaana ‘Ali (as) from the mimbar of Masjid-e-Kufah that, “There are 3 types of sin and mistake and to get Pardon-maghferat one has to do proper Taubah and take saheeh Waseelah”.

Aqaa Maulaa (tus) Participated in the Flag Off Ceremony
Vadodara International Half Marathon - 7-2-2016 AD/29-4-1437 AH
Aqaa Maulaa said that, “Khudaa Ta’aala select the pure-hearted people for the Khidmat of Makhlooq and the aim of this Marathonic Movement is very noble to unite people of all walks of life.” 

Jumaadi ul-Ulaa & Ukhraa
Mishkaat ul-Haadi Newsletter


Main Topics:

  1. Go Forward: Life is to Progress and Proceed
  2. Moral Story: One who gives Bad Advice also bears its Painful Result
  3. Qalam: Pen
  4. You will have Cow from Cow, Horse from Horse and Human from Human
  5. Greed: A Mental Ailment
  6. Sadness of Comparison
  7. 27th Da'i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna B Dawoodji bin S Qutubshah (aq) - Part 5
  8. Taiyebi History: 8th Faatemi Imaam Maulaana ‘Abdullaah il-Mastoor (as) – Part 1
  9. The stories of Bani Israa'eel: Ahaadees-e-Bani Israa'eel - 22nd Story - Sadaqah, It will increase you in Age and Guard you against Dreadful Death
  10. Vision with Another Angle
  11. The Traditions of Rasoolullaah (saws): To Practice Good deeds and shun Bad ones, To speak Truth in any condition - Part 14
In order to read the current issue you must register yourselves. You can freely read the past issues and articles.


at-Taiyebaat Alavi Recipes
Undhiyu (Green Masala)

What You Eat. so You Think...
  • Our Deen Islaam has been ordained to us to maintain each and every relation within family and with mumineen.  It also encourages in maintaining the trade and brotherhood with the people of other faith.  “Thaal” is the place where all the family members come together to have the ne’mat of Allaah Ta’aala and it is surely the tradition of “Thaal” that prevail the unity and compassion among the family members, community members and and general people who are invited in the social gatherings and sit together in the Thaal.
  • Undhiyu is basically a Gujarati mixed vegetable dish. The type of Undhiyu presented here is largely similar to the Gujarati style but it has been adorned with Fresh Mutton to give it a Bohri touch along with the seasonal vegetables available during Winter. Vegetables include mainly Surti Papdi and Sweet Potatoes.

Mazoon Maulaa Saiyedi Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (dm)   'Urs Mubaarak: 19 Rabi' ul-Aakhar 1437
Saiyedna Badruddin Hasan bin Saiyedi Wali saheb (qr)
Maulaa said that, “A Mumin who do ziyaarat of these Du’aat are in the nooraani company of Malaa’ikat-Angels and and he himself becomes an angle gaining the shafaa’at of our Du’aat.  The Door of this Rawzah is “Baab-e-Hittah”, meaning the door to Najaat because mumin completely safeguards his walaayat and ‘aqeedat towards his lifetime.  The Rawzah of our Du’aat is the centre for Haajat-rawaai for all those who take Maulaa’s Waseelah.”
  Download (07.16 MB & 15.38 mins)

Ziyaarat-e-Muqaddasah   Akhbaar: Rabi' ul-Aakhar 1437
Ziyaaraat-e-Muqaddasaat Tour

Shahzaada Bhaisaheb Sa’eed ul-Khayr joined them from Qumm and he is now leading the group.  Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna saheb (tus) did Khusoosi Du’aa for the Kaamyaabi of the Safar and peaceful return to India with sehhat and ‘Aafeyat.  With Namaaz-e-Imaamat, Majlis, Bayaan and Ziyaarat, Shahzaada saheb in every possible way doing khidmat and hidaayat of the group.  Having deep knowledge of Arabic and Persian language, it is helping in a great way to group members in doing ziyaarat.

