A vivid and unique article focusing on the exemplary
Works and the Life of Saiyedna Qaazi No'maan Saheb (AQ)
was published in the famous journal


With the blessings and knowledgeable guidance of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (TUS), Saiyedi Maazoon Saheb (DM) unfolded the depths of contributions of Qaazi ul Qozaat Saiyedna Qaazi No'maan bin Mohammad at-Tameemi al-Maghrebi elaborating his way of life, his literary contributions and books, his loyalty and perseverance in the khidmat of Da'wat as the Chief Justice during the time of 14th Faatemi Imaam Maulana Mo'iz (AS). He was the spiritual personality who promulgated truthfulness and divinity of Ahl ul Bayt (AS) in the whole world. Under the direction of Imaam Mo'iz (AS) he has preserved the antiquity and vastness of Isma'ili principles, jurisprudence, history and the laws about the permissible and forbidden, permanently by writing books. It is the matter of pride for the mumineen that this article authored by Maazoon Saheb (DM) was published in the famous Urdu literary journal of Hazrat Peer Mohammad shah Library of Ahmedabad. All the historians and scholars throughout the world will take the advantage of this article in exploring the glory of Faatemi Imaamat. We pray to Allaah to glorify and exalt the star of knowledge of Da'wat-e-Alaviyah.