Maulana Ali (AS) has said, "A filthy man is an evil thing."
Washing of hands after meals keeps the evil spirits at bay. The master of the house should be the last to wash his hands. Shaitaan (Satan) loves the odour of fingers soiled by greasy food. Wash your hands to remove the odour of greasy food.

Perform ablution when a meal is served to increase the well-being of your house. He who performs ablution before a meal lives in a good health and is saved from the ills that visit his constitution. An ablution before and after a meal invokes Allah's blessings on food. The act of cleaning the hands with flour, bread or dates drives away Allah's favour.

Rasulullah (SAWS) has said to perform 'takhallul'. Takhallul in ablution is running the water and rubbing between the fingers and nails, and takhallul after a meal is picking the teeth and gargling or rinsing the mouth with water. Perform takhallul to remove the traces of food after a meal, for this makes your teeth and molars healthy and procures sustenance of the servant of Allah. Picking the teeth brings sustenance to man.

Trim your hair from the earlobes to the eyes and from the beard on the cheeks; comb the hairs of the beard; and shave the nape of the neck; and trim the moustache and beard below the lips, and pare your nails. Do not resemble the Jews and Christians in this respect. No one should allow the moustache to grow long, or the pubic hair, or the hair in the armpits; for it is in these parts that Shaitaan loves to hide and make it a permanent abode. He who believes in Allah and the Day of Judgement will not fail to shave his pubic hair and the hair of armpits within forty days, at the most.

Trim the hair between the outer angle of the eyes and the earlobes, on the cheeks, and those that protrude over the chin in the front of the fore part of lower lip. Comb the hairs of the head and beard and also trim the moustache to keep them clean. Comely hair is a mantle bestowed by Allah, so honour it. He who has hair on his head and does not part it in the middle, verily Allah will part it on the Day of Judgement with a rod of fire.

If a man clips his nails on Friday, Allah will protect him from the diseases of the fingers. Men should pare his nails and women should leave them long, for they will increase their attractiveness.

He who knows the excellence of gray hair and pays respect to it will be saved by Allah from the terror of the Day of Judgement. Gray hair is like light, so do not pluck it out. Dyeing or plucking the gray hairs is forbidden and deplorable act.

Rasulullah (SAWS) said, 'Three things extinguish the light (charisma) of man: to disregard the love of one's father i.e. to break the relationship with those whom the father used to love and respect; to dye one's hair black; and to cast one's glance within the privacy of another's house.'

Rasulullah (SAWS) said, 'Circumcision is a fitrat (sunnat-e-Islam or paidaa'ish-e-asli) means a compulsory ritual. No Muslim should be left uncircumcised even though he has reached the age of 80.'

Maulana Ali (AS) said, 'The first man to be circumcised was Hazrat Ibraheem Khalilullah (AS), and he was in his eightieth year. Allah by His revelation commanded him to purify himself, so he trimmed his moustache. Again the Prophet was asked to purify himself, and he pared his nails. Then again for the third time he was commanded to purify himself, and he plucked the hair of the armpits. On being commanded for the fourth time, he shaved off his pubic hair. And when he was asked to purify himself for the fifth time, he got himself circumcised.' He also added, 'Hasten with the circumcision of your children, surely it will l ead to greater purity.'

Maulana Ali (AS) said, 'A girl should not be circumcised until she is 7 years old.' He said, 'O women, when you circumcise your daughters, leave some part of their labia (clitoris), for this will be virtuous for their character and it will make them more beloved by their husbands.'

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