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Hudood e Da'wat in Hazrat e Haatemiyah - Shahrullaah 1445

Shahrullaah il Mo'azzam, as the name itself gives us the hint that, it is the great month of Allaah Ta'aala. Its Qur'anic name is Ramazaan, which is made up of 5 Arabic letters viz. Raa, Meem, Daad, Alif and Noon.  Each one of them carries with it,

  • Raa-Rahmat (grace),
  • Meem-Maghferat (pardon),
  • Daad-Zamaanat (surety),
  • Alif-Ajar (reward) and
  • Noon-Ne'mat (bounty).

We can sum up all these 5 things in this way, In this holy month of Ramazaan if a person wants to get grace from Allaah Ta'aala then he should seek forgiveness with a pure heart and action. This is enough to get surety for the reward and eternal bounty in the form of paradise.

Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS always gives hidaayat to Mumineen that, "This 9th month of Hijri year, Ramazaan is attributed with distinction of special prayers and compulsory fasting over other months. Each attribute such as, Tahajjud, Sehri, Iftaari, Faraz namaaz, Good deeds, Zakaat, Washshek namaaz, Shahaadat of Ameer ul Mumineen Maulaana Ali AS, Laylat ul Qadr, Names of Ambiyaa, Wada' namaaz, 'Eid namaaz etc. has a special maqaam in the 'Ibaadaat of Shahrullaah." "O Mumineen! Make Yourselves pure with the Ramazaani Jannati water. You will fast and stay away from water the whole day and for 30 days, so this graceful action will make you distinct in getting Aab e Kawsar in the life Hereafter."

"Offering Namaaz and Zakaat during Fasting-Roza is the sign of highest devotion. Our Maulaa Imaam uz Zamaan AS and his Imaamat is the core and crux of Mu'min's devotion. We begin Ramazaan and end it with his wasilah. To purify our souls we offer Namaaz and to purify our wealth we offer Zakaat. Both are the two faces of a single coin. We cannot separate them. Our Maulaa is infallible and it is due to this divine quality that our namaaz and zakaat must be with his permission."

Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS graced the gathering at Devdi mubaarak when Hudood and some selected Mumineen came to offer Huqooq ud Da'wat and did iltijaa for rizq and shifaa. To ease the process of waajebaat-adaa'egi in the month of Ramazaan, Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS envisioned a separate majlis before the onset of Ramazaan to give special opportunity for waajebaat-adaa'egi to some privileged mumineen. Du'aa from Da'i uz Zamaan TUS and special audience is another heartfelt feature of this pre-Ramazaan majlis. 



A DOT: A Small Nuqtah has a tremendously deep Impact


The recognition of our Creator-Khaaliq starts with a powerful Dot of Light in our Hearts and then gets reflected into our Minds.  The power of this ma'refat is overwhelming and our body as a whole gets itself submitted to that Dot of Light.  This illuminates our inner selves and through its deep visioned eyes we can witness the realities of this world which others can't.  The life of a Dot is in our hands.  We are Mumineen of Imaam uz Zamaan AS.  Nuqtat un Noor (a Dot of Light) become brighter and brighter with our Mahabbat, Ikhlaas, Khidmat, Truthfulness, Patience and Righteousness towards our Imaam.  

Maulaana Ali Ameer ul Mumineen AS says, "I am a Nuqtah of Baa in the beginning of Bismillaah.  In it is the whole Shari'at.  It carries very deep understanding.  The one who gets into the heart of this Nuqtah, then he has achieved what I had and who I was after the death of Rasoolullaah SAWS."  M. Abdullaah bin Abbaas RA asked Maulaa regarding the wisdom behind this Nuqtah, then the bayaan for this happened so long that Maulaa started from Maghrib, continued the whole night until the Fajr time.  Maulaa said, "Without us, people will never understand the purpose of Qur'an.  Our recognition and devotion is like a Nuqtah around which the letters of the whole Qur'an revolve."

Our creation in a form of human-being starts with a small Dot.  This gets transformed into a complete being either male or female after 9 months in the mother's womb.  A Dot is a miniature form of a complete being.  This means that the earth and the skies is filled with unimaginable forms of life that are stored in microscopic atoms or Dots.  When Allaah Ta'aala wishes to bring it live again, its Dot gets through the destined process and the desired thing comes into its original shape and size.  In the world of matter where it is in various forms and conditions, nothing is waste.

When Da'i uz Zamaan TUS takes oath of allegiance-bay'at in the Name of Imaam uz Zamaan AS from a boy/girl who have attained the age of puberty, a Nuqtah of Noor enters into his heart and that very moment he becomes a Mu'min of the Da'wat of Imaam.  Until and unless he does not give bay'at to the Imaam, he remains only a muslim without the Nuqtah of Noor.  It is this Nuqtah that begins a person's life of Imaan.  More the Walaayat of Imaam, more is the power of Nuqtah.  A Dot of Walaayat e Imaam is enough to illuminate the whole way of Mu'min's journey towards Jannat.

