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Aqaa Maulaa doing Naseehat to Hudood Aqaa Maulaa proceeding towards the Rawzah of Saiyedi wa Maulaai Fakhruddin Shaheed saheb (ra) along with the Hudood- Galiyakot
Aqaa Maulaa near the Rawzah Mubaarakah of Saiyedi wa Maulaai Fakhruddin Shaheed saheb (ra) - Galiyakot Aqaa Maulaa reciting Du'aa in the Rawzah Mubaarakah of Saiyedi wa Maulaai Fakhruddin Shaheed saheb (ra) - Galiyakot

On 20-21 Rajab ul Morajjab, 1440 AH/26-27 March 2019, Tue-Wed, Haatim ul Khayraat wa Rabee’ ul Barakaat, Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (TUS) along with 78 Hudood, Zaakereen, Qaare’een and Khuddaam visited the Rawzah Fakhriyah, mazaar-e-anwar of Saiyedi Fakhruddin shaheed bin Taarmal saheb (ra) at Galiyakot. There, Aqaa Maulaa organized daras-e-khusoosi for hudood-o-huddaam and bestowed with the flowers of wisdom from kutub ud-Da'wat whose fragrance of barakaat will always refresh the nufoos of khuddaam. Near the qabr-e-anwar of Muqaddas Maulaai saheb, the memorable majlis was formed in which Sadaqallaah, Qera'at-e-Qur’an and du'aa-e-taqdees was done. The khusoosi du'aa for the betterment of mumineen in this world and the aakherat along with the du'aa-e-ta'meer-e-Qabr-e-Saiyedna Ali shaheed (qr) was done during the ziyaarat of rukhsati.  In the mazaar, Mukaasir saheb recited the revered Bayt in Arabic composed by 41st Da'i ul Mutlaq Saiyedna Fakhruddin saheb (aq), “Tahayaat ul Mohaymene kulla Yaumin”.

In the hall, where Aqaa Maulaa was allotted a special Iqaamat and stay, Maulaa did Tawalli of all Farz Namaaz.  Bethak and Majlis were held at short intervals in which along with Qaseedah-khwaani, Maulaa did naseehat to Hudood for unity, respect and integrity among the Khuddaam.  Aqaa Maulaa said that,

“You all are my family, my ruhaani farzando.  I am your Waalid and I treat you equally and affectionately so I too expect from you that you all work together for the holy cause of Da’wat and the deeni progress of mumineen.  Unity, understanding and selflessness is the stepping stone to defeat the evil forces and plans.  Truth is with us, with the followers of Ahl ul Bayt (as), their Imaams and Da’is, but the need of time is that we should reveal our truthfulness at right place and time.  A simple way of precise dialogue is enough to uproot and shatter the baseless arguments of bid’ati people.  All of you should make all possible efforts to follow all the instructions delivered from Markaz e Da’wat and deal with mumineen as per the Nizaam-o-Usool of Da’wat.  It is your duty to inform Saheb e Da’wat about any unhealthy activities taking place around you and your locality which you think will harm our aqaa’id, rasm and aamaal.  Safe-guarding our community should be of prime concern for all of us.  We all have to protect our Faatemi legacy for the generations to come.”

Dawoodi Bohra authorities and staff of Mazar e Fakhri did remarkable arrangements for Aqaa Maulaa and his ashaab e khaass.  They remained present all the time and cooperated with all the zaa’ereen that all could take the sharaf of ziyaarat with tamakkun and itminaan.  At the time of rukhsat, Mazaar authorities gifted Ghilaaf a Muneer of Saiyedi Fakhruddin shaheed saheb (ra) to Aqaa Maulaa. Maulaa also visited the bayt-e-sharaf (house) of Saiyedi Fakhruddin saheb and did du’aa for jamaa’at mumineen.  It is for the first time that such a large number of khuddaam participated in this safar-e-ziyaarat and took golden opportunity to listen with close quarters the words of wisdom from Aqaa Maulaa.