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  Akhbaar - Madrasah Taiyebiyah

By the grace of Allaah the Almighty and the razaa mubaarak of 45th Da'i ul-Mutlaq al-Faatemi al-Husaini SAIYEDNA WA MAULAANA ABU SA'EED IL-KHAYR HAATIM ZAKIYUDDIN SAHEB (TUS) members of Alavi counselling team and Tadbeer organized a seminar for the children of Madrasah e Taiyebiyah on “Time Management Skills”. Mukaasir ud Dawat - Saiyedi Wa Maulaai Mohammad Bhaisaheb Nuruddin (DM) had come to grace the occasion and encourage the budding children by his enlightening speech.

Alavi counselling team had earlier organized the seminars regarding the use, effect and importance of social media, mobile and internet etc. In the series of seminars, this was the 4th seminar organized by the team and members of Tadbeer.  The members did a survey among the children to know where they spend most of their time during the day.  A scheduler was prepared and given to the children to fill the details; it was again collected on the spot by the members so no interference of parents was observed. The data showed a disturbing trend where 37% of time is spent in sleeping, 30% in studies, 5% in deeni studies and 2% in playing. The program was organized by the teams at both places of Madrasah e Taiyebiyah, Wadi and Ajwa Road for better convenience of children. The parents of the children were also invited in the seminar so that they too can understand where in life time management is needed for them and also for their children.

The program started around 9 am at both the places, where at Ajwa Road the program began after the arrival of Mukaasir ud Dawat (DM) with the Tilaawat of Surat ul Faatehah. A play (Drama) was also prepared and enacted by the children who showed the importance of time management and balancing our lives between “DEEN and DUNIYAA”. Followed by the play the seminar was taken over by the Counselling team member who showed and explained the time management skills to the kids through a power point presentation. The seminar became an interactive session as the children took participation in answering the questions posed by the team.

After the presentation, Mukaasir ud Dawat (DM) explained the children the importance of time and how our life revolves around it. He also mentioned that, Allaah the Almighty and Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) has said and explained the golden words regarding Time Management in the Holy Book of Qur’an. He also laid importance in regularity in Namaaz, Madrasah etc. which helps the children to manage time in life. TIME stands for “To Involve Management with Efforts”.  The Ustaad saheb of Madrasah were also addressed by him to take care of children and lead them to right path and if they find any difficulty they can always direct children to report to Alavi Counselling Team for their never ending help and support. The program concluded with the informative speech of Mukaasir ud Dawat (DM) which the parents and children found to be fruitful in present scenario of their routine lives.

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