Ramazaan ul Mo'azzam is regarded the month of Rahmat.  Rahmat is nothing but the Noor from Allaah Ta'aala.  It is spread in numerous Dots accross the days of Ramazaan.  When a Mu'min fulfills obligatory actions commanded by Allaah, Noor enters in him Dot by Dot.  This way a beautiful picture is created for every single day due to his good actions.  Every Mu'min is gifted with such precious Dots.  Therefore during these ba-barakat days due to these common Dots of Noor, a deep bonding and healthy relations takes place among Mumineen.  Unity and Brotherhood is a prime feature of Ramazaan.


  Da'wat Publications: Ahaadees e Bani Isra'eel (The Book of 55 Stories based on Sincere Advices)


By the graceful Razaa of Saiyedna Dr Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb TUS, the book named "Ahaadees e Bani Isra'eel" has got published in Shahrullaah il Mo'azzam 1445.  It contains 55 stories of the Ambiyaa-prophets or pious people of Bani Isra'eel i.e. the clans of Ya'qoob Nabi.  Each one of them carries 'ibrat-advice and nasihat-admonition for all ages.  Younger ones and seniors of the family will find it equally interesting.  It is given when Mumineen come for the Du'aa of Saiyedna saheb TUS at Devdi Mubaarak while offering the Huqooq of Shahrullaah.  These stories of Bani Isra'eel got published in the Deeni Newsletter Mishkaat ul Haadi starting from 1433 till 1443 AH.  

It contains beautiful stories related to noble characters of a pious Mu'min such as Obedience, Sadaqah, Patience, Respect, Du'aa, Good deeds, Faith, Thanksgiving etc. with the abstinence from Corruption, Adultery, Oppression, Unlawful deeds, Hopelessness, Ignorance, Mindlessness etc.  Success of Life depends on High Morals.  The Best of our Morals is to educate ourselves before acting for or against anyone.  Control on our tongue (speaking and eating) is the best medicine for all hardships and calamities.  We always need Perfection, but it cannot be achieved in this material world.  These are some of the basics to be a true Faithful Mu'min which we will read in the book Ahaadees e Bani Isra'eel.


  Musanji Masjid - 12th Ramazaan

Accepting the invitation from Fakhri Mohalla Mumineen, Aqaa Maulaa Dr Saiyedna saheb TUS visited Musanji Masjid on 12th Shahrullaah, Thursday with Faatemi Shaan and Taiyebi Jalaal.  Mumineen welcomed Aqaa Maulaa TUS with Imaani warmth and offered Maghrib-'Ishaa Imaamat namaaz with him.  Roza-iftaari ziyaafat for all was arranged as a part of Maulaa's visit.  Maulaa gave mubaarak name of 'Shubbaan e Musanji' to a group of hardworking mumineen who are always ready to do any khidmat of Jamaa'at whether it be of jaman or majlis or masjid or mayyet umoor.

Aqaa Maulaa's aamad in Musanji Masjid proved historic because of the following nikaat he said in his Bayaan:

  1. This masjid is the Makkah of Vadodara.
  2. 18 Du'aat e Kiraam RA offered Imaamat namaaz here in this Qiblah.
  3. Each and every pillar of this 450 yrs old masjid stands witness to the Shahaadat and Truthfulness of Maulaai Musanji saheb RA.
  4. Shahr e Ramazaan is a way towards Jannat and it transforms us into Malakoot.  It is the days to elevate us.
  5. Benefits of Shahrullaah are manifold, we should not waste it.  It has come calling us.  The best of it we can find is in Namaaz and Du'aa.
  6. Allaah Ta'aala accepts the Prayers of a small number of Mumineen having deep Mahabbat of Maulaana Ali AS against those who pray without Maulaa's mahabbat.
  7. The Noor of the Masjid is due to the Nidaa of Aliyun Waliyullaah in Azaan and other Du'aas.
  8. Each drop of water that rolls down from the body after the completion of Wuzu, Allaah Ta'aala pardons plenty of small sins for every drop of a Mu'min and him pure.

  at-Taiyebaat committee - Roza-Iftaari - 15th Ramazaan

On the auspicious day of 15th Ramazaan ul Mo'azzam, members of at-Taiyebaat committee had organised roza-iftaari meal for the 45th Da'i ul Mutlaq Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb TUS in the Aywaan e Nooraani of Nooraani Masjid. The Maa'edah served was a scrumptious dinner which included various home-made delicacies. The tireless efforts of all the team members were highly appreciated by Aqaa Maulaa TUS.

In the past this committee is known for successfully organising sports activities, drawing competition, drama, cooking competition, funfair, fankaari mela, embroidery classes etc. To spread awareness and liking for Alavi Bohra recipes among the young girls and NRIs, they are running a dedicated YouTube channel for this and this effort has created a great impact and interest among youngsters to cook traditional food against the junk-fast food. The committee's motto is to, "Enhance and endure skills-arts that are prevalent in Alavi ladies and also to educate-train them for the skills that are lesser known to them."


  Laylat ul Qadr
Aqaa Maulaa TUS - Nooraani Masjid, Vadodara

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