Tasaaweer Nooraaniyah: Rawzah Badriyah - Bustaan-e-Badri & Huzoor-e-'Aali (tus) in Badri Masjid

Indeed it is the Mo’jizah of 42nd Da’i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna Badruddin Fida’ali bin Saiyedna Fakhruddin Saheb (aq) that, Waalid ul-Jamee’ Huzoor-e-‘Aali Qiblat ul-Mumineen Saiyedna Abu Haatim Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb (tus) in his 42nd year of Da’wat did the Iftetaah of Qubbah-e-Badriyah and Masjid-e-Badri of his Mentor, Teacher, Fosterer and Grandfather on the occasion of his 58th ‘Urs Mubaarak in the month of Sha’baan ul-Kareem 1435 AH.

Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna saheb (tus) expressed his wish to construct the Rozah Shareefah of Saiyedna Badruddin Saheb (aq) long ago whose Qabr-e-Athar had a Chhatri (concrete ceiling). With the Razaa Mubaarak of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus), construction of the Rozah started 15 months back at the time when there was no funds necessary for the complete construction. Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) encouraged Mazoon ud-Da’wat (dm) to begin the construction with the available fund – though inadequate. He envisaged the Mo’jizah of Muqaddas Maulaa and said,

“Saiyedna Badruddin Saheb (aq) will help you in the construction and Insha-allaah the funds will pour in.”

Ba-Hamdillaah, same thing happened with the passing time. Within a short span of 15 months, the Rozah-e-Taaherah of Muqaddas Maulaa became ready.

Haatim ul-Khayraat wa Rabee’ ul-Barakaat Mazoon ud-Da’wat Haatim Zakiyuddin Saheb (dm) and Haddsaheb Qaasimali Bhaisaheb took over the responsibility of construction. Mumineen who came for Ziyaarat witnessed the Karaamat, Jalaalat and Roohaniyat of Muqaddas Maulaa and the funds poured in an unimaginable way.

By the Grace of Allaah Ta’aala and Panjetan Paak (as) a facsimile of the old Rozah was created over the Qabr-e-Athar of Muqaddas Maulaa.

Shahzadah Sa’eed ul-Khayr Bhaisaheb took over the responsibility of doing calligraphic art in Arabic outside the Rozah. Saheb-e-Da’wat and Mumineen alike witnessed many Mo’jizah during this period. Janaab Safiyuddin Dholkawala and his family’s financial contribution in the construction of Rozah is unparalleled. Apart from them there are other families like Kaukab ud-Da’wat Sheth Fakhruddinbhai and his family who donated generously for the same cause. Every mumin of Alavi Jama’at has contributed in this work according to their faith, reach and capacity. And all have seen Barakat in doing generosity in the Rozah.

Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus)’s long time wish saw the light of the day within a short period. The Iftetaah of New Qubbah-e-Badriyah was done on 7th Sha’baan 1435/5th June 2014, Thursday on the Dast-e-Mubaarak of Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna saheb (tus). Mumineen from all over attended this auspicious occasion. The Shab-e-‘Urs majlis was assembled in al-Masjid un-Noorani after Maghrib Namaaz after the Rusoomaat of Iftetaah at Bustaan-e-Badri. Many mumineen garlanded the Qabr-e-Athar with flowers and ghilaaf. Mazoon Saheb (dm), Mukaasir Saheb (dm), and Hadd Saheb Qaasimali Bhai were felicitated for their pivotal role and encouraging the mumineen to give their part in the construction of the Qubbah Shareefah.