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The Prayer of Zohr and ‘Asr

If you intend to offer the prayer of Zohr and ‘Asr , as per the rules of every prayer, you should be dressed in white clothes or the dress which is permissible for women during prayer. You should recite the du'aa on entering the mosque and if people are present in the mosque then you should send salaam on them. While unfolding the masalla you should recite the du'aa of Waqolil hamdo. After this you should recite the two rak'ats of Tahayyat ul-Masjid. If you happen to arrive in the mosque early before the time of the prayer then facing the qibla you should recite the Qur'an or you should do the Tasbeeh. Due to some reason if you are not able to offer the prayer in the mosque then at your home you should offer it and you are not supposed to offer the two rak'ats of Tahayyat ul-Masjid.

After saying azaan, you should recite the du'aa of Allaahumma ‘Alayha then you should take the niyyat of six rak'ats of the sunnat of zohr. You should recite the surah in the ascending order from Surat un-Naas till Surat ul-Kaaferoon with Surat ul-Faateha. These topics have been dealt with in detail elsewhere. Please refer. After you have completed the sunnat of zohr, then while sitting you should recite the following du'aa:

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"Allaahumma inni ataqarrabo elayka bejoodeka wa karameka wa ataqarrabo elayka be Mohammadin ‘abdeka wa rasooleka wa ataqarrabo elayka be malaa'ekateka wa ambeyaa'eka wabeka allaahummal ghenaa ‘anni wabeyal faaqato elayka. Antal ghaniyo wa anal faqeero elayka aqaltanee ‘asratee wa satarta ‘alaiya zonoobi faqze leyal yauma be qazaa'e haajatee wala to'azzibnee be qabeehe ma ta'lamo behi minni fainna ‘afwaka wajoodaka yase'onee.”

“O Allaah, I seek closeness to Your kindness and Your riches (favors); and I seek closeness to Your Prophet and Your servant Mohammad (SAWS) and Your true believers; and I seek closeness to Your angels and Your Prophets, and O Allaah, You are wealthiest than me and I beg You for the fulfillment of my needs. You have pardoned my mistakes and have hid my sins; so now, order to fulfill my needs today, and do not punish me for the sins (evil deeds) that I have committed; about which You are aware of. Truly, Your forgiveness and kindness is vast than my deeds (sins).”

After reciting this du'aa you have to perform the prostration and say the following the du'aa:

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“Yaa ahlattaqwaa wa yaa ahlal maghfera yaa barro yaa raheemo anta abarro bee min abee wa ummee wannaase ajma'een. Faqlibniyal yauma be qazaa'e haajatee mustajaaban do'aa'ee marhooman sawtee waqad kafafta anwaa'al balaa'e ‘annee.”

“O the Lord, Whose fear is imperative in the hearts; O the Lord, Who pardons the sins of His followers. O the Righteous, O the Merciful, You are more beneficent to me than my parents and other people, so make the circumstances favorable so that my needs are fulfilled; accept my du'aa; raise my voice to You and keep all misfortunes away from me.”


After completing both the above du'aa, you should stand up for the obligatory prayer (farz) of zohr. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Say the Iqaamat. After that recite the du'aa of Allaahumma aqimhaa.
  • Take the niyyat for four rak'ats of farz of zohr. Recite the surah in the descending order.
  • After completing the farz of zohr, recite the du'aa of Allaaho akbaro and Allaahummaghfirli in the sitting posture. Then perform the prostration and recite the du'aa of Sajada wajhee. Then recite the Tasbeeh-e-Maulatana Fatema (AS).
  • Offer the four rak'ats of naafelat of zohr. Recite the surah in ascending order till Surat ul-Lahab. After completing this prayer perform prostration.
  • Then, say azaan for the sunnat of ‘asr. Offer the four rak'ats after taking the niyyat of sunnat of ‘asr. Recite the surah in the ascending order will Surat ul- Lahab. After completing it, recite the du'aa of Bismillaahil lazee while kissing the masalla. This should be done thrice.

After the du'aa, you should say the iqaamat for the four rak'ats of farz of ‘asr. Take the niyyat and complete the four rak'ats of farz. Recite the surah in the descending order. On completion of four rak'ats recite the following du'aa:

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“Allaahumma muddalee fee aysare ‘aafeyatin waj'alnee fee zumratin nabiye Mohammadin wa aalehi fil ‘aajelate wal aajelate wa ballighniyal ghaayata wasrif ‘anniyal aafaate wal ‘aahaat. Waqzeli bil hasanaate fee omooree kulleha wa a'zimlee bir rashaad. Walaa taj'alnee muttakelan elaa nafsee yaa zal jalaale wal ikraam. Allaahumma muddalee fis sa'ate wad da'ate wajannibniyal yauma ma harramta ‘alaiya wawajjehil ‘aafeyata was salaamata wal barakata elaiya wala tushmit beyal aa'daa'a wa farrij ‘anniyal karba wa ahsinliyal harfa fis salaahe le amre deenee wa dunyaaya wa aakheratee waj'alnee saaleman min kulle soo'in mo'aafan minaz zurre fee sa'atis shukre wal ‘aafeyate yaa rabbal ‘aalameen berahmateka yaa arhamar raahemeen.”

“O Allaah, help me so that my welfare and health becomes easy, include me in the company of Your Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) and his pure progeny whether in this world or in the hereafter. Fulfill my needs and exempt me (make me free) from the illnesses of body and the misfortunes; and order goodwill in all my works and provide greatness in them with the bounty of guidance; and don't make my soul believe in anyone except You. O the Glorious and Kind. O Allaah, befriend me in the time of ease and humbleness; and refrain me today from the things which are forbidden on me; and turn Your face towards me with blessings, peace and health; and don't make me the one who becomes happy on difficulties of enemy. Make my business permissible (legitimate) so that I can make my religion, world and the hereafter better, and protect me from every evils; and save me from the unwell in the time of gratitude and health. O the Survivor of all Universes, I seek Your mercy O the most merciful of all the merciful ones."

After completing the above du'aa it is meritorious to recite the Tasbeeh-e-Maulatana Fatema (AS) and to kiss the masalla thrice and say the du'aa of Bismillaahil Lazee at the end. Then you should recite the du'aa of Allaahumaghfirlee wa lewaaledaiya while stepping down from the masalla. If you are in the mosque then it is mandatory on you to offer the salaam to the Imaam.

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