72nd Milaad of ad-Durrat ul-Bayzah Umm ul-Mumineen Maa Saahebah (dz) was a unique occasion of Masarrat and Farhat witnessed by the Mumenaat of our Jamaa’at on 15th Zul Qa’adat il- Haraam 1433/30-9-2012, Sunday in Masjid un-Nooraani. At least in the history of Du’aat ul-Hind (aq) this was for the first time when Mumenaat gathered on the occasion of the Milaad of Maa Saahebah. Khusoosi Izn was given to all the Mumenaat of the Jamaa’at who gathered in Masjid un-Nooraani at about 10:00 hrs.

The Majlis of Masarrat began with the recitation of the Abyaat of the Da’wat by the selected Zaakerah. The Majlis then proceeded with the recitation of the exclusive Qasaa’id composed by the celebrated Zaakereen of the Da’wat including Ma’zoon ud-Da’wat (dm). Then the 6 Saiyedaat of the Haram-e-Da’wat were awarded the distinguished ranks and Alqaab (titles) of “al-Mo’azzamah” and “al-Mufazzalah” in the tarteeb (hierarchy) of Majlis-e-Mumenaat. Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus), on this auspicious and memorable occasion, awarded the Laqab-e-‘Aali of "ad-Durrat ul-Bayzaa" to Maa Saahebah. Busaahebah Husbaanabu (zawjah of Ma’zoon ud-Da’wat), Busaahebah Hasanabu (elder Shehzaadi) and Busaahebah Shukraanabu (younger Shehzaadi) were awarded the Laqab (Title) of al-Mo’azzamah; while Busaahebah Tanveerbu (zawjah of late Mukaasir ud-Da’wat), Busaahebah Shaafe’ahbu (zawjah of present Mukaasir ud-Da’wat) and Busaahebah Naashetabu (zawjah of Ra’s ul-Hudood) were awarded the Laqab of al-Mofazzalah.

Maa Saahebah then came forward to cut the Tabarruk of Milaad Cake prepared by members of the different Anjuman of Mumenaat. Elder Shehzaadi Al-Mo’azzamah Hasanabu then gave a short speech on importance of Mother and gave Tehniyat to Maa Saahebah. She encouraged the mumenaat to do the Khidmat of their Ruhaani (Spiritual) as well as their Jismaani (Physical) parents.

The most special thing on this occasion was the taqreer of Maa Saahebah which was given after a very long time. She expressed her gratitude to the Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) as well as the Mumenaat for making the occasion successful and memorable. In her Taqreer, she highlighted an important fact that, there are four things for a Mumenah (lady) which are like Jannat in the World – Caring Parents, Affectionate Husband, Virtuous Children and Co-operative Neighbours. She advised the mumenaat to train their daughters in managing the chores of the house – be it cooking, cleaning etc – which are much more important than anything else. Because if a daughter after her marriage is not able to manage her new home in proper manner, she will gain a bad name for her family.

After the speech of Maa Saahebah, Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) awarded the Titles (Laqab) to the selected mumenaat of the Jamaa’at – the list of whom along with their contribution will be Insha-allaah mentioned in Shining Stars. The Majlis of the Milaad concluded with the Bayaan of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) where he stressed upon the Deeni Ta’leem of the mumenaat. All the mumenaat got the Sharaf of Qadambosi at the end of the Majlis when Maa Saahebah presented a specially printed ‘Rumaal’ as a tabarruk and Zikraa of Milaad.

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