Huzoor-e-'Aali (tus) blesses the event with hadiyah-nawaazi with the barakat of "Ali, the baab of Madeenat ul-Ilm" Dr Farhad Daftary shows some details from his book on Isma'ilis to Hudood Majlis-e-Masarrat in which some most selected kalaam of Maulaana Ali (as) was recited Dignitaries visits Masjid-e-Nooraani at Badri Mohalla Maazoon ud-Da'wat does ilmi guftagu and mukaalemah at the Markaz-e-Da'wat with Dr Daftary

The bayaan and taqreer of Saiyedna Saheb (tus) and Maazoon Saheb (dm) always remind us of Sunnat-e-taaherah with the help of which we can lead a successful and guided life. Explaining the importance of Friday, we quote from the bayaan of Saiyedna Saheb (tus) that, “Rasoolullaah (saws) has said that, Friday is the most auspicious and supreme among all days of the week and it is regarded as the day of ‘Eid for the mumineen. It is the day when all the mumineen recite salawaat on al-Khamsatul Athaar (as), meet each other and exchange the greetings. Verily, it is the day when the sunnat of Rasoolullaah (saws) – may it be meeting or greeting the people, giving Sadaqah, performing du'aa after namaaz, reciting faateha, doing ghusl-is being practiced by every believer. Not to overlook the final saying of Rasoolullaah (SAWS) that, ‘He does not belong to my ummat who disobeys my sunnat .'”

It was the day of masarrat and khush-iqbaali (good fortune) for Dr Farhad Daftary (Associate Director of The Institute of Isma'ili Studies, London) and Mr Hussain Jasani (ITREB, Mumbai) when they happened to visit Vadodara on 26th of October, Friday. Their first and the foremost wish were to take the mulaaqat of Saiyedna Saheb (tus) as soon as they arrived in the city. Saiyedna Saheb (tus) bestowed his kindness and gave them an opportunity to meet him. After a warm welcome of the dignitaries by the hudood at Daar-us-Salaam, they greeted and complimented Maazoon Saheb (dm) for inviting them. They were left spellbound and enthralled when they met Saiyedna Saheb (tus) and received distinguished hadiyaat (gifts) from his kind self. Saiyedna Saheb (tus) admired and commended hard work undertaken by Dr Daftary in doing research and exploring the untapped heritage of Isma'ilism. He emphasized the way Alavi Bohras have preserved the culture, tradition and ethnicity of the Faatemi-Isma'ili-Taiyebi legacy. Saiyedna Saheb (tus) congratulated Dr Daftary for the release of Gujarati translation of his distinguished book “A Short history of the Isma'ilis”. Saiyedna Saheb (tus) prayed for their well being and prosperity and beseeched Allaah Ta'aala to grant them with the gift of knowledge and power to fight for the truth and penchant to serve for the mazhab of Ahl ul-Bayt (as). On the footprints of the tradition of A'immat-e-Taahereen (as), a majlis was held in which the makhsoos (selected) zaakereen recited the verses in the praise of Maulaana ‘Ali Ameer ul-Mumineen (as) which was followed by the lunch.

Dr Daftary had a detailed and in depth discussion with Maazoon Saheb (dm) about his research work. They discussed about the truthfulness and the firm foundation of Faatemi-Isma'ili Imaamat and the way it survived and was preserved against the attacks from some extremist and rebellious Sunni sects. Maazoon Saheb (dm) satiated the inquisitiveness of Dr Daftary by explaining him in detail about the succession of the Du'aat-e-Mutlaqeen (aq) of Alavi Bohras. He expounded the customs, traditions, practices, social events and the distinguishing facets of Alavi Bohras. Dr Daftary was astonished by the well planned nizaam (administration) of all the proceedings of Da'wat of such petite community. He showed immense interest in exploring the rusoomaat of our community like nikaah, talaaq, wa'az, namaaz, and social gatherings. He unfolded the intricacies of the research work on the Isma'ilism he is doing in the Institute at present. The discussion lasted for hours together till the evening. Finally at the end of the day, they departed from us with a delighted heart and long lasting memories. It was a great visit full of knowledgeable discussion to be remembered forever.