Friendship with Environment- Vadodara Cycling Club
Daar us Salaam 4-8-2019
Daar us Salaam: Program of VCC about Environment Daar us Salaam: Program of VCC about Environment
Daar us Salaam: Program of VCC about Environment Daar us Salaam: Program of VCC about Environment

The members of the oldest Cycling Club of Vadodara, VCC, of which Mukaasir Maulaa is one of the regular Cyclist, visited the residence of Saiyedna saheb (tus), Daar us Salaam on 3rd Zul Hijjah 1440/4th August 2019 at 7 am.  Before reaching the destination as a regular practice around 30 cyclists took the route between Gotri and Vasna road area of around 15 KMs.  It was a fantastic experience of cycling together in a rainy morning between the lush green fields surrounding the Vadodara city.

On the beautiful occasion of Friendship Day, the motto and the theme of this Cycling event was to take our City and its Environs as a Friends.  The members of VCC conceded and univocally vowed that, Only we can save our City and become a force of the movement and mission to protect it from congestion, pollution, concretization, diseases, encroachments, commercialisation etc.  The small effort towards this heartfelt service is to go for Cycling and develop it as a hobby or practice.  Routine work of small distances around our house could be wilfully and enthusiastically done on a Cycle.  Take it as a pride and don't ever feel shy to take on to cycling for work.

During monsoon when there is a heavy spell of rains, we know that how our city roads gets flooded and how the engine operated vehicles gets chocked and stranded in between the roads.  In such a pathetic situation, we can imagine or guage the useability, feasibility and flexibility of using Cycle.  A humble and simple cycle is the only versatile and evergreen tools which proves to be a lifeline in a waterlogged streets.  Forget about monsoon, cycling is proving as the best way in maintaining our health and helps in building a self confidence to feel fit all the time.  Cycling conquers the top charts of infusing immunity and energy.  Promotion cycling is one of an intelligent way in energizing and mobilizing citizens against any dire eventuality and calamities.

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