TAIYEBAH: Goodness and Purity

A Yahsabul Insaano an Yutraka Sodan - Does man think that he is to be left to wander (on this earth) without an aim? 75-36

The Mumineen who believe in the spiritual supremacy of Khamsat ul Athaar-Panjatan-e-Paak (as) along with the succession of the truely guided Imaams from their pogeny and accept that they are the one who will lead the people on the Day of Judgement and will identify their believers and disown their disbelievers are known as Taiyebeen and Taahereen طیبین و طاهرین.  These Mumineen are prudent and pure in all aspects.  Be it their home, business, relationships, their way of speaking, their character, for them each and every thing should be pure and noble.  Those who accepted the call of Maulaana Aadam Safiyullaah (as) came to be known as Taiyebeen because they purified their hearts and polished their intellects with the Deen of Allaah. 

During the times of various Ambiyaa who were sent by Allaah, those people who didn’t accept their call and invitation to accept Allaah’s Deen and make an eternal place in Jannat came to be known as Munkereen or Munaafeqeen (hypocrites).  Rasoolullaah (saws) was the Rasool and the last Nabi on earth-Khaatim un Nabiyeen.  In his time too there were both the Taiyebeen and the Munkereen.  Though he had to face many hardships and difficulties, he carried out his responsibilities carefully and courageously.  Just as he exemplified the purity, nobility and wisdom of Nubuwat, similarly his grandson and second Imaam Saiyed ush-Shohadaa Maulaana Imaam Husain (as) exemplified the spirit, honour and purity of the true Deen and right path of Panjatan-e-Paak in the battle of Karbalaa.

Each and every ashaab of Panjatan (as) are associated with his life, sacrifice and his martyrdom.  In fact, Imaam Husain (as) is the true mirror to the noble character, life and sacrifices of Rasoolullaah (saws), Maulaana ‘Ali (as) and Maa Faatemah (as), Imaam Hasan (as).  Those who accepted the darajah and ‘ismat of Husain have accepted the darajaat of Panjatan (as).  Those who didn’t will be deprived of the Noor of the Panjatan (as) forever, even though they are Muslims.  Due to our pure love and spiritual attachment for our pure Imaams, Allaah has bestowed us with 8 pure things which are known as “Taiyebah-طیبۃ ” in the Qur’an-e-Paak.  These 8 Taiyebah will take us to the 8 Jannat.  The path to these 8 Jannat is only possible if we accept and incorporate these “Taiyebah-طیبۃ ” in our daily lives.

The first is “Zurriyat-e-Taiyebahذریۃ طیبۃ ” meaning a healthy and pure generations to come in whose hands lies the future of Deen-o-Duniyaa.  Every Nabi and the Imaam in their times are the head of this “Zurriyat-e-Taiyebah”.  (Qur’an 3-38)  Those who accepted and obeyed the head of the “Zurriyat-e-Taiyebah” became a part of it.  Those who did not bother to recognize and accept the blessedness of “ Zurriyat-e-Taiyebah” came to be known as the generation of betrayers, liars whose parents were deemed to be of questionable character-”Zurriyat-e-Khabisahذریۃ خبیثۃ ”.  Allaah has attached two Akhlaaq-noble traits with “Zurriyat-e-Taiyebah”.  They are “Shajarat-e-Taiyebahشجرۃ طیبۃ ” and “Kalemat-e-Taiyebahکلمۃ طیبۃ ”-meaning a pure tree (generation, society) and a meaningful and lawful way of speaking.  Children of noble character resemble a tree full of fruit and beautiful aroma.  The Mumineen who believe and obey the Da’wat-e-Taiyebah  دعوۃ طیبۃare said to be the ever green leaves of the Darakht-e-Taiyebi  درخت طیبيand the Darakht-e-Haatemiدرخت حاتمي .

