Shahrullaah il Mo'azzam is the month of Overall Purity. It makes each and every aspect and dimension of a Mu'min's life Pure. We as a mumineen seek maghferat by believing in the Tawheed of Allaah Ta'aala. Maghferat is in itself making inner ourselves pure. Thereby we plead and ask for the bounties of Paradise and seek refuge against the torment of Hell-fire. Only pure people will get this privilege and distinction and will surely dwell in the merciful shadow of Jannat.

This quality we deserve is only after we fast for the whole month of Ramazaan ul Mubaarak. We become very close to our Rabb ul Izzat. Fasting is obligatory on every healthy mu'min and when we fulfil this obligation with all its do's and don'ts, then our sleep is considered as Ibaadat and our breathing is regarded as Tasbeeh. Each good action is rewarded equal to Farz and each Farz is rewarded equal to 70 Faraa'iz.

All these contributes to the Purity and helps strengthening in our Faith. On the contrary we have to work hard in protecting ourselves against the deceitfulness of Shaitaanic forces. These forces are generally invisible but they badly harm our Faith. They create disinterest, dishonesty and disturbances in our daily routine of Imaani life.

Today the world is gripped and grilled badly under the attack of Corona virus. The unseen and unexpected enemy is wracking havoc everywhere. Special Operational Procedures have been framed in this infectious atmosphere. Normalcy has been disrupted and each one of us is scared of venturing out. The virus is one of the Shaitaanic forces that makes us stay at our homes. But Shahrullaah is the shield that protects us from every Shaitaanic attack. Likewise, it is widely said that vaccine will protect us from being infected. But another fact is also doing a around that the virus is regularly undergoing mutations and due to this changes medicines are getting ineffective.

Shahrullaah il Mo'azzam provides us spiritual and moral protection against all attacks and schemes of Shaitaan. Allaah Ta'aala has ordered us to carry out the prescribed deeds in order to safeguard and boost our Deeni Immunity. Like virus, Shaitaan is present everywhere. Ibaadat is the proper food for us, Tahaarat-wuzu is a great sanitizer for us, Masjid serves us to keep distance from all evils and misfortunes.

  Eid ul Fitr:

  What is  Eid ul Fitr? A closer look
  1. Barakaat of Imaam uz Zamaan AS.
  2. This is the day for showing, revealing or expressing love and Mahabbat towards Da’i uz Zamaan TUS.
  3. This Mubaarak day is the gift of our Mehnat and sacrifices of Shahrullaah for 30 prescribed days.
  4. This Mubaarak day is the sign of Truthfulness of our Deen e Haqq.
  5. It is the day of seeking Maghferat and Mu’aafi of the sins from Allaah Ta’aala.
  6. It is the day of Greeting and taking Mulaaqaat of Mumineen (relatives and neighbours).
  7. It is the day of Forgetting and let go small mistakes amongst our Mumineen.
  8. Throughout Shahrullaah il  Moa’azzam , as we were on the path of Truth (Naik Sirat), Eid ul Fitr is the day of Promising that we will remain steadfast on the same righteous path after Ramazaan too.
  9. Throughout the month of Shahrullaah, all the type of Jihaad that the Mumineen has performed and has got success, this is the day of making our souls victorious over evil things.
  10. This is the day of Izzat o Ihtiraam for Mumineen due to the completion of 30 days of Ramazaan without a slightest errors in counting days.
  11. This the day of wearing new and Nooraaani Libaas and applying Etar and going to our Masjid for the offering of Khutbah.
  12. This day is meant for taking Allaah’s Ne’mat (bounties) and thanking for it from the bottom of our heart.
  13. The happiness and the joyfulness of the day of Eid ul Fitr is very special for those who have offered every single Huqooq of Shahrullaah properly and on time.
  14. This is the day of celebrating Tahaarat, Tazkiyat and Purity. It is like when a new born baby is born he/she is very innocent, like that only our rebirth happens with a characteristic of being Ma’soom due to the Aamaal of Ramazaan.
  15. This day is to be completed with the Takbeer of Allaah Ta’aala and it has a greater significance.
  16. This is the day of greeting (Salaam) to our Elders in the house and seeking blessing from them and also giving gifts to the younger ones.
  17. This is the day of serving Hot Sheer-khurmo to all the family members and this is very special and significant bounty (Ne’mat) for all our Mumineen.
  Video of the Understanding of Zakaat - The Purity of Money, Food and Faith:
  Laylat ul Qadr:


