Rabi’ ul-Aakhar 21, 1438
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Saiyedna Shamsuddin Ali bin Ibraheem ash-Shaheed (aq)
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Ad-Da'wat ul-Haadiyat ul-'Alaviyah (A'lallaaho Manaaraha wa Zikraha)
The Official Website of the 45th ad-Da'i al-Mutlaq al-Haqq Haatim ul-Khayraat, Rabee' ul-Barakaat Saiyedna Abu Sa'eed il-Khayr Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (tus)
  Muhammad ul-Mustafaa (saws) took Maula Ali (as) by the hand and said: 'Whom so ever Mawla (master) I am, Ali is his master, O Allaah! Love him who loves Ali, and be the enemy of the enemy of Ali; help him who helps Ali, and forsake him who forsake Ali.
‘URS-E-MAYMOON: Saiyedna Badruddin Hasan bin Saiyedi Wali saheb (qr) & Iftitaah of Masjid-e-Haatemi

Aqaa Maulaa’s Bayaan on Milaad-e-Imaam uz Zamaan (as): 4-4-1438 AH


Our main Doctrines pertaining to Daur us Satr, the period of Concealment and the Existence of Imaam uz-Zamaan (as).  The propagation of the Nass through Nubuwat and Imaamat during various Ambiyaa.  After Rasoolullaah (saws), the way the times of Imtihaan and Fitnat came and how Allaah Ta’aala safe-guarded the institution of Imaamat with the Ta’eed of Aal-e-Mohammad (as) till the 21st Imaam Maulaana Abul Qaasim Taiyeb (as).  Da’i is because of Imaam and Imaam is the Centre of all Spiritual and Worldly activities.


Playlist of all the Wuzu Videos
Videos of Different Aspects of Wuzu and its Method

Rasoolullaah (SAWS) said, “On the Day of Resurrection Allaah will bring to life my community in such a way that their foreheads will be bright with the marks of Ablution. The prayer of one who does not complete his ablution, or his bending (ruku’), or his prostration (sajadah), or his expression of humility (khushu’), exactly resembles a miscarriage. Performing the ablution fully when it is difficult to do so or in the extreme cold and awaiting one prayer after another washes away all sins.”

Imaam Ja’far us-Saadiq (AS) has said, “Ablution is not necessary except to the one whom ritual impurity occurs. When a person performs his ablution, he can pray as many times as he can so long as he does not cause ritual impurity, or fall asleep, or have sexual intercourse, or lose consciousness, and provided that nothing happens which obligates the renewal of Ablution.”

Aqaa Maulaa's Tasweer e ba-jamaal during the Milaad e Maymoon
Majlis-e-Masarrat of 59th Milaad e Haatemi at Daar us Salaam - 8-3-1438 AH: Akhbaar, Photos & Video


at-Taiyebaat: Milaad Functions
Akhbaar & Photos | Audio | Video

Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb (tus) said to Jamaa'at Children that,

“Today, I can’t express myself how Masarrat-mand I am!  You are all my Children.  For your Ruhaani Bawaji, you have made Drawings, Cards, did Madeh-khwaani and did everything possible to come here and sit in front of me in this Majlis-e-Milaad.  You are the future of my Jamaa’at.  You are the fragrant blossoming flowers of Gulzaar-e-Haatemi.  I am always there for you and in every Namaaz I am doing Du’aa for you.  May Allaah Ta’aala make you ‘Qurrato Aiyn’ for your Waaledayn.” 

Rabi' I & II 1438 AH
Mishkaat ul-Haadi Newsletter


Main Topics

  • Intellect and Prophet- A Comparison
  • There is no Need of a Doctor
  • Maulaana Ibraahim Nabi (as) and Fire
  • Mubaarak Journey to the Land of our Du'aat: Iran
  • Ahaadees-e-Bani Israa'eel - Story 26: Don't Marry a Stupid Woman, her Company is Hell and her Children are Unmannered
  • Opening of Surat Musaafir-Khaana
  • The Close Companion of Rasoolullaah (saws): Maulaana Salamaan ul-Faarsi (as) - Part 31
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Aqaa Maulaa giving Naseehat to Mumineen  

Akhbaar: 28-2-1438 AH
Dars-e-Haatemi in Fatehgunj, Vadodara

“Wa le-kulle Ajalin Kitaabun”, Every period-time is prescribed for the things assigned by the Hikmat of Allaah Ta’aala.  It is not in our hands to delay or propound anything against the Will of Haqq Ta’aala.  If in case our efforts doesn’t bear any fruits then leave it to Him, He knows what is good or bad for us and it will definitely happen on time when He wishes.

Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (tus) did Karam on the Mumineen of Fatehgunj area when he accepted the ‘Izn and did Majlis-e-‘Ilm-o-Hikmat in the residence of Zulfiqaarbhai S Surti on 28th Safar 1438 AH/28 November 2016 AD, Monday on the occasion of Shab-e-‘Urs of Maulaana Imaam Hasan (as). 


Videos: Playlist of all the Namaaz Videos
Different Namaaz with their Arkaan

Rasoolullaah (SAWS) has said, ‘Save your souls! Act, and the best of your actions is Salaat . Shaitaan is ever fearful of the believer who is particular in his five daily prayers. When a Muslim begins to neglect the prayers then Shaitaan is emboldened to act against him and seduce him to greater sins.

Rawzah Taaherah of Muqaddas Maulaa  

Urs Mubaarak: 34th Da'i e Mutlaq
Saiyedna Shehaabuddin Jalaal bin Saiyedi Nuhji (QR)

Mukaasir Maulaa said in his Bayaan, “The History of Maulaa Shehaabuddin saheb (aq) and how he did Nass on Saiyedna Nuruddin saheb (aq).  The Haalaat of Mumineen of Surat and the Waaqe’ah of giving Bay’at in the Hazrat of Maulaa Shehaabuddin saheb (aq).  The Khidmat of Maulaai Nuhji bin Mohammadji during the Da’wat of 31st Da’i e Mutlaq Saiyedna Badruddin saheb (aq) in Ahmedabad who gave Aa’laa Tarbiyat to his two sons Maulaa Ziyauddin and Maulaa Shehaabuddin saheb (aq).  Both Maulaa got elevated to the Darajah Rafi’ah of Da’i e Mutlaq.”

Video of New Features of Latest Update of our Community Application "Ahl uz Zikr"
Alavi Bohras: Mobile App: Ahl uz Zikr New Features Alavi Bohras: Mobile App: Ahl uz Zikr New Features Alavi Bohras: Mobile App: Ahl uz Zikr New Features

Ahl uz Zikr is an Exclusive Mobile Application of Alavi Bohras. It is available on Google Play Store as well as Apple iTunes Store. By the Razaa of Huzoor e 'Aali TUS it was launched in Shahrullaah 1437 AH. There are 1800 Mumineen users at present. This is a major update after the launch of the Application.

New Features of this Update includes...

  • Exhaustive Collection of Ahaadees
  • Date Converter
  • New User Interface
  • Tasbeeh Counter
  • New Categories of Messages are Classified
  • Mumineen can advertise their Skills, Profession, Home Business etc through the Application

Further Details of the New Features will be updated regularly through the App itself. This is an introductory Video of the New Features. Mumineen should DOWNLOAD our Application now...

Mukaasir Maulaa at Dars-e-Haatemi  

Akhbaar: 8-2-1438 AH
Commencement of Dars-e-Haatemi

Mukaasir Maulaa first gave the detailed outline and proceedings of the Dars.  The Ruhaani mahool and enchanting atmosphere of the Dars rejuvenated every Nasf-o-Jaan which the prime aim of Taraqqi and ascension in every fraction of life.   Maulaa remainded the Shahaadat of Mawlaai Musanji bin S Taaj saheb (ra) and his fidaa-giri for the cause of Da’wat in the khidmat of Saiyedna B Dawoodji bin S Ajabshah (aq).  He also did Zikr of 32nd Da’i e Mutlaq Saiyedna Ziyauddin saheb (aq) who migrated to Vadodara and built a beautiful mosque in which Dars e Nooraani was initially held. 

Akhbaar with Video

Safar ul-Faaris al Haatemi: Iran, the Land of the 'Ilmi Gems of our Da'wat e Faatemiyah
24 Moharram 1438 - 25-10-2016

Alavi Bohras: Syedna Badruddin saheb sitting near Badri Manzil during Iftitaah in 1366 AH   Alavi Bohras: Bird-view of the Opening Ceremony, Aqaa Maulaa sitting in the centre of the stage
Alavi Bohras: Aqaa Maulaa Opening (Iftitaah) New Musaafir-khaana in Aywaan-e-Nooraani  

Akhbaar: 19 Moharram 1438 - 20-10-2016
Opening (Iftitaah) of New Musaafir-khaana in Aywaan-e-Nooraani

“Muqaddas Maulaa Bawaji saheb was very keen in this ‘Imaarat and so two years back Maulaa gave Razaa for its Ta’sees and today I did its Iftitaah by my Maulaa’s karam and fayz.  O Mumineen! Do tahaffuz of this building and consider it as your house.  Stay here and take the Barakaat of Saiyedna Nooruddin saheb’s Ziyaarat, as each and every zarraat here are filled with Noor.  After each Namaaz do the Ziyaarat as it is the Door of Jannat and Najaat.”

