New Year and Barakaat of Gham-e-Husain (as)


Gham-e-Husain zaroori hai zindagi ke liye,
Andhera chaahiye ehsaas-e-roshni ke liye.


People all over the world belonging to various religions celebrate their New Year with great zeal and fervor. The occasion is marked by skyrocketing expenses and variety of events are hosted to embrace the New Year with warm and hearty welcome and giving farewell to the passing year. The celebration witnesses the participation of all people beyond the edges of age, culture, place, religion etc. Every year is adding new flavors and colors to this annual festivity. Away from the bitter taste of real life and the deafening silence of routine chores, a common man is driven madly to take a break and reach out for some enjoyment – no matter how much money and resources it demands – he is ready for it. His only aim is to be happy and make his family comfortable and at ease for sometime. This is a scenario which stands true for majority of the people.

Not getting lost in the unending memories of the New Year celebrations which we all have witnessed till now, we should hold on, and shake our mind and think about what our New Year has packed and brought for us! Yes, now we come to know that we are different, indeed different from the common herd of the World. Do we have extravagant festivities as others have? Are our festivals consuming us to an extent that we get depressed and worried about the expenses? Are our celebrations so liberal and profligate that cross the boundaries of decency and discipline? Is the happiness and comfort of our occasions so high that it is beyond the reach of a common man? Do our festivals detach us from the principles of Religion? All the questions shares one common answer which is ‘No'. Undoubtedly, Allaah has blessed us with His true, simple and straightforward religion – Islaam. What we mean for our New Year is – offering Namaaz of Pehli Raat of Moharram ul-Haraam with Maghrib-Eshaa'il Aakherat-Tasbeehil Aazam in the Masjid and listening to the Du'a of Baawisa (Aql-e-Awwal) after it; praying Allaah to make the coming year fruitful and beneficial for us; taking blessings of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus), Saheb-e-Da'wat and the elders of the family by saying “Jadeed Saal Mubaarak” to them; taking dinner with all the family members in the ‘thaal' and eating all the things considered Halaal for us. Does any religion in the world have this simplicity? The paradox that shatters the peace of an intellectual mind is that – Islaam has made our lives so simple and yet it is so difficult and complex for most of us to follow such simple things!

No celebration in Islaam exists but it encompasses the very essence and crux of the religion in itself. The celebration of New Year has gifted us the divine and heavenly favor of the “Gham” of Shahaadat of Imam Husain (as). It is the mourning of martyrdom of Imaam Husain (as) and his companions at Karbala, for which Rasoolullaah (saws) has said that, “He who will shed tears on the martyrdom of Imaam Husain (as) or will make others cry or will make tearful face will deserve the gift of Paradise in the Hereafter.” Our New Year begins with the mourning on hardships and sacrifice of Imaam Husain (as) whose reward is a gift of Paradise after death. We are among the selected Creations of Allaah who are bestowed upon with the mourning on the Imaam Husain (as) – which will succeed us in this life and after death. Truly, all the happiness and contentment of this world is null in front of the gift of Paradise and all the sorrow and grief of this world is dwarfed in front of the sufferings and hardships of Imaam Husain (as). We seek the comfort and eternal satisfaction of Paradise rather than wandering in search of volatile worldly pleasure. Remembering and shedding tears on Imaam Husain (as) and the martyrs of Karbala is like obeying the obligations of Shari'at-e-Islaam in its completeness. Who would not like to begin the New Year with the memories and mourning of Karbala whose reward is eternal and supreme? Factually, the year which begins with name of Ahl ul-Bayt (as), is bound to be auspicious, fortunate and advantageous for us. And it is not only about the beginning of the year – each small thing that begins with the name and remembrance of Ahl ul-Bayt (as) is, by the grace of Allaah, always successful. The same tradition is followed till now and by the farmaan of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus), every Majlis begins with the commemoration of Ahl ul-Bayt (as).

Just as Maulaana Ismaa'il (as) was ready to sacrifice his life to keep the Misaaq of Maulaana Ibraheem (as) alive, which he gave to Allaah and follow his sunnat, Imaam Husain (as), along with his companions, embraced the martyrdom and sacrificed his life for sake of protecting and guarding Islaam and Shari'at. He declined to surrender to Yazeed (la) and give him Misaaq – which formed the core behind the scene of Karbala. He stood by the words of Rasoolullaah (saws) of not bowing down to the storm of untruth and wickedness and sacrificing himself with his companions for the sake of Islaam. He executed what was decreed upon to his fortune by Allaah. Imaam Husain (as) is in the hearts and conscience of Mumineen, he is the vision of their eyes, his truthfulness is their head, his argument is their chest, his patience and perseverance is their tears, his sacrifice is their deeds and actions, his voice is their mourning and maatam, he is the strength of mumineen. Yaa Husain, Yaa Husain…

Neither have we seen Imaam Husain (as) nor the land of Karbala nor the atrocities done on the Ahl ul-Bayt (as) by Yazeed (la) nor their burnt and charred tents. It is difficult for us to imagine the heat of the sun and the mutilated bodies on the land of Karbala, the helplessness and sickness of Imaam Zainul ‘Aabedeen (as), the way Maulaatana Zainab (as), children and other Saiyedaat were made to ride on the naked camels along the caravan. But still, whenever the voice of ‘Yaa Husain' echoes to our ears, we start feeling the pain from the depths of heart and our eyes flushes with tears and we start doing Maatam for Imaam Husain (as) – as if the whole scene of Karbala comes in front of our eyes. We feel the pain and experience the extent of torture and torment as if Imaam Husain (as) and his companions have been martyred afresh. We too feel to sacrifice our lives for the sake of Islaam in the way of Allaah. This is the miracle of Imaam Husain (as) and his love and divine attachment with us that irrespective of any time or place, his memories are embedded in our hearts. Indeed, we exist because of the Mohabbat and Walaayat of Imam Husain (as). His memories have ascended our Aamaal (deeds and actions) and because of him, Allaah will reward us His eternal gift of Paradise.

O Mumineen, Imaam Husain (as) has, once again, invited us for the Majlis of Angels of Allaah. He has guided us to the path which leads us to the Paradise. Let us accept it and embrace the beginning of New Year and Moharram ul-Haraam with the Maatam and Majaalis of Imaam Husain (as) and make our life and death fruitful. The Majlis of Imaam Husain (as) is the Majlis of Malaa'ekat and Angels of Allaah where you will find the favors and sight of Paradise. O mumineen, let us attend the Majaalis of Moharram ul-Haraam till the day of ‘Aashura; let us indulge ourselves in doing Maatam and ‘Azaadari in the Masjid; let us shed tears for Imaam Husain (as) and Ahl ul-Bayt (as) – and rise from this bodily confinement to the Nooraniyat and brilliance of Angels of Allaah. Insha Allaah, Mazoon Saheb (dm) will enrich the hearts of mumineen with the jewels of Nooraani kalemaat of Hikmat and Naseehat every morning at around 0830 hrs at Masjid un-Noorani till the day of ‘Aashura
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