Vadodara Cycling Club
  Exclusive Meet with Nature
Daar us Salaam 27-3-2022



An annual meet of Vadodara Cycling Club was held on 27th March 2022, Sunday, 7 am at Saiyedna saheb's TUS residence Daar us Salaam, Saiyed Vasna road, Vadodara.

Recently VCC has achieved a great milestone of completing 500 weekly cycling trip uninterrupted in and around Vadodara. Mukaasir Maulaa Saiyedi saheb DM is associated with this club and actively involved with its weekly cycling adventures. Vadodara city enjoys the distinction of having village culture within the radius of 25 KM from its centre. It is dotted with many lakes, fields, natural habitat, ravines, jungles, historical monuments etc. The motto of VCC is to make cycling exciting with short trips encapsulated with the awareness of Natural treasures and its conservation. Cycling should now become a household activity and an integral part of physical fitness. With the price of petrol-diesel skyrocketing, it is high time to switch over to alternative mode of transport. And the best and demanding option is an outing with the whole family on cycles.

Last Sunday, a group of around 50 cyclists visited Daar us Salaam after a trip to Sevasi. It was an eye opener for many of them. Mukaasir Maulaa explained them the most neglected and sensitive part of plant-keeping. He said that, "Plants nursery is like a showroom where things are exhibited in such an attractive way that it catches the attention of customer. Here, lively plants are showcased with bright colourful flowers. As soon as we buy and plant it at our home, its shine and beauty withers and then disappears. This is the right time when the plant needs extra care and attention. We generally remain inactive in this period and the enthusiasm attached with it gradually goes. Buying plants is easy but maintaining it, is as hard and interesting as caring for a small child."

  Save our House Sparrows
Daar us Salaam 4-4-2021


Cycling Enthusiasm clubbed with the Love of Nature.  The seeds of Nature-loving is in our everybody's hearts.  The need is to give it right time, place, atmosphere, nurturing and company to result into a Beautiful Tree of Peace and Compassion.

Vadodara Cycling Club visited the residence of Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb (tus) at Vasna Road, Vadodara to have a close look at fruits-vegetables growing in a pesticide-free means i.e. organic method.  Planting a single tree by everyone of us is enough to maintain the health of our only Mother, the Earth.  This was the club’s 454th trip and was celebrated by distributing Sparrow House Boxes meant for its nesting.  We know that our humble house sparrow is heading towards extinction and its existence is endangered due to the lack of habitat and to some extent the adverse effect of mobile towers.  By mounting such boxes in our balconies we can help sparrows in nesting and breeding.

Also, Mukaasir Maulaa gifted a Barmasi plant to every cyclist with a hope that our connection with plants is inevitable and perpetual.  Freshness of our Morning, Walking on the roads, Beauty of gardens, Taste of our food, Shadow against blazing sunlight, Fervor of our festivals, Fragrance of our Home, Strength of our furniture etc. is only because of Trees.  Today the road of progress and development is built on the graveyard of Trees.  The sense of respect is required towards Trees and this feel will become alive when we plant a sapling with our hands and see it growing and bestowing us with beautiful flowers.  We should bear in mind that our survival is due to the survival of Trees.

VCC core members were honored with shawl and they humbly requested all the cyclists to help each other in saving and improving our environment.  With natural atmosphere we could sure make our behaviour, health and habits robust and sturdy.  Mukaasir Maulaa’s sons Kumail and Sudair welcomed VCC group by reciting a poetry and daughter Zahraa applied ‘Etr on the wrist of every mehmaan.

  Friendship with Environment
Daar us Salaam 4-8-2019
Daar us Salaam: Program of VCC about Environment Daar us Salaam: Program of VCC about Environment
Daar us Salaam: Program of VCC about Environment Daar us Salaam: Program of VCC about Environment

The members of the oldest Cycling Club of Vadodara, VCC, of which Mukaasir Maulaa is one of the regular Cyclist, visited the residence of Saiyedna saheb (tus), Daar us Salaam on 3rd Zul Hijjah 1440/4th August 2019 at 7 am.  Before reaching the destination as a regular practice around 30 cyclists took the route between Gotri and Vasna road area of around 15 KMs.  It was a fantastic experience of cycling together in a rainy morning between the lush green fields surrounding the Vadodara city.

On the beautiful occasion of Friendship Day, the motto and the theme of this Cycling event was to take our City and its Environs as a Friends.  The members of VCC conceded and univocally vowed that, Only we can save our City and become a force of the movement and mission to protect it from congestion, pollution, concretization, diseases, encroachments, commercialisation etc.  The small effort towards this heartfelt service is to go for Cycling and develop it as a hobby or practice.  Routine work of small distances around our house could be wilfully and enthusiastically done on a Cycle.  Take it as a pride and don't ever feel shy to take on to cycling for work.

During monsoon when there is a heavy spell of rains, we know that how our city roads gets flooded and how the engine operated vehicles gets chocked and stranded in between the roads.  In such a pathetic situation, we can imagine or guage the useability, feasibility and flexibility of using Cycle.  A humble and simple cycle is the only versatile and evergreen tools which proves to be a lifeline in a waterlogged streets.  Forget about monsoon, cycling is proving as the best way in maintaining our health and helps in building a self confidence to feel fit all the time.  Cycling conquers the top charts of infusing immunity and energy.  Promotion cycling is one of an intelligent way in energizing and mobilizing citizens against any dire eventuality and calamities.

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