Maazoon Saheb (DM) addressed the mumineen at the majlis of Shab-e-Urs 1426 AH and said:

  • The light of the oneness of Allah and the existence of knowledge is always present in this world everywhere, every time and in every era; in the form of Da'wat. Allah Ta'aala reveals His noor, glory and gleam on the Prophet. This gleam then descends into the Wasi from which it passes over to the succession of Imaams. This knowledge is eventually revealed and disclosed to the world either by the Imaam or their respective Da'i. The signs of this glory are present in every piece of land and it is sufficient to guide the mumineen to the right path. For the endurance and continuance of this glory and knowledge, Allah Ta'aala Himself paves the way through all the odds and which is out of the strength and reach of a man to diminish it.
  • Mumineen will pass on the Serat um-Mustaqeem (straight and right path) below which there will be the fire of Hell and the disbelievers and sinners will be tortured. Mumineen will pass easily through this path and will enter in to the heavenly abode of Paradise . The factual core behind this description is, ‘the Da'wat itself is the Serat um-Mustaqeem. The one who entered and accepted the covenant of Da'wat invariably will enter the Paradise in potentiality. And the one, who failed to recognize this favor and blessing of Da'wat and remained as an infidel, indeed will deserve the torture and the fire of Hell and he will dwell in the darkness of ignorance and there is no redemption for him. One who will accept this Faatemi Da'wat, lead his life with knowledge and deeds; verily will find a place in the real Paradise and will get the company of Prophets, salvation and deliverance from sins.
  • Right from Hazrat Adam (AS) till now, in the period of Da'wat of any Prophet, Imaam or Da'i - whose mission is to promulgate the religion and faith of Allah among the people – there are minimum 27 faithful, loyal and devoted followers who believe and recognize the true religion. The Da'wat is said to be complete in its aim and intention only if it conforms to this total of 27 members. There were 27 people who accepted and submitted to the Da'wat of Hazrat Adam (AS) and the same numbers of people were the true supporters, sacrificers and devotees of Saiyedna Ali (QR) which upholds and substantiates his veracity and truthfulness.
  • Every Imaam or Da'i physically resembles an ordinary human being in this world of existence and turmoil, so that he can easily and flawlessly spread the divine message of the religion of Allah and teach the laws of the religion and guide the people to the right path. Apart from the corporeal body, Allah also creates the spiritual body ( jism-e-lateef ) of Imaam and their representatives. After the death of Imaam or Da'i, this spiritual body or light always remains in this world which guides and steers the mumineen to the right path through the Da'i of that period. Though our Maula (AQ) does not exist in the physical state but still their spiritual light is present among us to help us and fulfill our wishes. One who remembers Saiyedna Ali (QR) with pure heart and faith; beseeches and implores with the supplication in the way of Allah then surely Allah will seal his wishes with the stamp of acceptance and his wishes will be accorded with. “Fa'taberu yaa ulil absaar la'allakum tuflehoon.”  
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