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  Audio: Taqreer of Busahebah Shafe'ahbu on the Food Habits and the Importance of Proper Diet
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  • Maulaa's Bayaan encouraging the Khidmat of Jamaa'at
  • Play focusing the Right Eating Habits Part 1
  • Children's Play on Aadaab-Etiquettes of Eating Part 2

On the mubaarak day of Shab-e-‘Urs of 32nd Da’i Syedna Ziyauddin Jivabhai saheb (aq), on 9th Zul Qa’adah 1436, Sunday, Madrasah Taiyebiyah organized a grand and ‘ilmi function in the morning at Taiyebi Hall, Ajwa Road, Vadodara, in the nooraani presence of 45th Da’i ul-Mutlaq Abu Sa’eed il-Khayr Syedna Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (tus).  78 students were awarded Faarigh ut-Tahseel certificate those who have completed the Qiraa’at of whole Qur’an-e-Kareem and acquired basic deeni ma’loomaat with required understanding of aamaal ush-Shari’at.  92 students were awarded Certificate of Appreciation for securing 1st, 2nd & 3rd position in the final exams.  Ustaad sahebs were also felicitated for their hard work they endow in the proper tarbiyat of our children.

This program was jointly managed by a newly formed ladies group headed by Busahebah Shafe’ahbu.  In the beginning of the program Aaqa Maulaa was introduced to the "Food Chart" which is prescribed by UNICEF. Different food items were displayed on the food plate.  This was followed by the "Welcome Speech" of Busahebah. She highlighted on Aims and Objectives of this group and their “motto" to make every individual a healthy person of our society. 

She said that, “Food is the foundation of a better life and this becomes a stepping stone for the life in Hereafter.  Parents should inculcate good eating habits in their children and avoid junk food.  “FOOD” becomes “Foundation Of Orderly Diet” and one should take serious and conscious note of their dietary plans and food items which could be finely handled by eating home-made food.  You become what you Eat.  Connect each and every actions of your children with our Deeni Ta’leemaat and make them aware that what they do is our Basic Deeni Values.”

This was highlighted by the "role-play" performed by our children. They explained the importance of healthy food, avoidance of junk food and also Islamic principles and ethics which should be followed while eating food.  Also there was ‘Urs Mubaarak of Syedna Ziyauddin Saheb on the next day so its history was also briefed by our children in the role play. The play was thoroughly enjoyed by the Madrasah students and all the parents present there.

Maulaa said in his bayaan,”Today I am very much pleased to see a sea of Alavi children at this place and studying under the saaya of Madrasah Taiyebiyah and I pray for their well-being, health and success.  How wonderfully our children has showcased and presented in form of a play the aadaab of how to eat and what to eat.  The efforts of muminaat who has been behind this play are commendable.  Today I give them the name of “at-Taiyebaat” and hope that they organize this type of informative programs in coming days also.  By the du’aa of Muqaddas Maulaa the Saiyedaat of Haram-e-Da’wat are working collectively in their respective field to offer different khidmat at different levels so I urge muminaat to take part in such programs and help these khitmat-guzaar groups to serve them better.”

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