Master of Knowledge - Ameer ul-Mumineen Maula Ali (as)

The 3rd Isma'ili and Taiyebi Da'i-e-Mutlaq Saiyedna Haatim bin Ibraaheem Mohiyuddin (QR) writes in his famous book ‘Majaalis-e-Haatimiyah' that, “Once a group of Jews (Yahoodi) came to Maulana Ali (as) accompanied by their leader Abdullah bin Salaam and after offering salaam and tahiyaat sat before him, when Maulana Ali asked them what brings them there. They said “O Abul Hasan, we have a set of questions and if you answer them correctly, we will consider you to be on the path of Truth and accept ourselves to be utterly on falsehood, but if you don't answer them then we will be compelled to believe that your religion is a hoax and a big lie.”

Ameer ul-Mumineen challenged them to ask whatever they want upon which Abdullah bin Salaam proceeded with the following set of questions:

  1. What is higher and bigger than the sky and the earth?
  2. What is more vast and expansive than sea?
  3. What is more hard than stone?
  4. Which thing is hotter than fire?
  5. What is swifter than wind?
  6. Which is the thing which is not for Allah but is there for believers?
  7. Which is the thing that is for Allah and not for the believers?
  8. Which is the thing which man can see but Allah cannot?
  9. Which is the thing which Allah can see but man cannot?
  10. Which is the thing that Allah has created and has questioned about it?

As response to these questions Maula Ali (as) replied in the following way:

  1. The thing higher and bigger in dimensions than the earth and the sky is to CENSURE an innocent person about which he has no knowledge! Allah says, “Don't consider censure and allegations as trivial, they are a big evil.”

  2. The thing more vast and expansive even than a sea is a CONTENTED HEART of a mumin, which is satisfied with whatever little it has got , always ready to give by way of charity and never craving for more! Their lips are always vibrant with words of thanksgiving to the Almighty Allah.

  3. The thing harder than a stone is a DISOBEDIENT and UNGRATEFUL HEART who is an ATHEIST. He is a type of person who just gives lip service without believing in his heart. He will never express gratitude if something is given to him, but on the other hand complains and finds fault and he seldom gives anything in charity.

  4. The thing hotter than fire is GREED, which never allows a person to gain something or give to somebody.

  5. The thing swifter and agile than strong wind is the PRAYER of the OPPRESSED. Allah Ta'aala says, “I am very near to the oppressed and unfailingly listen to their supplications.”

  6. The thing which is for believers and not for Allah is their DEEDS in their worldly lives. Those who perform good deeds will get paradise and those who commit sins will go to hell!

  7. The thing which is for Allah and not for the believers is the SOUL of man, which comes from Allah and returns back after death. Man is Allah's servant and Allah is his Lord.

  8. The thing which is seen by man and not seen by Allah, are the DEEDS of INFIDELS which leads them to Hell. Allah ignores INFIDELS and does not shower His Blessings.

  9. The thing which Allah sees and man does not is the DEEDS of the BELIEVERS which guide them to Heaven. Allah says “On the day of Judgement I shall free those believers who feared me, and led pious lives. But for Tyrants I have ordained harsh punishment.”

  10. The thing which Allah has created and has questioned about it is the STICK or Staff of Moosa (as).  Allah asked him “O Moosa, what is there in your hands?” Moosa replied, “It is my stick, which I use as support as well as guide my livestock and cattle.”


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