  Audio - 22nd Zul Hijjah, Friday
Bayaan of Aqaa Maulaa on Different Aspects

In Qur’an, the word “Silm” means Walaayat-e-‘Ali, as Ameer ul-Mumineen will separate both the factions of Jannat and Jahannum.  ‘Aliyun Hubbohul Junnah, Qaseem un Naare wal Jannah, Wasiyul Mustafaa Haqqa, Imaam ul Inse wal Jinnah, which means, 'Ali Ameer ul Mumineen his Love is a Shield (from Hell-fire), Separator of Jannat and Naar, True Vicegerent of Rasoolullaah (saws), Master of Mankind and Jinnaat.
The Daaman of Panjatan-e-Paak is in our hands and it is the Habl, the Strong Rope which will take us to Jannat.  Da’i e Husain gave us the Lessons of Patience and Gratefulness.  We should learn, act and propagate the Maqsad of the Life, Shahaadat and Imaamat of Maulaana Husain (as).

Machine Work on Hosiery Material   Akhbaar - Star Charitable Trust
Machines for Hosiery Work:17-12-1437 AH

By the Razaa Mubaarak of Saiyedna saheb (tus), Star Charitable Trust has installed Machines at Alavi Community Centre, Badri Mohalla, where Ladies of our Community could first learn and then earn by Overlooping, Flat-lock and Other Techniques on Hosiery Material.  It has been planned out that the Trust will provide with the Raw Material and Muminaat have to do work at the Centre in two shifts and complete the work as per the order or requirement.  The Prime Aim is to give Employment Opportunities to Muminaat who could in turn support their families or save their earnings.

  Akhbaar - at-Taiyebaat - Programs
Fankaari Mela: Talent Fair: 18-9-2016 AD/17-12-1437 AH

Umm ul-Mumineen Maa Sahebah ad-Durrat ul-Bayzaa said that,

“Many of the members of this Committee are too busy with their daily household chores and children.  It becomes really difficult to spare time for Social Activities like this.  I truly welcome this great move and appreciate the dedication of at-Taiyebaat in organizing this Fair in such a Huge Scale.  It should not end with this but it should rather become an annual event.”   

Sahifah of Wuzu and Namaaz – Sahifat ul-Wuzu was Salaat   Da'wat-e-Haadiyah Publication
Sahifah of Wuzu and Namaaz – Sahifat ul-Wuzu was Salaat
On 24th Zul Qa’adah 1437, Friday, during the Zohr-‘Asr Namaaz, Huzoor-e-‘Aali (TUS) did Rasm-e-Ijraa, Releasing Ceremony in Masjid-e-Nooraani.  Shaikh Abbasbhai M Lala offered Sahifah to Huzoor-e-‘Aali (TUS) and did ‘Arz for publishing it among the Mumineen.  Shahzaada Sa’eed ul-Khayr Bhaisaheb (zi) did bayaan in this respect and explained mumineen the Fehrist and Content of this Sahifah and the importance of Recitation of Du’aas.  It was readied quite some time before in Sha’baan, but due to some additions its release got delayed and this was completed at the earliest due to the pain-staking efforts of Mukaasir ud-Da’wat, Shahzaada saheb and Hadd saheb Badruddin.

  Akhbaar - Independence Day 2016
Flag Hoisting Ceremony at Badri Mohalla

Aqaa Maulaa said in his soul stirring address to his mumineen on the Independence Day that, “Who says that we are Outsiders and have come here few centuries ago? No, such people have mistaken our credentials, credibility and roots.  We have roots in this pure land of Hunaydistaan (Hindustaan) since 7000 years as this is the Birth-place of the first Prophet of Humanity Maulaana Aadam (as).  Our Da’wat originated from this land itself and here it will culminate.  Every Nation has its Identity which can be judged by its Flag (Liwaa, Parcham).  The Bearer of the Flag of our Deen was Maulaa ‘Ali (as)and it was white in colour symbolized by Qur’anic Verses.  The Dignity and Divinity of our Imaams and Da’is either in Misr or Yaman was epitomized by the Flag of Peace and Integrity.  It is a part of our Faith that, We should always love our Nation and its people.  We should respect its Flag and Constitution.  In order to live happily we should give peace to get peace.  How beautiful our Nation would look when it is dressed with the fine Fabric of Unity!  So, O my Countrymen, lets come together and live life unitedly.

