Mumineen of Mumbai invites Saheb-e-Da’wat for the Majlis and Wa’az on the occasion of Chehlum-e-Imaam-e-Mazloom (as) every year. Mazoon Saheb (dm) had just returned from Iran before Chehlum, so he could not go to Mumbai. Then, Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna saheb (tus) gave Razaa to Mazoon Saheb (dm) to go to Mumbai for the Majlis and Wa’az during the Urs of Maulaatona Zainab (as). He came to Mumbai after a long span of one year. Majlis of Shab-e-Urs of Maulaatona Zainab (as) was arranged on Saturday, 24th Safar ul-Muzaffar 1432/29th January 2011 at Zenith Hall after Maghrib- ‘Ishaa Namaaz.

In his crowning Wa’az, Mazoon ud-Da'wat Saiyedi Haatim Zakiyuddin Saheb (dm) enlightened the hearts of mumineen with the Zikr of Imaam Husain (as) and said that, “Everyone and everything in this World will be forgotten but the Zikr of Khamsat ul-Athaar (as) will remain till the Day of Qayaamat.” He narrated an incident when Imaam Husain (as) was seated in the lap of Rasoolullaah (saws) and were sharing some light moments. Rasoolullaah (saws) started weeping and said to Imaam Husain (as), ‘O Husain, Allaah has created you from His Noor which will never get extinguished and Allaah has created your face which will never get destroyed and your Zikr will always remain alive in the hearts of your Shi’a mumineen.’

Mazoon Saheb (as) said that, ‘Majlis of Ahl ul-Bayt (as) is the place where apart from all of us, Allaah Ta’aala descends His selected Angels to bless the mumineen who does and listens to the Zikr of Ahl ul-Bayt (as).’  Remembering Maulaatona Zainab (as), he recounted an incident of the prison of Yazeed La’een in Shaam (Syria) when a lady came to Maulaatona Zainab (as) and offered food and water. On seeing food and water Maulaatona Zainab (as) said to the lady, “Accepting charity is Haraam (forbidden) on Ahl ul-Bayt (as).” The lady said, ‘O Zainab, whatever I have brought for you is not a charity.’ The lady recollected an incident at the time of Rasoolullaah (saws). She said, ‘O Zainab, once I went to Rasoolullaah (saws) for the cure of my sickness and saw a child sitting in his lap. Rasoolullaah (saws) told me to put my hands on the child’s face and rub them on my body. I did the way he told and within no time my sickness vanished. It was the barkat and blessing of the child which cured me. Rasoolullaah (saws) then informed me about the child that, ‘He is Husain (as) – my grandson who has been rewarded with supreme honour by Allaah.’ Then, he insisted me to arrange a feast for the people in the name of Imaam Husain (as) every year till my death.

She continued, ‘O Zainab, I have prepared this food in the name of Imaam Husain (as) and it is not a charity.’ When Zainab (as) heard this she started weeping inconsolably and sighed that, ‘O lady, the food for whom you have prepared has been martyred in the Karbala and I am his sister.’ When the lady heard this news, she too started weeping with the Zainab (as). Mazoon Saheb (dm) said that, Such were the incidents Zainab (as) came across even after the Shahaadat of Imaam Husain (as).

Mumineen of Mumbai witnessed an altogether new event on Sunday, 25th Safar ul-Muzaffar 1432/30th January 2011 at Zenith Hall. All of them were invited for Daras in the morning in which they were given opportunity to put their queries to Mazoon Saheb (dm). They were also shown the video excerpts of the Iran tour. Mumineen enthusiastically participated and many of their basic queries were elucidated in a lucid way by Mazoon Saheb (dm).  The youth of Mumbai jamaat plans to invite Saheb-e-Da'wat on one Sunday every month and request to conduct a daras on any one topic with Q&A session at the end. The new construction of a Badri Masjid at Worli is in full swing, Mazoon saheb (dm) visited that place and discussed plan and other aspects with Mumbai representatives and concerned authorities.