"Fast Food" - The unsafe way of Today's fast changing Lifestyle


Life has been replaced by the word “Fast” . Life is getting “Fast” and being “Fast” is Life. Go anywhere around – at home, on roads, in the shops, in the business, travelling, communication – everywhere you will hear the vibrations of the word “Fast” . The world has become a global village. Fastness has shrunk the vast distances and long times. Who is interested in writing letters these days? E-mail and SMS is in vogue these days. Expenditure has taken a back seat. Money is no problem. The things should be fast, no matter how much it costs. The word ‘instant' has injected more energy into fastness. Instant foods, instant banking, instant coffee-tea-milk, superfast trains, and super bikes – all have transformed our way of living and still there is no end to it. No one wants to wait or spend time. Cooking for hours together in the kitchen is the thing of past. Ready food within two minutes is sufficient to satisfy the taste buds. How fast and instant our future life will be? There is no limit to our imagination.

The infection of “being fast” has also infected our deen (religion) and ta'leem (education). The scenario has changed drastically. No one wants to invest two hours of their children in madrasah. The burden of schooling and tuitions has outweighed the importance of madrasah and deeni education. Parents are opting for ‘faster' and easy alternatives of personal deeni tuitions. And not infrequently we have noticed parents sending their children to the madrasah with a request of “leave”. Parents always overlook the fact that what their child will learn in the madrasah is far more beneficial than what he does at his home. If such shortcuts really work then why don't they apply this concept everywhere? Will they substitute the schooling with private tuitions?

Deeni ta'leem has been disregarded and ignored. Who is keen to know whether the child knows to perform wuzoo or offer namaaz? Whether he knows how to write or speak Lisaan ud-Da'wat? Whether he knows the recitation of the Qur'an and the Surah? Whether he has completed Makhzan ul- Masaa'il or Saheefah? Parents are contented by sending their children to the Ustaaz of other communities and proclaim their efficiency and efforts. But the reality is too blurred and far to accept. It is not uncommon to find the deeni ta'leem being given only on weekends – just because spending even one hour everyday for it is inconvenient for them. It is true that we should change with changing time and advancing world but simultaneously we should bear in mind that this change should not threaten our existence and identity. The spiritual fabric of deeni ta'leem has been torn apart to such an extent that it has made our present young generation vulnerable to the misconceptions of other sects.

Has anything been left untouched by this scourge of fast life? Practically nothing – not even the social proceedings. Moharram ul-Haraam – the month in the memory of grief and sufferings of Imaam Husain (AS) – engulfs us with its glory and ascention. This is the month of mourning and sighing in the name of Imaam Husain (AS). A True believer gets the reward of Jannat not only by shedding tears but making a sign of grief on his face or by letting others to grieve. Since centuries, the majlis of Aashuraa Mubaarak lead by Saheb-e-Da'wat takes place for 10 days in Masjid un-Nooraani. For the one who is faithful and loyal to his deen, sparing one or two hours for the majlis is not difficult. But alas! The slaves of the world and the captives of the evil overlook neglect this spiritual and divine enlightenment of the majlis and invitation of Imaam Husain (AS). To their misfortune and adversity they attend and participate in the digressed and sinister majlis of people of other sects. To couple up in a verse, “Tu mujhe pehchaan, main tera bin bulaaya mehmaan”. Their height of ignorance reaches to the new zenith and acme when they are impressed by their lectures and appraise them for it. It is their ridiculousness and absurdity that for the whole year they are with the jamaa'at and Da'i uz-Zamaan and for these ten days they voraciously eat the decayed and putrified food of the misconception of other sects to satiate their perverted hunger. At last it is true that, “Kullo sha'in yarje'o elaa aslehi – Everything returns to the point of its origin”. The A'immat it-Taahereen (AS) who are the descendants of Rasoolullaah (SAWS) and the Do'aat ul-Mutlaqeen (AQ) feeds the mumineen with the food of truth, Imaan and Walaayat according to their assimilating abilities . Deprived and starved are those who don't get this healthy and balanced diet of guidance and wander around to eat the contaminated and toxic food cooked in the kitchen of ignorance and darkness. Indeed those people are diseased both physically and spiritually.

You may be fraudulent and dishonest with everyone around you but can you be the same with Allaah? Undoubtedly, ‘NO'! Still we should retrospectively ponder upon – how honest are we? For sake of saving time or taking shortcut or out of simple disinterest – whatever the reason may be, it is disgraceful to find people changing the way we offer namaaz. Even namaaz should be fast! Or if not then the namaaz of sunnat and naafelat – which reinforces or strengthens the namaaz of farz – are not offered at all. The importance of sunnat and naafelat is same as that of furniture and interiors of a house. Do people need to be educated for this obligatory face and foundation of our deen?

O mumineen, our deen is the deen of truth. Our religion is the religion of Ahl ul-Bayt (AS). Our principles are the principles of Rasoolullaah (SAWS) and Maulaana ‘Ali (AS). The customs and practices of our deen dates back to the time of A'immat it-Taahereen (AS) and each of it have its ta'weel and baatin (reasoning and fact). Truly, the itaa'at (obedience) of Ulil Amr is the itaa'at of Allah, Nabi, Wasi and Imaam. Today is the time when few ignorant people, the hypocrites, have acquired some knowledge which they claim to belong to right path – is in reality a Capsule of Hell. They have merged with the enemies of Maulaana ‘Ali (AS) and Ahl ul-Bayt (AS). The picture is the same as it was at the time after the demise of Rasoolullaah (SAWS). How can he show you the right path who himself is deviated? These dwellers of the Hell do not even hesitate in saying that your ancestors committed mistake in understanding Qur'an and Shari'at. They don't even feel that by telling this they are abusing their ancestors too. Allaah has sent His curse on the liars and the worst among them are those people who have rejected the walaayat of Maulaana ‘Ali and Ahl ul-Bayt (AS) after Rasoolullaah (SAWS). Indeed they are cursed by Allaah till the eternity.
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