Manzar of Masjid e Kufah after Fajr Namaaz

Huzoor e ’Aali TUS bestowed the Razaa Mubaarak to Naasir o Da'wat ut Taiyebiyah Ra’s ul Hudood Dr Zulqarnain Hakeemuddin Bhaisaheb ZI to lead the Kun Ziyaarat in the month of Rabi ul Aakhar 1445 AH - November 2023 along with the Mumineen. Wadaa Majlis was held at Huzoor e ’Aali TUS Qasr e Aali Daar us Salaam on 15th Rabi ul Aakhar - 29th October Sunday where Mumineen gathered for Qadambosi and Blessings for the Ziyaarat Safar.

Huzoor e ’Aali TUS in the Wadaa Bayaan reiterated that, "Every year around 300 Mumineen embarks the Ziyaarat Safar of Karbalaa - Najaf and Umrah Mufradah. This is the distinguished Nemat of Allaah Ta'aala on our Mumineen". He added, "I don't think there's any Mumineen house left where no one has gone to Karbalaa or Umrah".

126 Mumineen joined Kun fa Yakoon 3 Ziyaarat Safar which started on 20th Rabi ul Aakhar - 3rd November 2023 from Ahmedabad. This Ziyaarat Safar included Syria but due to ongoing war it was cancelled. Huzoor e ’Aali TUS stressed that Mumineen should always go to the Ziyaarat of Muqaddas Maqaamaat along with Saheb e Da'wat so that along with the Ziyaarat Mumineen learns about the Historical significance and Fazeelat of the Maqaamaat.

Rasoolullaah SAWS has said "Karbalaa is the piece of land of Paradise". Hence Ziyaarat of Karbalaa is not merely doing Ziyaarat but a feeling that one had landed on the land of Jannat. Ra’s ul Hudood saheb among the Mumineen added that doing Ziyaarat of Karbalaa is doing the Ziyaarat of Khamsat ul Athaar AS because Rasoolullaah SAWS has said that, “Whoever does my Ziyaarat after my death is like the one who met me during my lifetime.” He added the Hadees of Rasoolullaah SAWS that, "Whoever went to Makkah and did not visit Madeenah has indeed done injustice to me". The same stands true for the Ziyaarat of Karbalaa and Najaf. 

One should always bear these facts on mind before doing the Ziyaarat of Karbalaa and Najaf:

  1. Karbalaa is the land where Angels of Allah descends every moment to do the Ziyaarat of Maulaana Imaam Husain SA. So going to Karbalaa is indeed like being in the company of Angels of Allaah.
  2. Karbalaa is the land where every Nabi of Allaah Ta'aala had passed through and they encountered hardships on this land. They took waseelah of Maulaana Imaam Husain SA and they were relieved. Hence Mumineen are visiting the land of Prophets.
  3. Karbalaa especially within the Rozah Mubaarak of Maulaana Imaam Husain SA, no Du'a performed by the Zaair are rejected by Allaah Ta'aala. Hence it is the place where all Du'a are answered.
  4. Karbalaa is the land where the Khaak - mud of Maulaana Imaam Husain SA is the source of Cure for all illnesses.

Ziyaarat of Maulaana 'Ali SA in Najaf has a distinguished significance. If the Ziyaarat of Son of Wasi has such significance then what can we think and imagine about the Ziyaarat of Maulaana 'Ali SA? Going on a Safar and just doing Ziyaarat is one thing and doing it with knowledge, with belief and history is altogether a different thing which can only be experienced with Saheb e Da'wat. And Mumineen who return from such Safar know it's reality.

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