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“The Art of Living” representatives of Vadodara Circle invited Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna saheb (tus) to deliver a lecture on “The Art of Living-An Islamic Perspective” on 7th Shawwaal 1436/23-7-2015, Thursday.  Along with selected mumineen Aqaa Maulaa attended the function and gave a thought-provoking speech among the Gujarati gathering who were regular members of “The Art of Living” program floated by Shree Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji.

Aqaa Maulaa said in his speech that, “Everybody knows the art of how to live; even animals and birds around us have an inbuilt ability and mastery to lead their lives.  But we as a human being are above all living things, so we should definitely know the art of living with perfection embellished with discipline, morals and purity.  The art of living is based on the three stages of human life,

1) First Perfection when a person is in his mother’s womb when he inherits good or bad things from his parents. 2) Second Perfection when a person is born till he dies and he follows what his associate teaches him. 3) Third Perfection is the life after death when his spiritual life begins as per his actions in this world.  This perfection is based on the above two when parents and teacher inculcate in him the noblest and purest values to live and let others to live.” 

He also quoted 11 things that our 5th Faatemi Imaam Maulaana Ja’far us-Saadiq (as) says in his mubaarak kalaam posing a question of “Why” while making people remember the unending bounties of Allaah Ta’aala. 

Why a person is not prepared with his deeds to leave this material world when he sees death approaching him? 
Why is that a person gets depressed and disheartened when some undesirable thing happen to him in spite of the knowing the fact that grief and happiness goes side by side? 
Why a person gets saddened on losing some of his wealth when he is aware of the reality that what he has is not of his and what is of others will sometime become his?

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