Wulaat of Hind


Map of the Ziyaarat-gaah in India
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  1. 25th Da’i: Saiyedna Fakhruddin Jalaal bin Hasan (QR) - 975 A.H.
  2. 26th Da’i: Saiyedna Burhaanuddin Daawood bin Ajabshah (QR) - 999 A.H.
  3. 27th Da’i: Saiyedna Burhaanuddin Daawood bin Qutubshah (QR) - 1021 A.H.
  4. 28th Da’i: Saiyedna Safiyuddin Shaikh Aadam bin Taiyebshah (QR) - 1030 A.H.
  5. 29th Da’i: Saiyedna Shamsuddin Ali bin Ibraheem ash-Shaheed (QR) - 1046 A.H.
  6. 30th Da’i: Saiyedna Zakiyuddin Taiyeb bin S. Shaikh Aadam (QR) - 1047 A.H.
  7. 31st Da’i: Saiyedna Badruddin Hasan bin Wali (QR) - 1090 A.H.
  8. Saiyedi Ameenji bin Jalaal [RA] - 13-10-1031 A.H.
  9. Maulaai Aadam Shujaauddin bin M. Sulemaan [RA] - 836 A.H. [First Waali-e-Hind in Ahmedabad]
  10. Saiyedi Khwaajah Kalaan bin Abdullaah [RA] - 872 A.H.
  11. Maulaai Hasan Husaamuddin bin M. Aadam [RA] - 883 A.H. [Waali-e-Hind]
  12. Maulaai Raaj Mohiyuddin bin M. Hasan [RA] - 925 A.H. [Waali-e-Hind]
  13. Maulaai Raaj Safiyuddin bin Daawood [RA] - 925 A.H.
  14. Maulaai Feeroz bin Ismaa’eel [RA] - 945 A.H.
  15. Saiyedi Qaasim bin Hasan [RA] - 950 A.H. [Last Wali-e-Hind]
  16. Saiyedi Sham’oon bin Ja’far [RA] - 965 A.H.
  17. Maulaai Qutubshah bin Khauj [RA] - 966 A.H. [Waalid-e-S. Daawood]
  18. Maulaai Daawood bin Qaazi Ahmed [RA] - 972 A.H.
  19. Saiyedi Chandji bin Daawood [RA] - 973 A.H.
  20. Saiyedi Ja’farji bin Raaj [RA] - 981 A.H.
  21. Saiyedi Ahmedji bin Ajabshah [RA] - 982 A.H.
  22. Saiyedi Mulla Rajan Saheb [RA] - 988 A.H.
  23. Saiyedi Malak bin Feeroz [RA] - 998 A.H.
  24. Maulaai Yusufji and Maulaai Taiyebji [RA] - 1011 A.H.
  25. Saiyedi Raj Saheb.
  26. Saiyedi Ja’far bin Hasanbhai.
  27. Saiyedi Aadam bin Hasanbhai.
  28. Saiyedi Raj bin Daawood.
  29. Mulla Shaikh Ahmed bin Mulla Hasan.
  30. Saiyedi Hasan bin Mulla Raaj.
  31. Saiyedi Ja’far bin Khwaajah Mohammad bin Ishaaq.
  32. Saiyedi Khwaajah Mohammad bin Ishaaq.
  33. Saiyedi Hasanbhai bin Maulaai Peer.
  34. Saiyedi Shahji bin Ali.
  35. Saiyedi Khan bin Qaasim.
  36. Maulaai Hasan [RA] [Waalid-e-S. Jalaal].
  37. Maulaai Hasanji Shaheed bin M. Aluji Shaheed.
  38. Miya Maamji bin Shekhaa bin Isaa Mujaal.
  39. Miya Malakshah bin Shekhaa.
  40. Miya Aadam bin Raaj bin Chaand bin Mehmood-Mujaal.



  1. Maulaai Ahmed bin Hasankhan.
  2. Maulaai Burhaan bin Khauj khan.
  3. Maulaai Khauj khan bin Ali.
  4. Maulaai Hasan bin Khauj khan.



  1. Maulaai Daawoodji bin Maulaai Raaj.
  2. Maulaai Raaj bin Daawood.



  1. Saiyedi Shaikh Feer bin Daawoodshah.



  1. Shaheed Ameeji Saheb.



  1. Shaheed Ghanipeer bin Daawoodji.



  1. Maulaai Ya’qoob [Miya Mehboob].
  2. Maulaai Ishaaq bin Yaaqub.
  3. Maulaai Ali bin Maulaai Daawood.



  1. Shaikh Ibraheem bin Yusuf Naherwaali.
  2. Maulaai Ibraheem bin Luqmaan.
  3. Maulaai Mulla Aadam bin Feemukhan.
  4. Maulaai Khan bin Feeroz.
  5. Maulaai Hasan bin Saiyedna Daawood bin Ajabshah.
  6. Maulaai Maamuji bin Haarun.



  1. Saiyedi Hasan Feer Shaheed bin Ali.



  1. Maulaai Shaikh Ahmed.
  2. Maulaai Mulla Khwaajah bin Isaa.
  3. Maulaai Miyakhan bin Mohammad khan.
  4. Maulaai Burhaan.
  5. Maulaai Aadam.
  6. Maulaai Ali bin Aadam.