Laylat ul Qadr is the Soul of Ramazaan ul Mo’azzam.  In it Qur’an was revealed which has the testimony of this Brilliant Night.  Surat ul Qadr mentions the Grace and Power of this Faatemi Night that is accorded with Angelic Peace till we are in front of our Rabb ul ‘Izzat.  Laylat ul Qadr falls in-between the second half of Shahrulaah i.e. 23rd night.  Surat ul Qadr is having 30 words symbolizing the 30 days of this month.  Maulaatona Faatemah az-Zahraa (as) said that, “We, being Faatemi mumineen should keep ma’refat of this night, eat light food and remain awake to offer Namaaz together at one place.  Jibra’il Ameen will descend on that mumineen with the good tidings of Jannat wherever mumineen come together for this night’s Du’aa.”  This night has endless barakaat for those whose hearts are dazzling with the Walaayat of Ahl ul Bayt AS.  This is the night of Shafaa'at, Wasilah, Du'aa and Tasleem o Razaa.  The Ibaadat of this night is better than the Ibaadaat of 1000 months.  The Ibaadat of this single night till the Fajr will elevate the Namaazi to the distinguished title of great Ibaadat-guzaar.

This year again due to Covid pandemic, Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb (tus) gave sharaf to worldwide Alavi Bohra mumineen to Ihyaa this mubaarak night with Ibaadat-o-Du’aa along with him.  The whole namaaz i.e. 24 salaams, 20 rak’at washshek, Du’aa e ‘Aql-e-Awwal, Namaaz of Nisf il Layl, Tahajjud and Wasilah was live streamed on YouTube channel.  Nearly 3500 mumineen took spiritual reward of the Barakaat of this memorable and great night.

  Alavi Oxygen:

In this grim situation of Coronage, we come across many things that are completely new to us and we try to understand new terms related to the confusion and complication that take place due to Covid-19.  Some of the things and terminology were indeed unheard of before the pandemic.  The fear of infection has taken heavy toll on our social relationship, education, medical system, trade and businesses, routine outings, recreational activities, financial services etc.  Many unexpected things have emerged as Heroes and many known things have vanished as Zeroes.

Lets talk about the most sought after thing in the world today, for which all are gasping to have it at any cost.  It has the power of Life.  It holds the key to Human survival.  Water and Trees are its godfather.  This is the master of our breath, OXYGEN.  It is today's Hero.  It has the power to make political establishment breathless.  We never knew its importance before Covid struck.  We always took it for granted and never felt its tremendous importance unless we encountered the near death experiences of our beloved family members infected with Covid-19.  We see that everyone is talking about it and making strong efforts to have it at any cost.

We could see people measuring their oxygen level now and then.  Also we have come across the news where Covid patients are dying because of oxygen shortage.  Unabated surge in Covid cases are creating huge imbalance between need and supply chain.  Today, to save the lives of breathless patients Oxygen production plants are getting erected at war-footing in hospitals and Covid facilities.  Environmentalist and Nature Conservationists are making their point heard and followed by greater audiences that only Trees can save us.  In order to save Humanity save Trees.  The another name of Oxygen is nothing but A Tree.

Oxygen comes through Breathing.  Maulaana Ali Ameer ul Mumineen AS said, “Your body would die if you stop Breathing.  Your Deen would die if you do not recognise Nabi through my eyes.  I am the breath of your Deen.  I am the breath of your body.  I am Nafs.  Through this Nafs the world is breathing.”  Walaayat, Mahabbat, Mawaddat, Love and Respect of our Maulaa is the Oxygen that keeps our Deen alive.  The life of our Ramazaan prayers is due to this Oxygen.  This is the most sought after thing in the mubaarak days of Shahrullaah il Mo'azzam when Shaitaan launches heavy attacks on us from all sides.  This Alavi Oxygen gives us energy to fight against all odds and sickness.

