Video of the Understanding of Tughraa of Shajarat e Toobaa
Aqaa Maulaa TUS delivering Bayaan during Pehli Raat Namaaz in Nooraani Masjid

Aqaa Maulaa TUS taking Bay'at e Imaam uz Zamaan AS of Muminaat on 10th Ramazaan Yaum ul Jomo'ah during Zohr-'Asr Namaaz in Nooraani Masjid

The 9th month of Hijri year, Ramazaan ul Mo'azzam is filled with the Nooraaniyat of 9th Wasi Maulaana Ali Ameer ul Mumineen AS.  Mohammad ul Mustafaa SAWS assigns special status to this month of Ramazaan ul Mo'azzam as the reward for every Farz is equivalent to 70 Faraa'iz of other months and the reward for every good deed is equivalent to a Farz of other months.

Allaah Ta'aala bestowed the Speaking Qur'aan to Mohammad ul Mustafaa SAWS along with the textual Qur'an in the holy being of Maulaana Ali AS.  Likewise Qur'an was revealed in this month from Lawh e Mahfooz to the nearest skies of this world on the 23rd night.  The Greatness of Shahrullaah il-Mo'azzam is in the hands of Rasoolullaah SAWS who brought the aa'maal of all pillars of our Deen Islaam except Hajj.  We got the barakaat of Walaayat, Namaaz, Roza, Jihaad, Zakaat and Tahaarat.  The Greatness of Qur'an is in the hands of Maulaana Ali AS.  He inherited its wisdom and cautioned people not to practice halaal o haraam without the obedience of Ahl ul Bayt AS.  Qur'an is in the Daaman of Ramazaan, as Wasi is in the Daaman of Nabi.

In the words of Allaah Ta'aala, we can witness the Noor and Beauty of His month, Shahrullaah.  In the Aayat-185 of Surat ul Baqarah having the word "Ramazaan", we recite "Hodal lin Naas", meaning, for the people there is Guidance in this month.  Hodaa is a special guidance and Hidaayat is a general one.  Hodaa gets its origin from Imaam e Haqq AS meant only for selected believers and Hidaayat could be obtained from any wise person meant for general people.  The Mumineen-believers of Maulaana Ali AS gets Hodaa in this month through his Aal, Imaam uz Zamaan AS.

In the same Aayat, we recite "Wa Baiyenaatim minal Hodaa", meaning, there are evident signs from this Hodaa.  Imaam uz Zamaan AS is the master of Hodaa, he gives clear instructions to his Mumineen for how to do 'Ibaadaat of this month with utmost devotion and submission.  For this task Du'aat are assigned the duty to collect and deliver the Huqooq of Shahrullaah.  Baiyenaat are the Du'aat of Imaam e Haqq AS.  "Furqaan" is the seal of Shahrullaah i.e. 'Eid ul Fitr.  As Maulaana Qaa'im ul Qeyaamah AS is the seal of Aal e Ali AS.  Furqaan is the final decision for the people, that who is the rightful person for whom Allaah Ta'aala has granted the holy Ne'maat of 'Eid ul Fitr.  This is the person who has truly recognised the meaning of this month.  Otherwise majority of them could not get into the crux of the foremost obligations and Faraa'iz of this Ilaahi Mehmaan.

Three things make Shahro Ramazaan extraordinary and exponential in reward.  1) Fasting. 2) Zakaat. 3) Tahajjud.  

1) Fasting is the zenith of Patience.  The reward of being patient is Jannat.  Fasting teaches brotherhood and equality.  It kill desires and gives inner strength.  It purifies Mumineen in all aspects.  Its reward is in the hands of Allaah Ta'aala.

2) Zakaat protects the wealth from which it has been paid as per the prescribed rules to Da'i uz Zamaan TUS.  For every 40 rupees saved annually apart from the minimum family expenses, 1 rupee should be given as zakaat.  Razaa and Misaaq rests in the hands of Da'i uz Zamaan TUS, so is the zakaat.  Da'i is aware of the household conditions of needy mumineen.  Those who are liable for zakaat should sincerely do it, Da'i knows his responsibility as a deputy to Imaam uz Zamaan AS.

3) Tahajjud is a great sign of devoutness.  In the middle of the night Mumineen choose 'Ibaadat instead of sweet sleep.  Recitation of Munaajaat and Du'aa brings them close to their Rabb.  This Namaaz of 12 rak'ats is special and memorable as it is offered collectively in the last lap of night.  Its reward is manifold and unparallel.  Its Du'aa carries wasilah of huge importance.


