Year 2009-10:

Royal Youth Charitable Trust (RYCT) organized Prize Distribution for the students who excelled in their examinations in the current academic year. The event was held on 14th November 2010 – 8th Zulhijjah 1431 AH, Sunday at Mohammadi Hall, Badri Mohalla, Vadodara in the morning. RYCT organized this event for the second consecutive year. Apart for this they have also organized Career Counseling twice for the students of our community.

Chief Guests of the event were Raas ul-Hudood Dr. Zulqarnain Bhaisaheb Hakeemuddin (dm), former principal of Zenith High School Mr Salim Haatim and Mulla Dilaawar Husain Motiwala. Raas ul-Hudood in his speech stressed the importance of education which is an important parameter of the progress of any community. It was a coincidence that the event fell on the International Children’s Day. He said that, “Education is the basic right of every child and it is the matter of pride of our community that no single child is left without education.” Quoting from one of the Bayaan of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus), he said that,

“Teaching an English language to our children is very important at this time because unless a child knows English he won’t be able to utilize his potentials in any discipline.”

He also said that, “Knowledge (‘Ilm) is not a single entity in itself. There are four types of Knowledge – one that comes naturally without any education, one that is heard and learnt, one that is acquired for a special discipline either in a school or college and the one that comes from Allaah. All the previous three are Worldly Knowledges through which a person leads a successful life. But the last one is most precious and important of all and without which all the previous three are useless. This Knowledge that comes from Allaah is the Knowledge of Shari’at and Religion which everyone must learn. Life of every one of us should be a perfect blend of World and Religion. Excess of either would destroy our Life. Mr Salim Haatim shared his academic experience with the students and told that, “You should carve out your career as per your abilities and potentials.”

Almost 150 students from Standard 1 to Masters were felicitated in the event by the Chief Guests. The event started by 0900 hrs and concluded at 1130 hrs. Participants welcomed the move of RYCT of encouraging the students. Organizing such events in the community is nothing but a Service (Khidmat) which will never go in vain. May Allaah help and give strength to all those who work for a good cause for the community.

Mukaasir ud-Da'wat Mukaasir ud-Da'wat with Prof. Isma'il bhai Padaria

RYCT members Special guests on the stage Introductory speech

Royal Youth Charitable Trust organized Prize Distribution for the students of our Jamaa’at who excelled in the current academic year. The event was organized on the first floor of Jamaa’at Khaana "Mohammadi Hall", Badri Mohalla on Yaum-e-Mab'as 27th of Rajab ul-Asab 1430 AH/ 19th July 2009, Sunday at 0900 hrs. The program was headed by Mukaasir ud-Da'wat Mohammad Bhaisaheb Nooruddin Saheb (dm) who delivered a crowning speech in the context of the progress of Alavi Mumineen. He said that, ‘This is the month of celebration of Takht Nasheeni of Saiyedna Ali (aq) and we all are blooming flowers of the ruhaani blissful garden of his graceful Da’wat.  It is the fragrance of Alaviyat which is manifest among all of us right now.' He added that, ‘Today is the fast of Yaum-e-Mab’as (Mo’tiy us- Sowalaat) and all the children are fasting.  By the barakaat of Rasoolullaah (saws), Allaah Ta'aala will give them the reward of their fast and here we are glad to applaud our students for their appreciable academic achievement. He stressed upon the fact that, ‘Discipline, Education and Service is the principle driving force for the progress of any community. With the du’a of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) our community has achieved the best in the field of education which no community has yet achieved.’

A Lifetime Achievement Award was conferred to Professor Isma’ilbhai Padaria for his dedicated service in the field of Engineering in Mumbai. Even at the ripe age of 75 yrs, he continues to get proposals from different colleges as a Visiting Faculty to teach Engineering. He has remained the principal of Rizvi Engineering College for almost 15 yrs. His successful journey did not come as an overnight success for him as he highlighted in his speech, the difficulties he had faced in gaining the present status. He also gave his valuable guidance to the members of Trust for the future plans.

RYCT awarded prizes to almost 180 brilliant students. The members gave a short presentation to the audience regarding their past performances and future plans. They have proposed a multipurpose database form to be filled up by every individual of the Alavi Jamaa’at. This form contains variety of data ranging from preliminary information to educational status, blood group, organization details, highest education achieved, marital status, contact numbers etc. This initiative, the members said, will help them to give multirole assistance to our mumineen whether it may be in providing financial help or giving job placements. Short details of the people who have filled up the form will be displayed on the website of RYCT. Any individual can ask them to provide the details of a particular person if need arises. The database, however, will remain confidential with them.

Success gives birth to progress. RYCT has an interesting history. Under the direct guidance of Saheb-e-Da’wat some of the educated young boys having a common goal of working for the Jamaa’at and mumineen approached Maazoon ud-Da’wat a couple of months back. Saiyedi saheb encouraged them and advised them to form a group to accomplish the goals. 10-15 members formed a group named Royal Youth Forum and successfully organised two programmes – English speaking classes and Career Counselling Program. It was after the second event that many more young boys intended to join the group for a good cause. It was then necessary for them to form a registered trust to work systematically and responsibly. The Royal Youth Forum then transformed into Royal Youth Charitable Trust – a registered trust, in a short span of three months.

Concluding the Prize Distribution Program, Mukaasir Saheb (dm) said that, Du’a of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) is always with us and on this auspicious day we pray to Allaah Ta’aala to give strength and support to the members of Trust and may Allaah guide them to serve mumineen in future. Aameen.

  The members of Alavi Education Society (Mumbai) held the prize distribution and felicitation function at Zenith Hall on 8th Shawwaal 1430 AH / 27th September 2009, Sunday.  The students were awarded prizes for their academic excellence during the year 2008-09.  The society is working sincerely in giving other programs apart from this to touch and explore each aspect of this field so that our needy and bright students overcome the hurdles which they face right from the school-days till the time of higher education or specialized courses.