27 Safar 1438 AH: Exhibition cum Sale
Mega Exhibition cum Sale

Items featured are:

  • Fancy ridas
  • Ladies T-shirts, salwars & socks
  • Punjabi dress material
  • Exclusive bedsheets  & Pillow covers
  • Exclusive warm blankets
  • Towels and Napkins
  • Bohra Topis
  • Track pants and capris
  • Imitation and Diamond Jewellery
  • Fancy hair accessories
  • Ladies Purses and Bags
  • Cosmetic items
  • Footwear for men, women & children
  • Material for curtains & Safras
  • Doormats and many more 🎁surprising items

Date: Sunday 27th November 2016, 27th Safar-Ul-Muzaffar.

Time: 9:00 am onwards.

Venue: Taiyebi Hall, Ajwa road.

  Machines for Hosiery Work: 17-12-1437/18-09-2016
Machine Work on Hosiery Material Machine Work on Hosiery Material

By the Razaa Mubaarak of Saiyedna saheb (tus), Star Charitable Trust has installed Machines at Alavi Community Centre, Badri Mohalla, where Ladies of our Community could first learn and then earn by Overlooping, Flat-lock and Other Techniques on Hosiery Material.  It has been planned out that the Trust will provide with the Raw Material and Muminaat have to do work at the Centre in two shifts and complete the work as per the order or requirement.  The Prime Aim is to give Employment Opportunities to Muminaat who could in turn support their families or save their earnings.

In our Community many ladies are well versed with this kind if stitching work and they the interest and capacity to learn more complex things in this field.

  • Mubinaben Popatwala - 9601416612
  • Fatemabu Vasanwala - 0265-2580221
  Cancer Detection Camp: 24-4-2016/18-7-1437

For the first time Star Charitable Trust, a registered social organization of Women, had organized a Cancer Detection Camp in association with The Gujarat cancer & Research Institute,  Ahmedabad on Sunday, 24th April, 2016. Star Charitable Trust formed under the guidance of His Holiness Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin Saheb (TUS), and under the able leadership of Al-Moazzama Husbanabu Zakiyuddin is an organization run by Women of our Alavi Bohra Community. The main focus of the Camp is detecting the Cervical & breast Cancer in Women. Cervical Cancer – Cancer of the mouth of Uterus is the leading cause of Mortality and Morbidity in Women in the recent times. The main purpose of this camp is to spread awareness about breast & Cervical Cancer – an initiative also started by the Government of Gujarat.

This Cancer Detection Camp was open for the Women of all communities and was held at Zenith School. 170 women took advantage of this camp and got breast checkup & PAP test. Out of which 10 ladies underwent Mamography.

Press Release: TOI

  21 Zul Hijjat il-Haraam 1436 AH: Exhibition cum Sale
Mukaasir Maulaa at Star Women Welfare Centre Exhibition   Mukaasir Maulaa at Star Women Welfare Centre Exhibition   Mukaasir Maulaa at Star Women Welfare Centre Exhibition

Star Charitable Trust, Vadodara had organized an exhibition-cum-sale on 21 Zul Hijjah 1436 AH, 4th Oct’15, Sunday.  The main aim and focus of this exhibition was to raise the funds, which could be used for the welfare of needy people in our society, giving scholarships to the bright and hard working student of low-income families. Also providing some household work to the ladies or training them to develop some skill which could help them in getting self-employed.

The exhibition was conducted for the full day from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. It involved total of 19 stalls which had following items in it. 1) Ridaa, 2) Namaazi and wedding jodies, 3) Ridas, T-Shirt and Shalwar, 4) Kurtas, Leggings and Dupattas, 5) Punjabi Dresses,  6) Bohra Topis, 7) Track pants, T-Shirts and Jeans, 8) Imitation Jewellery, 9) Bed Sheets and Pillow Sheets, 10) Towels and Napkins etc.

Mukaasir Maulaa (dm) said that, “You all are working under the graceful guidance of Saahebaat of Da’wat-e-Shareefah, which earns you a great respect among our muminaat.  You are a single ladies group bringing a huge rush of muminaat in this type of exhibition and using the generated funds directly for the different welfare activities related to ladies, is a great idea.  To work more effectively you should always try to induct young people in your group which could open the way for new ideas and new avenues.”

We are very thankful to our mumineen-munimaat that our effort did pay its way and it turned out to be a great venture and we were able to achieve our goal to the maximum.  We are very obliged to our fellow members and everyone who worked throughout day and night to make this event a successful event.