Akhbaar: 13-4-1437/22 Jan 2016, Friday
Beginning of Namaaz-e-Imaamat at Daar us-Salaam

Huzoor-e-‘Aali al-Maulaa al-Muqaddas wished that, “At Daar us-Salaam, Madrasah and Namaaz-e-Imaamat should begin at the earliest and Mumineen should take Manfe’at-e-‘Ilmiyah and ‘Amaliyah (benefit by knowledge and deed) through this initiative.”  Saiyedna saheb (tus) personally took interest and motivated Mumineen residing near Daar us-Salaam for Madrasah and Namaaz.  On 13 Rabi’ ul-Aakhar 1437, Friday, Saiyedna saheb (tus) did Imaamat of Salaat ul-Fajr and did farmaan to all the namaazi present at Daar us-Salaam to be regular and they should bring along with them their family members too.  After the namaaz, Saiyedna saheb (tus) said that, “O Mumineen! Our Shari’at is based on ‘Aamaal and Arkaan based on the Aayaat of Qur’an-e-Hakeem and Ahaadees of Rasoolullaah (saws).  Each and every deed that we do in our daily life is truly connected and inspired by either Aayaat or Ahaadees or may be both.”

Shining Stars
  • Brother Habilali Fidaali Tinwala studying in Std. 5 (Vidyani Vidhyalay, Navrachna) participated in 20th International UCMAS Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition held at New Delhi on 5/12/2015, stood 2nd Runners Up and was awarded with Merit Certificate in 14th National Competition held simultaneously.
  • Brother Aarizali Abbasali Vohra (Rajpiplawala) participated in 20th International UCMAS Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition held at New Delhi on 5/12/2015, got 3rd Rank in D category.

Misaaq ul-Mumineen - Faatemi Masjid - Nadiad   Akhbaar - 24-3-1437
Misaaq of Mumineen-Muminaat - Devdi Mubaarak

“Islaam is like a body and Misaaq is like a Soul-Rooh.  The presence and action of Soul is felt in each and every atom of the body and without it not a single part of body could remain alive or could be called its part.  The same is the haqeeqat of Misaaq which takes in its fold the entire Shari’at.  The last recourse of those who follow Shari’at with all its Hadd and Haqq of Shafaa’at.  Rasoolullaah (saws) says that, “There is no Shafaa’at without ‘Ahed-Misaaq”.

  Milaad-e-Haatemi - 8 Rabi' ul-Awwal 1437 - Akhbaar, Photos & Video

Maulaa said in his thought-provoking bayaan that,

“This is not only my milaad but today is the milaad of my every mumin-muminah.  Allaah Ta’alaa has blessed me with the barakaat of this month in which our last Nabi Rasoolullaah (saws) was born in Makkah.  Today there is no limit of my khushi that I see you all here in this majlis along with your children and you have come by keeping aside all your works only to participate in the taqreebaat of my milaad and eat the ne’mat on the maa’edah with shukr-o-ihsaan.  I want nothing from you but du’aa for the sehhat and tandurasti of your Da’i and that I fulfill my responsibility of imparting the ilm of Aal-e-Mohammad (as) and hidaayat till the last breath of my life.”

  Akhbaar - Tadbeer Foundation - 13-12-2015
“Growing up with your Child: The Art of Parenting”

The 45th Spiritual Head, Da’i ul-Mutlaq, His Holiness Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin Saheb (TUS) (Guest of Honour) presided over the function and shared his views on “Why there is need of Parenting in this Era?” Years back parents were the primary counsellors at home for their children and teachers were guiding light to them outside their home at the second stage. In this century both parents and teachers are busy in their profession and less attention is being paid to children so there is need of counsellors and experts to listen them and solve their basic issues.