  1. Saiyedi Fakhruddin Shaheed bin Taarmel.



  1. Maulaai Mohammad khan bin Raaj.
  2. Maulaai Raj bin Ja’far.
  3. Maulaai Malakji bin Mohammad khan.
  4. Maulaai Hasan khan - 886. A.H.



  1. Saiyedi Khawj bin Malak shah.



  1. Saiyedi Miyaji bin Taaj Saheb.
  2. Maulaai Ajab bin Nuh.
  3. Maulaai Ibraheem bin Sham’oon.
  4. Mulla Taaj bin Ibraheem.



  1. Saiyedi Mohammad khan Kadeeja Shaheed.
  2. Saiyedi Shaikh Daawood bin Nizaamuddin.
  3. Mulla Shams bin Daawood Shaheed.
  4. Maulaai Aadam Chaampaaneri.
  5. Saiyedi Ibraheem bin Maamuji bin Shaikh Malak.
  6. Saiyedi Raaj Mohammad bin Shams bin Daawood.



  1. Maulaai Abdullaah Saheb.
  2. Maulaai Ahmad Saheb.
  3. Kaka Akela and Kaaki Akeli.



  1. 35th Da’i: Saiyedna Nuruddin Noorbhai bin Shaikhali (QR) - 1178 A.H.
  2. Saiyedi Shaikh Aadam bin S. Nuruddin Saheb [RA].



  1. Maulaai Nuruddin Saheb.



  1. Noorbibi Umm-e-Saiyedna Yusuf Najmuddin Saheb.
  2. Fatemabibi Ukht-e-Saiyedna Yusuf Najmuddin Saheb.



  1. 32nd Da’i: Saiyedna Ziyauddin Jivabhai bin Nuhji [QR] - Bustaan-e-Badri - 1130 A.H.
  2. 33rd Da’i: Saiyedna Moaiyyaduddin Hebatullaah bin S. Ziyauddin [QR] - Bustaan-e-Badri - 1151 A.H.
  3. 34th Da’i: Saiyedna Shehaabuddin Jalaal bin Nuhji [QR] – Jannat ul-Mumineen - 1158 A.H.
  4. 36th Da’i: Saiyedna Hameeduddin Shamsuddin bin S. Moaiyyaduddin [QR] - Bustaan-e-Badri - 1189 A.H.
  5. 37th Da’i: Saiyedna Shamsuddin Shaikhali bin S. Shamsuddin [QR] - - Bustaan-e-Badri 1248 A.H.
  6. 38th Da’i: Saiyedna Hameeduddin Shamsuddin bin S. Shaikhali [QR] - Bustaan-e-Badri -1252 A.H.
  7. 39th Da’i: Saiyedna Mufeeduddin Najmuddin bin S. Shaikhali [QR] - Jannat ul-Mumineen - 1282 A.H.
  8. 40th Da’i: Saiyedna Ameenuddin Ameeruddin bin S. Najmuddin [QR] - Jannat ul-Mumineen - 1296 A.H.
  9. 41st Da’i: Saiyedna Fakhruddin Jivabhai bin S. Amiruddin [QR] - Bustaan-e-Badri - 1347 A.H.
  10. 42nd Da’i: Saiyedna Badruddin Fidaali bin S. Fakhruddin [QR] - Bustaan-e-Badri - 1377 A.H.
  11. 43rd Da’i: Saiyedna Nuruddin Yusuf bin S. Badruddin [QR] - 1394 A.H.
  12. Saiyedi Musanji bin Taaj Saheb Shaheed [RA]
  13. Saiyedi Bhaisaheb Ibraheem bin S. Fakhruddin Saheb - Jannat ul-Mumineen.
  14. Saiyedi Bhaisaheb Nazarali bin S. Badruddin Saheb - Jannat ul-Mumineen.
  15. Maulaai Bhaijibhai Bahauddin bin S.Ali Shamsuddin [RA]
  16. Maa Saheba Qeebu binte Shamsuddin – Zaujat-e- S. Ameeruddin Saheb.
  17. Maa Saheba Ne’matbu binte Saiyedi Bhaisaheb Sharafuddin – Zaujat-e- S. Fakhruddin Saheb.
  18. Maa Saheba Qeebu binte Sharafuddin – Zaujat-e- S. Badruddin Saheb.
  19. Maa Saheba Raanibu binte Gulaam Husain. Zaujat-e- S. Badruddin Saheb.
  20. Maa Saheba Khadeejat ul-Kubraa Meethibu binte Rajabali. Zaujat-e- S. Nuruddin Saheb. 
  Note :
  • In the above mentioned cemeteries especially in Ahmedabad, the mausoleums which bear a red star or date back to / before 1030 A.H. are the ones to rely upon and performing their ziyaarat is recommended and rewardable.
  • The names of Maulaiis mentioned in the listings of different places in and around Gujarat are referred from the books of Da’wat-e-Haadiyah. There are many Ashaab whose mausoleum does not exist at present, therefore such names are marked by the sign “*”. Whenever mumineen gets an opportunity to visit such places where a mausoleum of Maulaaii existed in the past then it is essential to recite Du’a-e-Taqdees and Faateha according to the name given in the list. (See the map)


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