Representational Photo
  Akhbaar - Tadbeer Foundation: 31-07-2016
Muslim women took Self-Defense Lessons

"Vadodara is a very safe city for women so many don't think it is necessary for them to learn self-defence techniques. But in the era of globalization, one has to move around a lot and people from outside too settle in our city. So it is important to know how to protect oneself. We are trying to reach out to as many Muslim women as possible." "Most of the women are now on social networking sites and use internet daily. It is important for them to know how to protect themselves in the cyber world. So we will organize another workshop focusing on cyber security for women." Zulkarnain told TOI. The M D Self Defence Academy taught basic moves to the women at Taiyebi Hall on Ajwa Road on Sunday.


Bhaisaheb: The Second Name of Brotherhood

Mumineen do remember that we are Alavis, therefore after every name we add the word “Bhai”, and because of Maulaa Ali’s wilaayat and imaan we are brothers and comrades. Where there is the concept of brotherhood, there exists the blessings of Jamaa’at-congregation (community). The congregation of Mumineen is the greatest blessing from Allaah Ta’aala. The most sanctimonious five (Panjatan-e- Paak) also have two brothers, our First and the Second Imaam Maulaana Hasan il Mujtabaa (as) and the chief of Martyrs Maulaana Husain (as).

Alavi Bohras: Tasees on the Dast-e-Mubaarak of Aqaa Maulaa   Akhbaar: 9-8-1437
Laying of Tasees-Foundation Stone for Ibaadat-gaah cum Hall

9th Sha’baan ul-Kareem 1437, 15-5-2016, Sunday, Ahmedabad was blessed by the visit of Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna saheb (tus) for laying of the Foundation Stone- Tasees- Sang-e-Buniyaad of ‘Ibaadat-gaah cum Community Hall behind the Alavi Musaafir Khaana in Saraspur.  It is after the construction of the Rawzah Mubaarakah of 31st Da’i ul Mutlaq Saiyedna Badruddin Hasan bin Saiyedi Wali (aq) saheb in 1411 AH that such construction activity has took place. 

Alavi Bohras: Vadodara Heritage Walk   Akhbaar
Vadodara Heritage Walk

The area is distinguished with the tales of Rich Historical accounts and Heritage Monuments since 2000 years.  It was the first human settlement near the Vishwamitri river that gradually transformed into the beautiful city of Vadodara.  The Heritage walk included the buildings of First Library of Vadodara, First Jail of Vadodara, Archives Building, Pot Museum, GPO and Khari Vav, Tambekar Wada, Kothi Building, Kharchiker Haveli etc.  Many of the participants were enthralled and amazed to know the never heard tales and facts of Vadodara History.


at-Taiyebaat - Recipes
So-Dhaan-nu (Sodannu)

So-Dhaan-nu popularly known as "Sodannu" is a sweet dish prepared from Rice, Sugar, Curd and Dry Fruits in the Holy Month of Rajab ul-Murajjab. It is prepared in every Alavi household with ikhlaas-o-yaqeen near the Mubaarak Night of Me’raaj.  Generally people prefer to make it on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the month.  Mumineen extend Izn to all neighbors, relatives and friends for the Salawaat and also distribute it along with Da’wat-e-Shareefah for Barakaat.

  Akhbaar - Tadbeer Foundation
Awareness amongst Rural People

TADBEER FOUNDATION has always accomplished its motive by spreading awareness to various class and age of people. The journey continues and this time TADBEER FOUNDATION went to Madheli Village (Near Parul Institute) to spread the light of awareness amongst rural people.

1. Child Abuse
2. Importance of Education
3. Health is Wealth (Awareness about Cleanliness)

World Heritage Week - Educational and Industrial Transformation of Alavi Bohras  

Monumental Life of Vadodara - Alavi Bohras
Educational and Industrial Transformation

Vadodara celebrated World Heritage Day – 18th April 2016, with a bang and fervor. Many events and shows were organized across the city and will continue for a week. There is increased sense of awareness among the Barodians as far as Heritage Talks and Walks are concerned and that is a good sign for the coming generations. Through the perseverant efforts of Heritage Lovers, city has undergone a move of Re-exploration and Re-discovery.

at-Taiyebaat - Healthy Food and Lifestyle with Healthy Snacks Cooking Competition  

at-Taiyebaat - 17-4-2016 AD/11-7-1437 AH
Healthy Food Habits and Lifestyle with Healthy Snacks Cooking Competition

Our daily Namaaz is the best example of exercise, concentration and balance.  It’s the straight way to get connected with the world above you and this Spiritual power has a overwhelming effect both mentally and physically.  You should do Shukr that you are healthy today, because sickness is bound to come.  You should do Shukr that you are alive today, because death is always advancing towards you.  This health and life is the best ne’mat of Khudaa Ta’aala.”