  Akhbaar - 25-2-1437
"Aywaan-e-Fakhri" - Khaandaan of Saiyedna Fakhruddin saheb (aq)

The Supremacy of the people of the family of Da’i is not based on its relationship with Da’i but on ikhlaas, khidmat, ‘ilm and taqwaa.  The 6 sons of Saiyedna Fakhruddin saheb (aq) were all learned with the ‘Uloom of Da’wat-e-Shareefah like the sons of Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb (aq).  They were Saiyedna Badruddin saheb, Bhaisaheb Ibraahim, Bhaisaheb Hameeduddin, Bhaisaheb Najmuddin, Bhaisaheb Abd ul-Husain and Bhaisaheb Husaamuddin.

at-Taiyebaat - Colouring, Elocution & Tilaawat-e-Qur'an Competition   at-Taiyebaat: Akhbaar
Colouring, Elocution & Tilaawat-e-Qur'an Competition

Mukaasir Maulaa said that, “Such competitions should be held at regular intervals to instill self-confidence, competitiveness and to make them aware of their inbuilt abilities.  Today is the Urs Mubaarak of Maulaatona Sakinah (as) who showed unparallel forbearance when Shahaadat of her beloved father Maulaana Imaam Husain (as) took place in the plains of Karbalaa.  We should teach our children the lesson of Shukr-o-Sabr of our Ahl ul-Bayt (as) who because of our Najaat, went through severe oppression in the hand of Zaalim rulers who were arch-enemies of Maulaana 'Ali (as).

Heritage Walk: Alavi Bohras Traditions, Culture and Occupations: Different Press Releases
Vadodara People's Heritage Festival: 21-22 Nov 2015


  The Times of India: The Fruits of Wisdom
The Speaking Tree
  • Religion is built upon Character: We are ingrained with the quality of following others right from the beginning. In following others, we have lost our own Legacy and Heritage of Religion and Spirituality. In the past, West and other developed countries looked down upon us for being Religious and Spiritual. But the things have turned upside down in the recent past. We now have more Non Indian followers of Religion and Spirituality than our native fellows.

  • Seeking Grace and Blessings through Meditation - an Islamic Dimension: Prophet Mohammad said, "Realizing One's Self is Realizing his God". This sentence is very small but it encompasses the Wisdom of the Universe. It is easy to speak and preach but most difficult to practice. Recognition is not always centered to knowing of one's self but it is Multidimensional. It encompasses the Recognition of Self, Recognition of One's Spiritual Leader who is the Face of God on the Earth; and the Recognition of God.


Audio: A Riwaayat by Imaam Ali Zayn ul-'Aabedeen (as)
Mo'jezah of the Waseelah of Maulaana Imaam Husain (as)

A Mo’jezah during the time of Imaam ‘Ali Zayn ul-Aabedeen (as) when a Shi’ah stopped doing the majlis and maatam of Maulaana Imaam Husain (as) on the death of his son.  The Yaqeen of Shi’ah’s wife on Maulaana Imaam Husain (as) never dies as she keeps on insisting for Majlis.  Rasoolullaah (saws) comes in the dream and guides Imaam to do Masihaayi and Mushkil-kushaayi of Shi’ah.  Likewise Maulaana Imaam Husain (as) tells that Shi’ah in the dream about the ne’mat of awlaad and Allaah Ta’aala will sure bestow him with a noble beautiful child.  Imaam goes near the qabr where Shi’ah and his wife had buried their son and in their presence makes their child alive.  Witnessing this mo’jezah Shi’ah does intense aah-o-bukaa on Maulaana Imaam Husain (as).  “Husain Wa’da-e-Tifli nibha diya Tu ne, Razaa-e-Haqq pe Sar apna Kata diya Tu ne”, Ash’aar composed by Saiyedna saheb Aqaa Maulaa (tus).

  Download (08.14 MB & 17.47 mins)

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Mukaasir Maulaa at Star Women Welfare Centre Exhibition   Akhbaar
STAR Women Welfare Centre

Mukaasir Maulaa (dm) said that, “You all are working under the graceful guidance of Saahebaat of Da’wat-e-Shareefah, which earns you a great respect among our muminaat.  You are a single ladies group bringing a huge rush of muminaat in this type of exhibition and using the generated funds directly for the different welfare activities related to ladies, is a great idea.  To work more effectively you should always try to induct young people in your group which could open the way for new ideas and new avenues.”

