1444 AH:


41st Da'i e Mutlaq Saiyedna Jivabhai Fakhruddin bin Saiyedna Amirudddin saheb AQ, whose mausoleum-Rawzah Shareefah is at Bustaan e Badri, Vadodara, Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS visited his Qabr e Anwar on the 97th 'Urs Mubaarak on 19-20 Shawwaal 1444 AH.  Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS said in his taqreer e mufeed that, "In 1335 AH, Maulaa Fakhruddin saheb composed many heart-wrenching Nauha in Persian language describing the Haqeeqat and Haqqaaniyah of Karbalaa and the masaa'ib-hardships that Ahl e Bayt e Husaini SA faced after the martyrdom of Maulaana Imaam Husain AS.  These Nauha became the soul and seal of Majlis e Husaini in Moharram ul Haraam.  Till date it has not its charm and special place due to its rhyming words and Tarannum.  Fakhruddin Maulaa AQ became the torch-bearer to explain in its simplest way the eternal message of Karbalaa to the masses by composing numerous Maraasi-elegies and Salaam in Urdu and Persian.  Maulaa's poetic compositions named Diwaan e Haseen is a living testimony of his Khidmaat e Husainiyah."

Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS further said that, "In 1345 AH, several Mumineen from our Jamaa'at went to Karbalaa-Najaf from Khambhat via Karachi and Basra.  Fakhruddin Maulaa AQ wrote to the chief-khuddaam of Karbalaa to arrange lounging-boarding and other requirements for Alavi Jamaa'at Zaa'ereen.  When Mumineen returned safely they brought a reply which stated that, O Da'i saheb! We wholeheartedly invite you to Karbalaa.  May Allaah Ta'aala fulfill all your wishes and you witness the Noor of Rawzah Husainiyah at the earliest.  We would be pleased to have you here and take the barakaat for your Mumineen."

Recalling the Safar e Maymoon of 32 days in 1420 AH when Aqaa Maulaa TUS was Ma'zoon e Mutlaq went for Ziyaaraat e Muqaddasah of 6 countries with al-Hayy al-Muqaddas Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb AQ, Maulaa said that, "After a long period of 24 years, My Maulaa Husain AS has entered my name in his Daftar and I along with my Ma'zoon and Mukaasir, found this rare opportunity to offer Du'aa in Darbaar e Alavi and Sarkaar e Husaini.  72 mumineen-muminaat are with me and this ba-barakat 'adad-number is immortal as the zikr of Shohadaa e Karbalaa keeps on echoing in every corner of land and heavens.  Mumineen should save money and do niyyat for Ziyaaraat e Muqaddasah, not once but as and when time permits.  Other places are for Raahat e Duniyaa but places like Karbalaa are for Raahat e Aakherat.  For us Ziyaaraat e Muqaddasah are reserves and resources of Jannat."

  1441 AH:
'Urs Mubaarak of Maulaa Fakhruddin saheb (aq) at Bustaan-e-Badri - Vadodara

On this ruhaani occasion of 94th Urs e Maymoon of Muqaddas Maulaa, Mukaasir Maulaa (dm) delivered a bayaan after Maghrib namaaz in Nooraani Masjid.  During the time of Covid pandemic, the majlis of behram was held in the masjid itself.  Mukaasir Maulaa (dm) along with selected ashaab went for the Ziyaarat in Bustaan e Badri.  Mukaasir Maulaa said that, “The contagious disease that we are facing now is not new.  During the time of Muqaddas Maulaa before 125 years, tuberculosis was at its peak and the patients were kept in isolation.  Muqaddas Maulaa did Du’aa and serious efforts in inviting and accepting the people of Nagoshiya under the fold of Alavi Jamaa’at.  He guided mumineen in different fields for Halaal Rozi and encouraged bewa-muminaat to do second marriage.  Mumineen used to do Arz to Muqaddas Maulaa for the rules governing Wasiyat and Viraasat.”


On the occasion of the 'Urs Mubaarak of 41st Da'i e Mutlaq Saiyedna Fakhruddin saheb (aq), Aqaa Maulaa (tus) elaborated the kirdaar of Muqaddas Maulaa in the 'Ilmi upbringing and in making Akhlaaq e hameedah of mumineen. He was the master in conveying all these in Ash'aar-poetic form.

Mukaasir Maulaa (dm) addressed mumineen in Nooraani Masjid and said that, "During the time of Muqaddas Maulaa it was Tuberculosis that claimed many lives and the patients were treated in isolated facilities. Today the same is the case with Covid-19. Mass migration happened that time also due to famine. Muqaddas Maulaa embraced Rahmat-e-Ilaahi during the Namaaz of Maghrib and he went to Daar ul Baqaa for our Najaat."