Shining Stars
  • Sister Lokhandwala Alefiyah Shamsuddin, has achieved 3 gold medals from MS University in January 2016 under the Graduation program of "Interior Designing" from the Faculty of Family and Community Sciences previously known as “Home Science”.  She had consistently topped in all the three years under graduation.  And she is now pursuing the PG program in the same faculty.  She says that, “She completely owe her achievement to her parents who have been her back bone and inspiration throughout her studies.   Without their constant help, support, encouragement and their confidence in her it would not be possible for her to get such an honour and success.”

Dubai: Yaadgaar and Taareekhi Visit of Aqaa Maulaa   Akhbaar: Urs Mubaarak M. Faatemah Zahraa (as) - 18-2-2016 AD/11-5-1437 AH
Week-long stay of Aqaa Maulaa (tus) in Dubai

Dubai got the Barakaat of Da’wat ul-Haqq with the Aamad-e-Ahmad and Qadam mubaarak of Naa’ib-e-Imaam uz Zamaan (as), 45th Da’i ul Mutlaq Haatim ul-Khayraat Rabee’ ul-Barakaat Saiyedna Abu Sa’eed il-Khayr Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (tus).  Maulaa visited Dubai on the miqaat of the ‘Urs Mubaarak of Khayr-o-Nisaa il-‘Aalameen Maulaatona Faatemat uz-Zahraa (as) and stayed for a week 18-25 Feb 2016 AD, 11-18 Jumaadi ul-Ulaa 1437 AH.  Maulaa accepted the izn-e-khaass of the Mumineen of Dubai to shower his blessings by taking their Bay’at and give them an opportunity for the Khidmat of Da’i-e-Haqq in Dubai.  Faiyaaz ud-Da’wat il-‘Alaviyah Husainbhai Mulla Ziyauddin Adenwala spearheaded and organized the entire visit and Maulaa did Qiyaam at his place in Bur Dubai.  Maulaa did Nawaazeshaat on Faiyaaz ud-Da’wat for his sincere khidmat right from the first day till the wadaa’ at airport.

  Akhbaar - 25-2-1437
"Aywaan-e-Fakhri" - Khaandaan of Saiyedna Fakhruddin saheb (aq)

The Supremacy of the people of the family of Da’i is not based on its relationship with Da’i but on ikhlaas, khidmat, ‘ilm and taqwaa.  The 6 sons of Saiyedna Fakhruddin saheb (aq) were all learned with the ‘Uloom of Da’wat-e-Shareefah like the sons of Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb (aq).  They were Saiyedna Badruddin saheb, Bhaisaheb Ibraahim, Bhaisaheb Hameeduddin, Bhaisaheb Najmuddin, Bhaisaheb Abd ul-Husain and Bhaisaheb Husaamuddin.

Tree Plantation Program

Saiyedi saheb added that, “Rasoolullaah (saws) did naseehat to ahl-e-Islaam that Allaah Ta’aala has not decided the reward of these three things meaning it bears huge reward when done keeping in mind the importance of the service to Makhlooq-mankind.  1) Planting Trees for better environment, 2) Constructing Roads for better commuting and 3) Digging Wells for better household.  If people follow this with sincerity and cooperation then there will remain no doubt that it will help in creating strong base for social and environmental benefit.  Surely “PLANTS” stands for “Please Let A Nature To Survive” and “TREE” stands for “Treasure and Resource for Environmental Enrichment”.

In the Past : Wallaaho bekulle shayin Aleem

The succession of the true and blessed Da'wat, which exists on the facade of the earth from the beginning of creation till the Day of Resurrection (Qayaamat) , continues to disengage us from the bodily confinement and personifies our deeds, abiding to the shari'at, and ascends us to the sanctity and sacredness through the path of salvation (najaat). The competent authority of Allaah (Hujjat) is always present on this globe below the skies, either publicly (zaahir) or in the veil (satar, baatin). Allaah Ta'aala says in the Qur'an that, ‘This practice (sunnat) has been continuing from timeless periods and there is no possibility of change or alteration in it; and in every era there is a fiend, infernal and hellish Satan (Shaitaan) against the divine and saintly authority of Allaah (Hujjat).'

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