Da'i ul Hind was Sind wal Yaman, 45th Da'i al-'Alavi Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb TUS is undoubtedly a shining star in the sublime horizon of the 'Uloom (teaching and learning) of Ahl ul Bayt AS propounded by our Du'aat e Yamaaniyah.  With time and again, Maulaa has emerged as the great authority, authentic source and final seal in Shi'a-Isma'ili literature.  Throughout the world universities, reasearch scholar and editor have been queuing and making beeline to get to the depth of real first hand sources and authentic understanding of our literary texts and subject matter.

This has been reflected by as-Saiyed ul-Mukarram, Amro Ma'ad Yakrab Husain al-Hamdaani when he addressed a special gathering at Daar us Salaam, 15 Safar 1444 AH/11 Sep 2022, Sunday.  He became Mehmaan e Khusoosi of our Maulaa Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin Saheb TUS. He is a member of Shuraa Council of Yaman. Also, he is the rector and research scholar of the Hamdaani Institution and studies the Isma'ili literature in depth by the assistance of Saiyedna saheb TUS.  He has a special interest in Isma'ili studies and has typed, edited and printed many Isma'ili books of our Yamani Du'aat.  He accepted our invitation and came to India all the way back from Yaman to meet Saiyedna saheb TUS in Vadodara, India.

He expressed his gratitude and wish to meet Hudood e Da'wat in the Nooraani presence of Maulaa.  To fulfill this to build the feeling of mutual understanding and healthy cooperation, a special majlis was held in which he opened up with his interesting experiences and views of our Maulaa and mumineen.  He visited our masaajid and offered namaaz along with mumineen.  He did ziyaarat of our Du'aat e Mutlaqeen AQ and gathered their akhbaar.  He was fascinated to know our language, customs and culture.

He said that, "Your relationship with Saiyedna saheb TUS is based on Mohabbat and Ikhlaas without any fear and force.  You live very simple life because Da'i teaches you the core of simplicity explained to us by Maulaana Ali AS.  It's Maulaa's benevolence that I am here and when I met him I am sure I have achieved the best Ne'mat of Duniyaa-Aakherah.  My dream came true as I found myself in the city of knowledge and you all know that this city is not other than the Mubaarak Maskan (Devdi Mubaarak) of Saiyedna saheb TUS.  He is continuously guiding me and all my accomplices throughout the Isma'ili world who are in search of this Pure Wisdom.  Maulaa's knowledge is a riverbank for all thirsty souls like us whose only goal is to reach Imaam e Aal e Mohammad SA.  Maulaa is a living spirit and bright lantern of the mysteries and Ta'weel of our Shari'at." 

In the majlis, he shared his views about our community and the ever changing circumstances in Yaman. He also invited Saiyedna saheb TUS to Yaman along with his Hudood and mumineen in the near future when flights are restored to normalcy.  Our Hudood got a privilege to participate in the Q&A session at the end of Majlis.