" Ajibto leman ankaran nash-atal ukhraa wa hua yaraan nash-atal oolaa."

"I am amazed at one who observes life in this world and still does not accept the truth of life in the next world." One who consciously observes life in this world sees the entire universe as full of signs indicating God's power of creation. And one who studies God's power of creation with sound reasoning and clear insight will never deny other worldly truths and the inevitability of life after death.

If we look at our world carefully, consciously and in a logical way, we will see clearly that man, animals and plants in fact all living creatures in this world have come into existence out of non-existence. Therefore, the God who has been able to bring this life and these living beings into existence also has the power to resurrect them after their death.

If we take note of man's life, we will see that God has placed the roots and origins of man in this very world; and whenever necessary He has created individual human beings out of matter of earth itself.

From the very beginning, the origin of our existence lay concealed in the very heart of the soil. Out of the soil grew wheat, rice, vegetables, fruits and other edible plants. Some of these grains and fruits were eaten by our ancestors; other was eaten by animals so as to survive and grow, and the animal in turn was eaten by man deriving nourishment for his growth and well-being. Thus the nourishment whish they derived came directly from the soil, or by way of animals which were nourished from the soil.

In this way our ancestors existed and developed on fruits of the earth. Life in its primal form began as a small mass formed by the union of a male and female cell growing in the mother's womb. From this came a new living being complete with a complex array of bodily organs kept alive through the intake of oxygen from the air. It is only the power of God as Creator, the Most High, that has made possible this evolution through nourishment from the earth of a living, thinking, human being capable of the highest spiritual evolution; a soul encased in a marvelous body.

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