Inna Fatahna laka Fatham Mubeenan - Surely, We have bestowed upon you the Clear Victory
The Month of Ramazaan is that in which the Qur'an-e-Hakeem was revealed, a Guidance to Mankind and clear Proofs of the Guidance and Distinction, therefore whoever of you witness the month should Fast therein. (Surat ul-Baqarah 185)
  • Video of the Importance of the Month of Allaah Ta'aala

    The 9th month of Hijri Year is Ramazaan ul-Mo’azzam popularly known as Shahrullaah, “The Month of Allaah Ta’aala” | The Tasbeeh of this Month is divided into 4 parts | This Month has three Daska (10 days) having different significance | Mumineen should follow khaslat of Piety as directed by Rasoolullaah (saws) | Allaah Ta’aala mentions this month as “Shahro Ramazaan” in Surat ul-Baqarah and lays down rules for 30 days Fasting |  Sabr-o-Shukr forms the core of the finest character building program of Mumineen propagated in this Holy Month

Huzoor-e-'Aali Saiyedna saheb (tus) at Nooraani Masjid during the 'Ibaadaat of Laylat ul-Qadr
Mazoon ud-Da'wat Saiyedi Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (dm) at Nooraani Masjid
  Mazoon Maulaa did Bayaan before Maghrib Namaaz and during Nisfillayl Namaaz in Noorani Masjid
He answered many striking and important questions put forward by mumineen
In the last week of Shahrullaah on Friday he took Misaaq of muminaat in Taiyebi Masjid
After Laylat ul-Qadr, different mumineen and Anjumans did Istiqbaal of Mazoon Maulaa
  Akhbaar and Photos of Mumbai: Mukaasir ud-Da'wat Saiyedi Mohammad Nuruddin saheb (dm)
  • In Mumbai Mukaasir ud-Da’wat Saiyedi Mohammad Nuruddin saheb (dm) presided all the Namaaz at Badri Masjid and Zenith Hall including Nisfillayl, Laylat ul-Qadr and ‘Eid ul-Fitr.
  • At Badri Masjid Saiyedi saheb did Namaaz-e-Imaamat on 1st, 2nd and 4th Yaum ul-Jomo’ah along with the Nisfillayl and Tahajjud prayer of Laylat ul-Jomo’ah.  Mumineen-Muminaat participated in all these namaaz with zeal and fervor.
  • Saiyedi saheb did bayaan and taqreer of wide range of topics relating to Akhlaaq, Aadaab, Shari’at and Tareeqat in-between Maghrib-‘Ishaa il-Aakherat namaaz.
  • On 19th, 20th and 21st day of Shahrullaah Majlis-e-Maulaana ‘Ali Ameer ul-Mumineen for Shahaadat-e-‘Uzmaa was held and Roza-Iftaari was arranged for all mumineen-muminaat.
  • On the hands of Saiyedi saheb the Razaakaar and Khuddaam received Tabarrukaat and Children who fasted for the whole month of Shahrullaah were applauded with Gifts after the ‘Eid Namaaz.
  • Saiyedi saheb did musaafehah and mu’aaneqah to all the mumineen and gave mubaarak-baadi of ‘Eid ul-Fitr.
'Eid ul-Fitr Badri Masjid Badri Masjid Badri Masjid
Bayaan at Zenith Hall Du'aa at Zenith Hall Majlis at Zenith Hall Saiyedi saheb in Majlis
Laylat ul-Qadr Laylat ul-Qadr Laylat ul-Qadr Laylat ul-Qadr
Bayaan during Laylat ul-Qadr
Laylat ul-Qadr Laylat ul-Qadr Laylat ul-Qadr Laylat ul-Qadr
Badri Masjid Badri Masjid Badri Masjid Saiyedi saheb saying Azaan
Saalgirah of Saiyedi saheb Saalgirah of Saiyedi saheb 'Eid ul-Fitr 'Eid ul-Fitr
  Taiyebi Masjid: Ra's ul-Hudood Dr. Zulqarnain Hakeemuddin saheb (dm) during Laylat ul-Qadr
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