Sky-Walk: In this World and Hereafter

  Wa Howa Be-kulle Shayin Aleem - He (Allaah) is fully aware of all things - He knows every thing  
World was totally different before the invention of Wheel. It was an inspiration from a rolling stone which changed the world – in the form of a new revolution. We are moving around from place to place on wheels – since then. But the human expectations didn’t end by it. Speed was the next challenge in which we succeeded by making fastest possible modes of transport on wheels. Next was the lesson of flying which was given to us by the birds. We progressed further and from moving on the land we went into the air – above the land and started flying like birds. Hence, along with the development and progress we have conquered the land and the skies. What do we think these days? What do we expect from the unending cycle of inventions and discoveries?

Our only motto is “higher and faster is superior” – it may be anything. To fulfil this challenging wish or desire we have gone above and above. Firstly we had common air flights but now we talk of supersonic flights, space flights, space travel etc. The list is unending. The latest of all is searching for a place like earth somewhere in the space. Hunting for life on other planets and acquiring land on the moon. There are more interesting and mind-blowing things to come.

Ever expanding human population is a looming threat for our survival and for the planet too. India will succeed China in the population explosion in the coming years. Overcrowded cities, limited natural resources, pollution, haphazard urbanization have only added to the problems. Transportation has become a persistent problem in the metros where the engineers are trying hard to invent newer modes of public transportation. Some of the concepts like monorail, skywalk, and metro railways have already started taking shape in some cities. All these modes are aimed to decongest the existing networks of the roads so that the people can travel from one destination to the other with ease. Skywalks are constructed where the flow of the pedestrians is high especially around the railway stations. They are meant for the commuters who can access the railway station with ease from all the directions. Undoubtedly, with the demand of time man has gone ‘higher’ and ‘faster’ to improve his way of living. If he doesn’t do so, he won’t be able to lead a peaceful life and may succumb to the ever growing stress.

Let us compare our Worldly progress with that of Deen or Religion. Have we progressed to the same extent in the Deen as in the World? Unfortunately, the answer is “Not”. For us, we believe what is in front of our eyes – the inventions, discoveries, comfort of the world etc; but not the one which is unseen or hidden – the Jannat (paradise), Jahannam (hell), Maut (death), Ba’as (return from the Graves), Mizaan (balance), as-Siraat ul-Mustaqeem (straight path) etc. We feel that there is no evident progress of us if we conform to the Religion or Deen. It is one and the same thing – right from the beginning till now. But that is what we ‘feel’ in this World because we have not seen the ‘unseen’ things here! It may not be the actual reality. The final reward of our deeds is not immediate here but it is after the death when we will actually see what we did in our life. We accept the existence of all ‘unseen’ things in the Namaaz while we recite the Tashahhud or Tahiyat. We offer 51 rak’ats of Namaaz in a day and recite the Tahiyat 22 times in a day.

Allaah Ta’aala says that, “I have not commanded the Shari’at on you purposelessly but there is an example of it in this World.” All the faster and higher modes of transportation discussed above are an example of as-Siraat ul-Mustaqeem for which Allaah Ta’aala says that, “Whoever remained obedient to Me, my Rasool and Ulil Amr from them will indeed pass through it with ease.” This is not the one which others say that, ‘It is a bridge over the Hell through which all will be ordered to pass; the ones who have done good deeds will successfully pass over it and enter the Jannat and the evil ones will fall into the Hell below it.’ This explanation and concept is too shallow for the intellect to grasp. The Siraat in reality is the Walaayat (devotion) of Nabi, Wasi, Imaam and the Da’i and their acceptance as the only Hujjat (representative) of Allaah on this earth. It is the chain of succession from Maulaana Aadam (as) till Qaa’im ul-Qayaamah (as). Whoever believes and have faith in them will move easily along with his good deeds and enter in the Jannat with the Walaayat. Siraat is the nooraani Skywalk leading us to the Jannat easily and comfortably. Not everyone likes to take the Skywalk to Jannat and not everyone knows about its advantage. Only those who are guided correctly walk through it. Hence it is not easy for everyone to take through the Siraat but with the Guidance of Allaah.

If the present newer modes of transportation gives us comfort and ease in travelling from one place to the other then on the same basis, the Walaayat (love) and Itaa’at (obedience) as mentioned above is a mode of transportation for us in the Paradise which gives us comfort and ease; and makes our life successful in the World and in the Hereafter. We are blessed that Allaah has granted us the most trusted and reliable way of leading the life.  Mumineen also must progress in the religious matters and take the fastest and highest mode of reaching to the destiny – Jannat. Ameen.

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