Members of Vadodara Jamaa'at, Dawoodi Bohras presented tohfah of "Qiraa'aat Zaahirah li-Kitaab illaah", a 3 book series on the Qur'anic recitation by as-Saiyed ul-Mukarram Husain Burhanuddin. He is the provost of al-Jaame'ah as-Saifiyah. The members exchanged greetings of Shahrullaah and Aqaa Maulaa TUS did Du'aa e Khayr for mumineen of both communities. Such great work of Qur'anic sciences is a need of an hour to establish our Isma'ili Taiyebi identity among other Muslim communities.
Mumineen during Iftaar Jaman in Taaj Hall, Musanji Masjid, Fakhri Mohalla, Vadodara

  Tughraa of Shajarat e Toobaa

Shahrullaah il Mo'azzam is merited with Faatemi Shaanaat.  This could be witnessed in the 'Ibaadaat of Layl ul Qadr.  Rasoolallah SAWS said that, "My Aal and Awlaad is through my beloved daughter M. Faatemah az-Zahraa, her children are mine.  My lineage through them will never end till the Day of Qeyaamat."

We believe in the Imaamat of Aal e Faatemah SA.  Imaam uz Zamaan AS is from this holy Aal-progeny.  This Aal represents the attributes of 99 mubaarak names of Allaah Ta'aala.  To keep these names in our house is a great fortune.  We should do Wird of these names in hard times and difficulties.

To bestow barakaat of these mubaarak names of our 21 A'immat e Faatemiyeen SA along with the names of Mohammad ul Mustafaa, M. Ali ul Murtazaa and M. Faatemah az-Zahraa SA, Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS with his Dast e Mubaarak gave Tughraa-Taqtee' to Mumineen who visited Maulaa at Devdi Shareefah to offer Waajebaat of Shahrullaah.

This beautifully designed printed art-board contains 24 mubaarak names of our Panjatan e Paak and Faatemi Imaams.  It is depicted in the form of a Tree, named Shajarat e Toobaa - An Auspicious Tree of Paradise.  For which Rasoolallah SAWS said that, "How beautiful is the Tree growing in Jannat!  No such Tree you will find on this Earth.  I am its foundation-roots, Ali is its trunk, Faatemah is its branches, Hasan and Husain is its fruits, Shi'ah are attached to this Tree as its leaves." 

So, every person who describes this riwaayat hopes that, I affectionately respect them and hope najaat-salvation on their hands.  I wish to see myself victorious as their companionship is the noblest.  As long as the light of sun and moon remains on this earth, may Allaah Ta'aala recite Salawaat on Taa-Haa and his Aal."

This Tughraa of Shajarat e Toobaa is having 24 leaves with trunk having Kalemat ush Shahaadat, "Laa Ilaaha Illallaah, Mohammadun Rasoolallah, Aliyun Waliyullaah, wal A'immato min Zurriyatehi Kholafaaullaah," meaning, there is no Lord but Allaah, Mohammad is the Prophet of Allaah, Ali is the Companion of Allaah and Imaams of his Aal are the representatives of Allaah.  Among the 24 leaves, the topmost has the name of Mohammad ul Mustafaa SAWS and the leaf at the bottom has the name of 21st Imaam Maulaana at-Taiyeb AS.

Mumineen who are fortunate to receive this extraordinary Tohfah of Shahrullaah from Saheb e Da'wat, should photo-frame it and keep it in the hall or the place frequented by the guests.  This is quite enough to reveal our great identity of Isma'ili-Taiyebi-Alavi Bohras.


  Da'wat Publications: al-'Aqaa'id ul-'Alaviyah (The Book of 25 Alavi Principles)

This Shahrullaah 1444 AH, the first 25 principles of the book "Taaj ul-‘Aqaa'id wa Ma'dan ul-Fawaa'id", a well-known treatise compiled by the 5th Da'i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna Ali bin Mohammad al-Waleed (QR) of Yemen is published named as "al-'Aqaa'id ul-'Alaviyah". This is the first part and we wish to deal with the remaining principles in its next parts. Mishkaat ul-Haadi Deeni Newsletter published series of these principles since its 146th issue of Rabi' ul-Awwal/Rabi' ul-Aakhar 1440 AH i.e. Nov-Dec 2018 AD. At a time when this book is published, the series has reached 41st Alavi principle in Mishkaat ul-Haadi. Mumineen gets their copy from Devdi Shareefah along with the Waajebaat Safaai card.

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