It is a fact and we all know that like human bodies, even our heart can be healthy and sick at times, and the salvation of the person depends upon his returning to the Next world ( aakherat ) with pure and sound heart. Therefore, it becomes very important for us to have knowledge about the health and sickness of the heart. We must know to identify the symptoms of diseases, and we must understand all the causes and factors of the diseases so that we can implement the health care hygienic measures to prevent its spread.

Do we possess self sufficiency in this matter or do we need the Prophets? It is absolutely clear that we lack sufficient information about the special creation of human self and the veiled and shrouded mysteries which have been incorporated by the Creator in this Celestial existence. In fact, we are imperceptive about our physiological and esoteric life, we are unintelligent about the factors and the causes responsible for the self's sickness, cannot properly diagnose the symptoms of the disease and are unaware about various kinds of diseases, prevention required against their spread and the available methods of their treatment.

The Prophets are the real physicians and specialists of the souls, who through Divine Blessings and revelations understand very well about the pain as well as the treatment of the soul. They have been trained and refined in various disciplines dealing with human beings and their souls in the School of revelation, and are thoroughly knowledgeable about the secrets and mysteries of this special Celestial Existence. They understand the direction that ascends towards Allah as well as the cause and factors of deviations and therefore they are helpful in leading the humans onto the straight path of divinity and can prevent their deviations.

Prophets are enlightened people who have rendered most of the valuable services to the humanity throughout the history, which are relatively more valuable than the services done by the physicians of the human bodies. The Prophets were able to discover the mysterious abstract (i.e. Celestial Spirit) for themselves and by introducing this ‘Celestial Jewel' to the human beings succeeded in reviving their human personality. They were the ones who acquainted and enlightened human beings with learning, spirituality and moral ethics by showing them the path of journey leading towards Allah.

They were the ones who made the humanity familiar with the unseen world and attempted for self-purification, self-nourishment and self-refinement of human beings. If there are marks of significance, sentiments, love, moral ethics and other virtues found among the human beings then it is all due to the blessings of painstaking continuous efforts and endeavors of all Allah's physicians especially the last divine Messenger Mohammad Rasoolullaah (SAWS). If the holy Prophets would not have been send for human guidance then certainly the conditions might have been different. The Prophets are the real acknowledged personalities of humanity and because of this distinction have been called as physicians of ‘Self' ( nafs ) in the tradition.

Maulana Ali (AS) said about Saiyed ul-Ambiyaa Mohammad Rasoolullaah (SAWS) then, he was a perfect physician who continuously endeavored for the treatment of souls. He had prepared ready-made ointments and arranged other tools of surgery for the treatment of wounds and disinfecting the diseases at suitable occasions. He cured the heart's blindness, ear's deafness, tongue's dumbness and prescribed medicine for all those who were living in the state of confusion and wandering.

Maulana Ali (AS) said about Qur'an, ‘Learn the Holy Qur'an because it is the best of learning, pay attentions towards its verses because they are like the rain springs, its recital revives the heart, and utilize the Qur'anic illumination for the healing of your hearts.'

Mohammad Rasoolullaah (SAWS) brought the holy Qur'an and presented it to us which the best program of healing for our internal pains. So if we are interested in the happiness and soundness of our self, we must practice the hygienic measures for the psychic and physical health of our self. We must identify these diseases within our souls through Qur'anic verses and guidelines issued by the holy Prophet (SAWS) and must seriously strive for their treatments. Any negligence would inflict damages upon us, which will become manifested in the Next World. Happiness and Prosperity of both the worlds depends upon self building and self-nourishment and therefore these are the most important crucial tasks. All the Prophets of Allah were dispatched for the accomplishment of this aim. Self-building must be undertaken into two stages:

  • The first stage of Self-refinement consists of cleansing of heart from lewd selfish conduct and avoiding sins. This act is called refining and evacuation.
  • The second stage of Self-nourishment and perfection consists of acquiring higher learning for the things of ghayb for absolute truth, attaining moral excellence in conduct, and undertaking of righteous deeds. This act is called nourishment and perfection.

Both these are necessary for achieving Self-building because, unless and until the heart's ground is not cleansed thoroughly from evilness and falsities it would not be available for higher learning, attaining moral excellence and performance of righteous deeds. Shaitaan must be forced out and Allah's intimate Angel must be welcomed. Allah's blessings and illumination must be absorbed. We cannot ignore the heart's internal impurities and evilness before undertaking the performance of righteous deeds. Therefore it is necessary that both these stages must be coordinated and should be undertaken simultaneously. Avoiding sins and shameful deeds invites human being towards goodness, and similarly performance of righteous and virtuous deeds result in his quittal of sins and obscene deeds.

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