Minority and Majority - "Aqliyat ane Aksariyat"


Huzoor-e-'Aali Saiyedna Saheb said : "Nahnul Alaviyoon aqliyatun fil feraqil Bawaahir, wal Bawaahero aqliyatun fil feraqil Ismaa'eeliyeen, wal Ismaa'eeliyoon aqliyatun fi ahlish Shi'ah, wash Shi'ato aqliyatun fi aalamil Islaam, wal Islaamo howa aqliyatun fi mazaahibil aalam wa saa'iril adyaan."

Translation : We, the Alavi Bohras are the minority in Taiyebi Bohras, the Taiyebi Bohras are the minority in Isma'ilis, the Isma'ilis are the minority in Shi'as, the Shi'as are the minority in Muslims and the Muslims are the minority in the world. In short, we are the minority under a minority under a minority under minority under a minority.

Minority and Majority are the two poles of counts. Democracy (Jamhooriyat) rules the world at present. The dictum and concept of majority is widely accepted and very often it is claimed that ‘majority wins'. But it is quintessential to have a vision to look beyond the delusion and haze of ‘majority' under which the whole world has lost and perplexed. This scenario will remain unchanged in the coming years. Existence of conflicting views between the evolving and changing concepts of man and the certain and concrete concepts of religion is not a new thing. The same is true for minority and majority.

The revelation of Allaah is superior, prime and splendid than the words and concepts of His creation – the man. The wisdom, profundity and distinction of the understanding of the idea of minority and majority is diverse in the Qur'an. Allaah says, “Only few of them express gratitude – Only few offer prayers – Only few are loyal and faithful to me – Only few among the Awwaleen (the people of past) and Akhereen (the people of future) will enter the Paradise – There are good and evil people in the world and you will be surprised that evil surpasses the good – We have explained the meaning of the verses of the Qur'an for a few intellectual people.

Allaah says in the Qur'an for the majority that, “Many among them will have repugnance towards truth – Few of them will have belief in Allaah and His Rasool (saws), many will have disbelief in Allaah and will practice polytheism – Many of them will have ingratitude for the favors of Allaah – Many of them will deny the orders of Qur'an… There are many verses relating to the minority and majority in the Qur'an. Describing all of them would make this article very lengthy.

5th Yemeni Da'i ul Mutlaq Saiyedna Ali bin Mohammad bin Walid (aq) has compiled a book named Taaj ul Aqaa'id describing 100 principles and tenets of Isma'ili Taiyebi discipline. 68th principle describes that, the belief of the people of Ahl ul Bayt (as) and Aal-e-Mohammad (as) is that, “From the day of eternity, truth is always with the minority.” They are the selected and distinguished by Allaah who keep faith in the Heavenly succession from Maulaana Adam (as) till Imaam uz Zamaan (as). This credence, indeed, is the Siraat ul Mustaqeem (divine straigth path) and Hablullaahil Mateen (strong cord of Allaah) for us becase whoever grasps it and holds it will ascend to the peak and zenith of eternity – Paradise. Truly, very few people belong to this group who are mumineen. Majority of the people are the ones who have disbelief in the Wasaayat (deputyship) after Rasoolullaah (saws) and the succession of Imaamat (spiritual divine leadership) after Maulaana Ali (as).

Maulaana Ibraheem Khaleelullaah (as) encompassed the whole ummat (community) in him but there were very few true believers who had faith in the imaamat in the progeny of Maulaana Qaizaar bin Isma'il (as), the grandson of Maulaana Ibraheem (as). Followers of Maulaana Nooh Najiyullaah (as) were a minority. Majority of the people of Bani Isra'eel were against Maulaana Moosa Kaleemullaah (as) and beleaguered him and refuted the revelation of Allaah on him. Hawwariyoon – the disciples of Maulaana ‘Isaa Roohullaah (as) were very small in number. At the time when Rasoolullaah (saws) was decreed upon by Allaah as Nabi, the people who accepted the last decree of Allaah assigning the seal of completeness to Islaam on his hand were very few. On 18th Zul Hajjah 10 AH, on the ground of Ghadeer-e-Khumm the people who gave Misaaq ( bay'at -oath of allegiance) to Maulaana Ali (as) and remained loyal to him were very few and those who betrayed him were countless.