  29 Safar ul-Muzaffar 1436 AH: Exhibition cum Sale
Mazoon Maulaa at Star Women Welfare Centre Exhibition   Mazoon Maulaa at Star Women Welfare Centre Exhibition   Mazoon Maulaa at Star Women Welfare Centre Exhibition

Star Women Welfare Center is an organization run by the dedicated and hard working Muminaat under the hidaayaat of Saheb-e-Da’wat. It was formed under the aegis of Anjuman-e-Tanzeem-e-Millat-e-Taiyebiyah some years back to promote work for the women in the form of small scale home industry. It is headed by Bu Sahebah. It is running successfully since 2 years. In an effort to get recognition on a large scale in the community and outside alike, Star Women Welfare Center organized an Exhibition cum Sale at Taiyebi Hall, Ajwa Road, Vadodara on 29th Safar ul-Muzaffar/21st December 2014, Sunday. The exhibition was inaugurated by Mazoon ud-Da’wat il-‘Alaviyah Haatim Zakiyuddin Saheb (dm) at 09:30 hrs. In the inaugural speech, he remembered the obstacles faced by the members in running the organization. He praised the members about their dedication and devotion in the work. He emphasized the importance of home industries in the present demanding time. He also cited the example of Maulaatona Khadeejah al-Kubraa (ra) who was a business woman and used to run her business within the limits of her house and nobility. Umm ul-Mumineen ad-Durrat ul-Bayzah Maa Sahebah also greeted the members of the organization with her warm and auspicious presence.

Several items like purses, ridaas, socks, handkerchieves, topis, dress materials, jewellery were put for sale at affordable rates. The exhibition drew huge crowd till late evening. In the future, Insha Allaah, several such events will be held by the organization.


  30 Zul Qa'adah 1435 AH: Completion of One Year

On 30th Zul Qa’adah 1434 AH, by the Razaa mubaarak of Saiyedna sahib Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus), under the presence of Mazoon Maulaa and Maa sahebah ad-Durrat ul-Bayzaa and with the untiring efforts of Bu-sahebah Hubaanahbu, Women Welfare centre was inaugurated in Badri Mohalla in the hall of Najmuddinbhai Tinwala who have presented it for the use of this noble cause.  This year on the same day the completion of first year (1st Birthday) was celebrated amid muminaat who are involved in making many things promoted by the centre.  Mazoon Maulaa headed the Majlis where he stressed on the point that, 

“The way for the khidmat and service of the community and to look after different affairs of the centre is not an easy and light task.  You all are empowering our muminaat and encouraging them to put forth their expertise and help them support their families and to furnish them with satisfactory returns for investing valuable time and energy.  This work-force have deep underlying powers which will definitely lead the muminaat to the new heights of success in this field of home-made products.”

His said in a light vein that, “One year back when I was sitting on this same table, there was nothing appreciable or commendable in front of me, but today I am very excited to see so many hard-working muminaat who have dedicated their Fankaari-Hunar in a number of varied items lying in front of me on this table.  Now it is full of enthusiasm and new ideas.”  “Today I feel very much pleased to announce the name of this centre based on,

  1. “Sa’aadat”-Fortunate things happen with Noble company and Good wishes, i.e. “S”
  2. “Taraawat”-Freshness is with those who are pleased with their work and returns, i.e. “T”
  3. “Ansat”-Solace and Peace lies with togetherness and oneness in endeavor, i.e. “A”
  4. “Rahmat”-Grace and Blessings from Allaah Ta’aala and His Da’i depends on the above three, i.e. “R”

So it is clear to have a name reflecting these 4 things that sums up to “STAR”, so now this centre will be known in our Jamaa’at as “STAR Women Welfare Centre”.  It all started with colouring and beautifying of “Koriya” and now the list is becoming big with day after day which includes khadiyo, rangoli, box packing, rubber diva, dry-fruit box, kalash etc.  Their own items which they market by themselves at the centre itself is Topi, Cotton Napkins-Rumaal, Table Cloth, Safra etc.  Those muminaat who were left helpless in the Topi business, have now begun the work of Topi making afresh and are getting orders directly through the centre.  Apart from this there are many things that remain untouched and unexplored and have ready potential to give respectable returns to our muminaat. 

  Contact No.: 9601416612, 9979540610
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