  1439 AH:
'Urs Mubaarak of Maulaa Fakhruddin saheb (aq) at Bustaan-e-Badri - Vadodara
'Urs Mubaarak of Maulaa Fakhruddin saheb (aq) at Bustaan-e-Badri - Vadodara 'Urs Mubaarak of Maulaa Fakhruddin saheb (aq) at Bustaan-e-Badri - Vadodara

41st Da'i ul Mutlaq Saiyedna Jivabhai Fakhruddin saheb (aq) who did the khidmat of Da’wat e Shareefah for 51 years penned down and copied many hand-written books along with his father Saiyedna Amiruddin saheb (aq).  In his early twenties and thirties he copied Kitaab ul Azhaar and Kitaab Tanbeeh ul Ghaafeleen.  3rd Da'i ul Mutlaq Saiyedna Haatim saheb (aq) composed Kitaab Tanbeeh ul Ghaafeleen in Yemen.  Aqaa Maulaa addressed the gathering during Shab e ‘Urs with the point discussed by Saiyedna Haatim saheb in his book that,

“Imaan is like a garden, mumineen are like plants and Da'i ul Mutlaq is like their gardener.  Gardener knows when, what and where he has planted saplings or sowed seeds.  He is well aware how to keep that place clean and how much manure, light and water should be given.  He meticulously takes care of all these.  But he doesn’t know the unwanted and wild things that grow and come out at any time and in undesired places.  He immediately takes action and clean that place.  These wild things are like Shaitaani Fitnah and Iblisi Fasaad.  Da'i ul Mutlaq wastes no time in plugging this Fitnah and wiping out from its root.  He intends to see Imaani Baagh with variety of flowers and fruits with full of freshness and fragrance.  He knows the haalaat of each and every mumineen and accordingly do tarbiyat and up-keep.”

  1438 AH:

Aqaa Maulaa said in his power-packed bayaan revealing the condition and the future of Muslims during the current scenario of Hindustaan and he urged youngsters to start their own business or trading though in a small scale or carry forward their ancestral enterprises but do not rely on jobs completely.  There is no future in jobs.  Your pink, valuable and energetic years of life are getting lost in doing odd jobs.  Make your own life and earn Rozi and not allow someone else to take over your mornings and evenings, because you are ‘Elliyoon, the Shi’a of Maulaa ‘Ali (as).
Maulaa said that, “When Musaa Kalimullaah (as) went to meet Fir’aun with his wasi and brother Haarun (as), 4 things were written on his stick-‘Asaa.

  1. If in your hands there is Power and Authority, and your do Zulm then you and Fir’aun are same.
  2. If you are rich and do not spend your money for the well-being of your people then you and Qaarun are same.
  3. If you are knowledgeable and learned and don’t follow the Ahkaam-e-Shari’at then you are Iblees are same.
  4. If a beggar don’t keep patience and remain arrogant and demand more then he and Dog are same.
  1436 AH:
Maulaa with Ashaab in Bustaan-e-Badri
  Da’i ullaah il Ameen Saiyedna saheb (tus) said in his beseeching speech that, “O Mumineen! Allaah Ta’aala has not created you without Maqsad.  With your life everything has been given life with a special character and role to play.  Like other living things your life is not limited to birth, family, eating and death.  But your life is in the cradle of Imaan which is protected by the Da’i of Allaah.  Your life if staged in the episodes of birth, spiritual and intellectual upbringing, purity, conviction, strengthening family and social relations, knowledge and work as prescribed by Allaah, helping each other in happiness and grief, preparing for death and the final journey to the Hereafter.  Du’aat-e-Keraam always guided mumineen to do obedience to Allaah and serve makhlooq.  O Mumineen! You should always remember that there is no reward in obeying makhlooq while disobeying the Khaaliq-Allaah.  In other words, there is no reason in keeping makhlooq happy when your Rabb is unhappy with you.”
  1435 AH:
88th Urs Mubaarak of Maulaa Fakhruddin saheb (aq) at Bustaan-e-Badri - Qaseedah recited by Shahzada Kumail 88th Urs Mubaarak of Maulaa Fakhruddin saheb (aq) at Bustaan-e-Badri - Mukaasir ud-Da'wat (dm) near Qabr-e-Mubaarak with Hudood 88th Urs Mubaarak of Maulaa Fakhruddin saheb (aq) at Bustaan-e-Badri - Faatehah Khwaani in Rawzah Mubaarakah
  Video of the Bayaan and Qaseedah

