Qur'an-e-Kareem is the most famous and unparallel miracle of Rasulullah (SAWS) of his time. No one, neither time nor any eon nor any human is able to intern the words of wisdom of this divine book, which is tailored by Allah Who is immortal and omnipresent, then how can His words be mortal or meaningless. The verses of Qur'an are full of light and guidance for us. Its advices are given for the whole humanity. Its words and verses do not only apply to the people when Rasulullah (SAWS) was a prophet, but it is the guidance to all the people in every period and of all religions.

Every Muslim recites Qur'an but very few among us really recognize the intricacies, the concealed minuteness and the covert advices. The human mind is too limited and curbed to understand the concealed insinuations of Qur'an. Allah Ta'aala has addressed the man with the title of “Ashraf ul-Makhlooqaat” in Qur'an. The man possesses the supreme status among all the living things on this earth. The man is blessed with the faculty of thinking and speech. The human body is being created and sculpted in flawless way and there is not even a minute error in it. It is true that Allah is the creator of the universes and the creator of each and every living and non living thing. Qur'an is the last word of Allah. Hence, it is evident and clear that there cannot be any incongruousness between the word of Allah (Qur'an) and the action of Allah (the creation).

Allah Ta'aala says in the Qur'an, “Man is created from the wet soil (23-12, 7-11), semen (23-13, 35-11) and the light fluid (32-8, 86-6). If these facts of Qur'an are disclosed to a layman then he would be wary and surprised about the relation between these three things in the creation of the man. If Allah has created man from these three things then all of us would not have born with the same bodily make up. Another thing to ponder about is that, Allah Ta'aala has not mentioned about these three things in any one verse (aayaat) or in one chapter (surah), but it is mentioned at different verses in different chapters.

When scientists came across the statement of these three things about the creation of man in the Qur'an, they were at first baffled and confused. Then they took up this statement seriously and started undertaking research about the relation of these three things in the creation of man. After lots of exploration and study they came to conclusion that just as a seed needs water and soil to germinate and grow; the sperm (ejaculate) needs water and food in the uterus to transform itself into a complete human body. Hence it is obvious that a seed cannot germinate unless there is enough quantity of water and soil, so as is true for a sperm that unless it gets proper water and food in the uterus, it fails to survive and is discarded.

If we scrutinize the basic relation of these things then we come to know about its uniqueness and perfectness. Water is the medium by which the ejaculate (sperm) enters the uterus of a woman. If Allah wishes to create life then a blood clot is formed in the uterus by the entry of ejaculate, and this clot gradually takes the shape of human body. The nutrition to the foetus is provided by the mother from what she eats. And again, whatever she eats comes from the soil. Aadam (AS) was created by Allah Ta'aala from wet soil and Allah has given the ability to a man to create his offsprings and propagate his generations. So it is substantiated that Allah has put that ability and ilks in the soil that it can create man. For e.g. the cause of the creation of ‘Isaa (AS) lies in the fruit of Paradise which Maryam (AS) ate and ‘Isaa (AS) was conceived in her womb without any ejaculate (sperm). This fruit is a bounty, grown from the soil which has the power of both water and ejaculate (sperm).

After death, the human body degrades into the elements from which it was created. If human body was devoid of the element of soil in it then it would have never been degraded into the soil after death and would have finally led the whole life extinct. The human behavior and temperament is closely related to the bodily desires and the way of living. A man cannot thrive without water even for a single day. Water is life and vivacity for a man. The excreta that is expelled from the human body as the end product of digestion is finally transformed into soil. After death, the body is buried in the soil. If the soil, water and the ejaculate (sperm) did not bear any relation to one another then there would have been too much disharmony in this world for the survival of human being. The words of Qur'an are the only words that undergo no change with time. This Qur'an, which was revealed 1400 yrs. back, is the only book in this wireless revolution which serves as a light of guidance for the scientists, scholars and researchers across the globe. May Allah Ta'aala enlighten our hearts with the divine and deific knowledge of Qur'an.


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