Now let us examine the case where a person's Deen or aamaal requires urgent Alavi Oxygen and he is gasping for breath, then we say that he is on Oxygen that means some vital things of the system have gone haywire and we term him critically ill.  Such person cannot feel this urgency or criticality of his Deeni health.  He is alive only for this world-Duniyaa but he is already dead for the hereafter-Aakherat. He collapses suddenly and there is no time to treat him in Alavi Hospital where only Alavi Oxygen could have saved him.  Here there is no chance of hoarding or black marketing.  In our era Da'i uz Zamaan TUS is the only authority and institution who is divinely assigned the responsibility of providing Deen-saving Alavi Oxygen.

Shahrullaah is the auspicious month that provides us with its Ibaadaat, the much needed Deen-saving Alavi Oxygen.  We could undoubtedly feel its strength and goodness, happiness and wellness at the end of this month i.e. Eid ul-Fitr.  Alavi Oxygen has given us room to remain all-time alive in Aakherat.

  Ru'yah Mubaarakah- Ta'beer of Maulaa's Dream:

On the 13th day of Shahrullaah il Mo'azzam before Maghrib Namaaz, Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS described vividly the ta'beer of his Ru'yah-mubaarak Khwaab which he saw on that day morning around 7 am.Outer explanation of a divine text is called Tafseer and its inner meaning is Ta'weel.  In the same way, the general meaning of ahlaam or ru'yah is its Tashreeh and its inner meaning is Ta'beer.  Ta'beer of any dream could be asked to Saheb e Da'wat and accordingly it could be Saadeqah or Kaazebah.  Some dream could give us signs or indications of the events related to our lives and some might have no effect in our routine actions.

In the bayaan, Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS said that, "I saw that some ghaybi nidaa was guiding me saying that the Janaazah which I was holding is of Maulaana Imaam Hasan AS and the saheb standing on my right side is Maulaana Imaam Husain AS and the Nooraani people standing opposite to me are Du'aat e Kiraam AQ.  All are weeping on the fact that Maulaana Imaam Hasan AS have been martyred by Samm e Halaahal (poison) and the museebat on Maulaana Imaam Husain AS is great and hard.  He will be martyred in Karbalaa with his children by people of his own ummat.  The entire universe will weep on his Museebat till Qeyaamat.  On hearing this I and Du'aat e Kiraam AQ wept heavily."

Thereafter Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS explained its Ta'beer that, “the first point is Allaah Ta'aala will elevate the darajah of Da'i uz Zamaan TUS to new heights.  Secondly, the coming months will be full of worry, trials, hardships, dullness and unexpected horrible events.”  Mumineen should offer Du'aa e khayr regularly with Namaaz.  The time that we are facing now is really challenging.  We have to be prepared for any eventuality.  By the waseelah of Maulaana Imaam Hasan AS and Maulaana Imaam Husain AS, we should offer 2 rak'atof Naafelat namaaz everyday after Maghrib.

First Rak'at: al-Hamdo and Qul Howallaah
Second Rak'at: al-Hamdo and Qul Yaa Ayyohal Kaaferoon

Niyat: Usalli Salaatat Tawassule Ilallaahe Ta'aala bil Imaamil Hasan wa bil Imaamil Husain ‘alayhimas Salaam, le Daf'il Aafaate wal Baliyaate wal Wabaae wal Balaae wal Amraaze wal Asqaame Rak'atayne lillaahe azza wa jalla adaa'an mustaqbilal Ka'batil Haraame, Allaaho Akbar.

After offering this Namaaz, Namaazi should recite the Du'aa “Allaahumma inna Nas’aloka ‘an Tadfa’al Aafaat”, of 12th salaam of Laylat ul Qadr from the Green Sahifah of Ramazaan ul Mo'azzam and at the end recite this Tasbeeh “Yaa Ghawso, Adrikni".

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