Mukaasir ud-Da’wat il-‘Alaviyah Saiyedi Mohammad Nuruddin saheb (dm) presided over the 88th ‘Urs Mubaarak of 41st ad-Da’i ul-Mutlaq Fakhr ud-Du’aat il-Mutlaqeen Saiyedna Fakhruddin Jivabhai, son of 40th ad-Da’i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna Ameeruddin saheb (aq) whose Qabr-e-Anwar is located at Bustaan-e-Badri, Vadodara.  On 19th Shawwaal in the majlis of Shab-e-‘Urs held at Nooraani Masjid, Saiyedi saheb said in his bayaan that, “How Saiyedna saheb has Tawakkul on Allaah Ta’aala and Ikhlaas in the Du’aa when he went on Hajj Baytullaah in 1301 AH with several mumineen in a boat where life-threatening illness reared its head and Saiyedna saheb gave Razaa to his Diwaan to give Nuskha to everyone and this way mumineen was saved from the perils of death.”

“Saiyedna saheb did Da’wat for 51 years and he always advised mumineen to lead simple life adorned with 'ibaadat, shukr, sabr and itaa’at.  Shukr is the jewel on the Taj of Sabr.  The akhlaaq of a mumin guides him to recognize a ne’mat, take permitted benefit, make it available to others, never belittle it and never do kufr but always remember the words of shukr.” Saiyedi saheb made his point by giving an example of Shaddaad bin ‘Aad when he built Baagh-e-Iram to make people realize that the real Jannat is here on this earth.  But when he set forth to have a look in it he was left soulless and dead on its door itself.  This is because of his disbelief, arrogance and selfishness.

"Diwaan-e-Haseen" is an unparallel collection of the kalaam and Abyaat of Muqaddas Maulaa. The Majlis of any type and on any occasion is incomplete without the recitation of his Kalaam. It is like when mumineen offer Chaadar of beautiful flowers on his Qabr Mubaarak remembering his Khidmat-e-Da'wat, every majlis is charmless without the Chaadar of his Nooraani Kalaam recited by Hudood-e-Kiraam in the beginning.

Saiyedi saheb did naseehat to Shabaab of Jamaa’at that, “The modern technologies, gadgets and utilities are bringing more curse than grace to Fresh Minds i.e. to youngsters.  They use it mindlessly, untimely and unnecessarily.  Today proper use of Smart Phones is minimal.  The ill-use and evil-ways are spreading like a Cancer in society.  Mumineen should guide their children to use this properly and care should be taken not to lead this situation to slavery of Mobiles.”

  1432 AH:
85th Urs Mubaarak of Maulaa Fakhruddin saheb (aq) 85th Urs Mubaarak of Maulaa Fakhruddin saheb (aq)
85th Urs Mubaarak of Maulaa Fakhruddin saheb (aq) 85th Urs Mubaarak of Maulaa Fakhruddin saheb (aq) 85th Urs Mubaarak of Maulaa Fakhruddin saheb (aq) 85th Urs Mubaarak of Maulaa Fakhruddin saheb (aq)
  Bayaan Mubaarak in Audio:
  1431 AH:

Qaseedah Muneerah composed by Mazoon ud-Da'wat Saiyedi Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (dm) on 20th Shawwaal 1414 AH:

Aye Fakhr-e-Deen Maulaana, Daaman ma Samaawi lo,
Duniyaa balaa nu Ghar che, Aafat si Bachaawi lo.

  1429 AH:
  Playlist of the Multiplayer:
  1. Da'i har ek zamaan ke hote hai zee waqaar, chehre ko jiske dekhne se milta hai qaraar - This is the Khusoosi (special) Ash'aar (verses) composed and recited in the Majlis of Shab-e-'Urs at Bustaan us-Sawaab by Maazoon Saheb (dm) in the Shaan of Muqaddas Maulaa.
  2. Jo yaad fakhruddin se dilko behlaaya nahi karte, haqeeqat mein woh lutfe zindagi paaya nahi karte - Qaseedah by Zaakeraan-e-Da'wat in the Tawseef of Muqaddas Maulaa.
  3. Hai nazar ke saamne hamd-o-sanaa ka aainaa, dekhtaa hu khulq mein taiyab ziyaa ka aainaa - Rubaaiyaat and verses in the praise of Da'wat ul-Haqq.
  4. Ameenuddin ke jaa nasheen fakhrul hodaa sarkaar hai, jispe farmaaye karam sheh uska bedaa paar hai - Qaseedah in the Madh-o-Sanaa of Muqaddas Maulaa.


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