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The Opening of the Qur'an-e-Hakeem - Surat ul-Hamd

                Ba-fazlillaah, with farmaan and du’a mubaarak of Saiyedna saheb (tus), we, Team Alavi, is glad to present our own Online Alavi Calendar and make it operational for the khidmat of mumineen after a lengthy process and hard work with flexibility and accuracy.  Surely it proved to be a time-consuming task and with collective efforts we have achieved our goal to give mumineen several other features related to online calendar such as Date Converter, Namaaz Timings and Day-Night Ghari.  The user can use these features by entering his desired date. The programming part is done by our brother Ali Imran Mulla Husainali Najmi who worked dedicatedly on the matters conceptualised by Mukaasir ud-Da'wat (dm).
                Al-hamdo lilaah, it got accomplished in the week when mumineen go for the Urs Mubaarak of Shaheed Aazam Saiyedna Ali saheb (qr) at Ahmedabad and take the tabarrukaat of the place of our Maulaa’s Qabr Mubaarak. By these Alavi Tabarrukaat we too hope for our efforts to become fruitful for our community, insha-allaah.

    1. Tasbeeh of the month
    2. Navaaru
    3. Three roza of naafilat in each month with niyyat
    4. Historic event
    5. Naseehat
    6. Seeing any desired month of any year
    7. Printable version of any month
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