"Facts about former generations, predictions about future generations as well as the rules and orders concerning present affairs are all contained in the Quran."

Man’s needs in this world for the regulation and guidance of his life are three:

Firstly, man must know how his ancestors lived an about destinies of various peoples before him.

Secondly, man must know about the situation and expectations of future generations in the world.

Thirdly, man must know how to deal with the regulation of his own life by incorporating knowledge from both past, present and future so that he may not go the wrong way but traverse the road leading to felicity and salvation.

The holy Quran, Allah’s words revealed to Muslims, is a constructive and enlightening book which has fulfilled these three vital needs of man without a trace of doubt or ambiguity.

In order to live with in knowledge and live happy, fruitful lives, we must study the Quran carefully, try to understand its valuable lessons, and act according to its guidances and injunctions.

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