There were only 72 companions who were loyal and faithful and embraced martyrdom with Imaam Husain (as) in Karbala on the day of Aashura 10th Moharram 61 AH. The army of Yazeed (la) who were on the path of untruth and disbelief were in thousands. The mumineen who recognized the true succession of A'immat-e-Taahereen (as) and bowed down to the Imaamat of out Mastooreen A'immat (imaams under concealment) (as) were very few in number in comparison to the people who deviated from the righteous path and surrendered to deceitfulness of the tyrant and cursed Kholafaa (pl. Khaleefa, Caliph) of Banu Umayyah, Banu Abbas, Banu Zayd. Mentioning the historical events portraying the truthfulness of the minority during the period of each Fatemi Imaam (as) would make this article out of scope.

Summarizing the concept, after the seclusion (istitaar) of our 21st Fatemi Imaam Taiyeb (as) from Egypt, the center of the Fatemi Da'wat shifted to Yemen and then to India where under the divine and heavenly guidance of Imam uz Zamaan (as), the Fatemi Da'wat reinforced its foundation and flourished. There are many instances where the people got separated from the mainstream community and formed new subsects and factions. We are among the ones who have not separated or divided and belong to the mainstream community – Firqah Naajiyah. Recollecting the scenario at the time of Saiyedna Ali Shamsuddin (aq) – our 29th Da'i ul Mutlaq and first Shaheed-e-Aa'zam (the Great Martyr) of Hind (India) – which is still alive in our hearts; there were only 27 faithful and devoted mumineen who stood by the haqqaniyat (truthfulness) of the Nass-e-Jali (explicit appointment) done on Saiyedna Ali (aq) by his grand father 28th Da'i ul Mutlaq Saiyedna Safiyuddin Shaikh Adam bin Taiyeb Shah (aq).

The people who turned against the minority of Haqq were in thousands. It is because of this minority group of Saiyedna Ali (aq) that our Alavi Jamaa'at has progressed and prospered in Vadodara. The authenticity, genuineness, truthfulness, honesty and the lineage of Nass of a community is important rather than the number of people or the population of a community. Maulaana Ali (as) has said that, “The people of Haqq are a community themselves although few in number and the people of Baatil (untruth) are always in majority.” He also said that, the people of minority acquire supreme and highest status near Allaah because they are the essence of His creation and the zenith of the people of the world.

These few people are the one who possess the useful and divine knowledge; they are the seekers of the Paradise who intends good and lawful things. They deserve respect and reverence. They keep themselves away from the evil and falsehood. Majority of the people who have lost on the path of ignorance and evil join their hands and are always on their toes in harassing and distressing the people of Haqq. Their eyes are unable to withstand the glory and brilliance of the real knowledge manifested on the foreheads of the mumineen. It's just like a case of a black bee that is envious and jealous of the virtues and skills of a honey bee, it tries to harm the honey bee. This statement remains true for every period. Haven't we noticed in the recent times that the Wahhabis, who claims to believe firmly in the Qur'an and Tawheed of Allaah, has turned its sore eyes towards the our youth. Truly, how can they withstand the glory of walaayat of Ameer ul-Mumineen Maula Ali (as) in our hearts?

Some of the responsible and knowledgeable people asked our A'immat-e-Abraar (as) that, “O son of Rasoolullaah (saws)! Due to their limited population, your faithful shi'a and true believers are under constant attack from the people of majority, what is the reason behind it?” Imaam (as) replied that, whenever Iblees fails in turning the hearts of mumineen towards the evil and wickedness, he turns himself to the enemies of the mumineen and the hypocrites and persuades them to hurt and inflict sufferings on the mumineen. But under the armor of walaayat of Maula Ali (as) and the divine guidance of Allaah, our mumineen are hardly moved or affected by their mischiefs. Verily, Allaah Ta'aala bestows our mumineen with His choicest of blessings and reward in the Hereafter, in return of the misdemeanor of the hypocrites and non believers. As Allaah says in the Qur'an, “Indeed they (misdoers) will know in the Hereafter for who deserves the reward and who is destined for curse.”
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