Due to the blessing of Allaah Ta’aala, the guiding light of the Sun (Rasoolullaah (saws)) and the Moon (Maulaana ‘Ali (as)) and the pure water of the Shari’at, the Darakht-e-Pakeezah (the shadowy pure holy tree) came into being.  It is immortal, unparallel, deeply rooted and heavenly elevated.  (Qur’an 14-24)  ”Kalemat-e-Taiyebah” means speaking in a way that never hurts but always benefits and soothes others’ hearts and serves to help and guide towards the right path.  (Qur’an 14-24)  It resembles the rainwater which gives relief from the excruciating heat of the summer.  The words of guidance fill a person’s mind with meaningful thoughts which will transform into noble character and good deeds.  Just as the little drops of rainwater rejuvenate, revive and reinstate the life in the land which has become lifeless, similarly meaningful guidance gives rise to a noble, righteous and pure generation.  The blessed seed (offspring) of the Imaam-e-Haqq gives rise to the “Zurriyat-e-Taiyebah” and the “Kalemat-e-Taiyebah”.  This will produce such a generation which will always remain on the face of the earth till Qeyaamat.

Allaah Ta’aala says that, ”Whoever will accept, obey and follow My Deen in the right way will live in the “Masaakin-e-Taiyebahمساکن طیبۃ ” in the Jannat and will address each other as, ”Tahiyat-e-Taiyebahتحیۃ طیبۃ ” and the “Reeh-e-Taiyebahریح طیبۃ ” will be blowing  every moment”.  What is the “Masaakin-e-Taiyebah?”-They are the beautiful guesthouses and the splendid castles which the Jannati will live in.  (Qur’an 9-72)  Husaini Mumineen will become the owners of these houses, the permanent and peaceful dwellings.  The “Reeh-e-Taiyebah” is that fresh soft air of Jannat which will fill the hearts of all with the feel of peace and tranquillity.  (Qur’an 10-22)  In the happiness and freedom of receiving such bountiful blessings from Allaah, everyone will respect and make each other happy by their beautiful words of Jannati greetings.

The Mumineen of the Da’wat-e-Haqq are those who always complete their work with care and content, that which is compulsory and also have an understanding of the same.  Just as everything has a set of rules, regulations and ideals to be followed, similarly the Da’wat-e-Alaviyah Husainiyah     دعوۃ علویۃ حسینیۃalso has a set of obligations, ideals and rules.  The Mumineen who accept, obey and follow these without any doubt and hesitation, as prescribed in the Quran-e-Kareem and life of Awliyaa-e-Kiraam, they are known for leading their life as “Hayaat-e-Taiyebahحیات طیبۃ ”-those who have a pure and honest life.  (Qur’an 16-97)  Allaah has created a city named “Baladat-e-Taiyebahبلدۃ طیبۃ ” where believers can stay and do efforts for the “Hayaat-e-Taiyebah”.  Those who live in this city not only keep in mind their duties but also take care of others’ needs and duties.  (Qur’an 34-15)

The “Baladat-e-Taiyebah” is the Shari’at-e-Mohammediyahشریعۃ محمدیۃ .  It is such a grand, splendid and magnificent city whose people will never be swayed from the right path.  Here there is eternal peace and tranquillity everywhere.  There is no part which will be devoid of progress and success in all aspects of life. Such a city resembles the Shari’at.  He who knows every nook and corner of the city and carries out the work assigned to him by the servants of the Lord/Head of the city will always live in harmony with everyone.  Allaah appoints the Imaam/Da’i as the head of this city.  Every citizen of the city accepts the orders and supremacy of the head.  Disobedience or denial has no place in this city.  If this happens then the city i.e. the Shari’at will become a Jannat for him.

Allaah has created these eight “Taiyebah-طیبۃ ” for the Taiyebeen-Taahereen Mumineenطیبین طاھرین مؤمنین .  If we recall all the Taiyebah then, they are as follows-61)

If we want to live a pure life (Hayaat-e-Taiyebahحیات طیبۃ ) then we have to live in a pure city (Baladat-e-Taiyebahبلدۃ طیبۃ ) in a peaceful house (Masaakin-e-Taiyebahمساکن طیبۃ ).  In the garden around it, a tree (Shajarat-e-Taiyebahشجرۃ طیبۃ ) should grow from which pure and fresh air (Reeh-e-Taiyebahریح طیبۃ ) should blow.  Due to these blessings of Allaah, we will speak pure, beautiful and kind words (Kalemat-e-Taiyebahکلمۃ طیبۃ ) and our future generation (Zurriyat-e-Taiyebahذریۃ طیبۃ ) will be of pure and noble character and the members of our house should always say Salaam to each other (Tahiyat-e-Taiyebahتحیۃ طیبۃ ) and always be happy and make others happy.  (Qur’an 24-
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