  Akhbaar: Tadbeer Counselling Team
Career Guidance Aptitude Test

Tadbeer Counselling Team had carried out Career Guidance Aptitude Test on the students of 12th class of Convent of Jesus and Mary Girls High School, Vadodara. The students were of Science and General Stream; which in all 112 participated in the test. Prior permissions were taken and pre preparations were done by the members of the team. The test was taken to measure the seven aptitudes of an individual.

  Akhbaar: Tadbeer Counselling Team
Pre Parliament Event of the World's Religion

Alavi Counselling Team and members of Tadbeer had participated in this event. All the members took the responsibility of representing our Alavi Jamaa'at in the complete cosmopolitan crowd unaware of our Alavi culture and practices. Along with that they very efficiently managed the program by volunteering in it and presenting our culture by wearing Noorani Deeni attire throughout the event, which had some of the distinguished identities among the crowd of 500 above delegates.

Tree Plantation Program

Saiyedi saheb added that, “Rasoolullaah (saws) did naseehat to ahl-e-Islaam that Allaah Ta’aala has not decided the reward of these three things meaning it bears huge reward when done keeping in mind the importance of the service to Makhlooq-mankind.  1) Planting Trees for better environment, 2) Constructing Roads for better commuting and 3) Digging Wells for better household.  If people follow this with sincerity and cooperation then there will remain no doubt that it will help in creating strong base for social and environmental benefit.  Surely “PLANTS” stands for “Please Let A Nature To Survive” and “TREE” stands for “Treasure and Resource for Environmental Enrichment”.

Maulaa's Bayaan on the Art of Perfect Living

“The Art of Living” representatives of Vadodara Circle invited Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna saheb (tus) to deliver a lecture on “The Art of Living-An Islamic Perspective” on 7th Shawwaal 1436/23-7-2015, Thursday. 

Aqaa Maulaa said in his speech that, “Everybody knows the art of how to live; even animals and birds around us have an inbuilt ability and mastery to lead their lives.  But we as a human being are above all living things, so we should definitely know the art of living with perfection embellished with discipline, morals and purity."

Spiritual Journey of Maulaa al-Muqaddas to the Ever-lasting Abode
44th Da'i ul Mutlaq
Saiyedna Abu Haatim Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb (aq)

Allaah Ta’aala says in the Qur’an-e-Kareem, “Every Soul will get the Taste of Death…” and “When Death arrives it neither delays nor comes early for a moment…”. Indeed, Death of a Learned is the Death of Universe. Saiyedna wa Maulaana Abu Haatim Taiyeb Ziyauddin Saheb (aq) – the 44th Da’i ul Mutlaq and Siraaj um-Muneer of Alavi Bohra Jamaa’at commenced his Spiritual and Eternal Journey on 5th Sha’baan ul Kareem 1436 AH/ 23rd May 2015, Saturday from Daar-e-Fanaa to Daar-e-Baqaa. Wave of Huzn and Bukaa spread throughout the Jamaa’at. Mumineen started gathering at Devdi Mubaarak Taiyebi Mahall from the morning itself to give the payghaam of Ta’ziyat to Ahl ul-Da’wat.

In the Past : Wallaaho bekulle shayin Aleem

The succession of the true and blessed Da'wat, which exists on the facade of the earth from the beginning of creation till the Day of Resurrection (Qayaamat) , continues to disengage us from the bodily confinement and personifies our deeds, abiding to the shari'at, and ascends us to the sanctity and sacredness through the path of salvation (najaat). The competent authority of Allaah (Hujjat) is always present on this globe below the skies, either publicly (zaahir) or in the veil (satar, baatin). Allaah Ta'aala says in the Qur'an that, ‘This practice (sunnat) has been continuing from timeless periods and there is no possibility of change or alteration in it; and in every era there is a fiend, infernal and hellish Satan (Shaitaan) against the divine and saintly authority of Allaah (Hujjat).'

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