By the Farmaan of Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna saheb (tus), the Daras for the mumineen started 3 yrs back in the Masjid once in a week. Daras is taken in Masjid un-Nooraani (Badri Mohalla) and Masjid-e-Taiyebi (Ajwa Road) by Mukaasir ud-Da’wat and Ra’s ul-Hudood respectively on different days. Mumineen gather for the Daras after the Maghrib-‘Isha namaaz and actively participate in the Deeni discussion. Knowledge of History, Ta’weel, Tafseer of the Qur’an and many other miscellaneous things is imparted to the mumineen.

It was our Khaalis Niyyat and a long-time wish to take the mumineen of the Daras for the Ziyaarat tour of the Mawaali-e-Taahereen (ra) of India, so that they come to know about their History and Sacrifice for the sake of Da’wat. After the Ziyaarat tour of Ahmedabad, this time Ra’s ul-hudood Zulqarnain Hakeemuddin (dm) decided to organize the Ziyaarat tour of Galiyakot along with the Daras mumineen of Ajwa Road. Our wish was granted by Maulaayi Fakhruddin Shaheed (ra) when we began our journey on 16th Zul Qa’adat il-Haraam 1433, 1st October 2012, Sunday. 24 mumineen accompanied Ra’s ul-Hudood in the Ziyaarat tour.

After reaching Galiyakot, Ra’s ul-Hudood did the Ziyaarat of Maulaayi Fakhruddin Shaheed (ra) along with the mumineen. In the afternoon, he gave a khusoosi Daras in which he narrated the History of Maulaayi (ra) and his Sacrifice in the month of Moharram ul-Haraam. Exclusive Bayt was recited in the Mazaar-e-Fakhri and Ghilaaf was offered on the Qabr-e-Anwar and its pieces were taken by the mumineen as the tabarruk of the Maulaa.

Majlis in the name of Maulaa was assembled where mumineen recited the Qasaa’id of the Maulaa. The next day, Sadaqallah was recited in the Mazaar and mumineen along with Ra’s ul-Hudood went to visit the Wadi (orchard) situated on the other side of the river. They also witnessed the Hujoom (gathering) of the tribal men and women who come to the Mazaar of Maulaa for seeking Spiritual Wellness. The tour lasted for 2 days and at the end of the day all the mumineen of Daras prayed to Allaah to grant their wish of completing the Ziyaarat of the Mawaali-e-Taahereen (ra).

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