Decorum of the Act of Defecation
(Aadaab of Bait ul-Khala)

Rasulullah (SAWS) said to Hazrat Ali (AS) that there are certain rules or code of conduct of the act of defecation (to go to LOO). The one who has failed to recognize these rules has failed to recognize Rasulullah (SAWS) and Hazrat Ali (AS); also he has failed to recognize the facts of Imaan (faith) and he has not completed the obligations of the prayers of Allah.

One of our Imaam ordered the construction of an outlet for a closet in the house, and the men pointed to a place open to public view. Therefore He said, ‘O you people! When Allah created man, He created his outlet in its most secluded portion; similarly, such an outlet should be in the most secluded part of house.

Maulana Ali (AS) commanded the covering of the private parts, and the avoidance of gazing at the private parts of other mumin. The private parts of a man are the portion of his body which extends from the knee to the navel; and of the woman is the whole of her body. It is not permissible for the believer to uncover his private parts even if no one is looking at him. It is related that when one of our Imaam immersed himself in the pool of water while he was wearing a waist wrapper. One of his companions asked him, ‘O our Imaam, why didn’t you remove that wrapper while you were in water?’ He replied, ‘It is true that you were not able to see my private parts in water but what about living beings in the water?’ This action is only to safeguard and to protect the private parts.

The rules of the act of defecation (relieving oneself) are enlisted in their respective order:

1: You should not go to the closet bare footed. You should wear slippers or chaakhri in the closet.

2: You should enter the closet by advancing your left leg. And while entering the closet, you should recite following du’a:

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“A’uzo billahe minar rijsin najesil khabeesil mukhbese minash shaitaanir rajeem.”

“I seek refuge before Allah from the devil who is the most unclean,
wicked, filthy and who is deprived of the Blessings (rehmat) of Allah.”

3: You should not go to the closet with uncovered head. You should cover your head with the topi and women should cover their head with the dupatta. When Rasulullah (SAWS) used to enter the closet to relieve himself he used to veil his face and cover his head.

4: You should not sit in the closet facing the Qibla.

5: You should not sit in the closet with your back facing the Qibla.

6: While easing yourself you should apply pressure over your left leg. This rule is best applied on the Indian style latrine (not commode) where one has to sit in such a way that his stomach gets the considerable pressure through his left leg while easing. The following du’a is to be recited:

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“Alla humma kama at’amtanihe fi ‘aafeyatin fa akhrijho minni be ‘aafeya.”

“O Allah, Just as the way you have given me the food with the health and
goodness; with the same health expel the excreta out of my body.”

And if you happen to see your excreta (ghaa’it), then you should recite:

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“Allahummar zuqniyal halaala wa jannibniyal haraam.”

“O Allah, Provide me Halaal (permissible in shari’at) food (rizq) and keep me away from the Haraam (forbidden) food.

7: You should not speak while easing yourself. Speech is prohibited while defecation and you should not even answer to the greetings (salaam) in such a state.

8: You should not take more time in the closet and after easing yourself, you should recite the following du’a:

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“Alhamdo lillaahil lazee amaata ‘anniyal azaa wa hannaani ta’aami wa sharaabi.”

“All the praises are due to Allah Who has kept me away from all the illnesses
of food and drink and He has made my food and drink easy and pleasurable for me.”

9: If water is not available for cleaning the private parts after defecation, then you should use a piece of cloth, rags (or scraps of paper) or a brick for wiping and cleaning. The thing that is used for cleaning the part should not be re-used. You should not use wood, coal, dung cake or bones for the cleaning purpose.

10: For the purpose of cleaning oneself from impurity, you can take one or three or five different pieces of permissible things for cleaning. Later you should cleanse yourself with water, if available, until the impurity and the stench goes away.

11: You should not do Istinjaa (cleansing of private parts) on the excreta and you should clean your private parts with your left hand. After performing Istinjaa, wash your left hand properly. While washing you should recite the following du’a:

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“Ashhado an laa ilaaha illallaaho wahdahu laa sharikaa lahu wa ashhado
anna Mohammadan ‘abdohu wa rasulohu wa ashhado anna ‘Aliyaw
wasiyohu wa waliyohu.”

“I bear witness that there is no God, but Allah, who is One and has no partner and I bear witness that Mohammad (SAWS) is His servant and His Messenger and I bear witness that ‘Ali (AS) is Mohammad Rasulullah .(SAWS)’s deputy and successor.”

12: You should make exit from the closet by advancing your right leg and you should recite the following du’a:

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“Alhamdo lillaahil lazee ‘aafaani fi jasadi wal hamdo lillaahil lazee amaata ‘anniyal azaa wa hannaani ta’aami wa sharaabi.”

“All the praises are due to Allah Who has given health to my body and has
relieved my body of the illnesses and has made my food easy and pleasurable.”

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