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  • Aayat 1-5: Merits of a mu'min - During the times of Trial and Turbulence in respect of health and medical crisis subjected by Covid-19 by the Khushnudi of Aqaa Maulaa (tus) let's spend our precious time in knowing and learning the minuteness of Qur'an.

  • Aayat 6: Who is Kaafir? Qissah of M. Abdullaah bin Mas'ood (ra) about the Haqq of Qur'an when we see everywhere the world is filled with Fasaad and Fitnah.

  • Aayat 7: Wrong-doings of a Kaafir - Bayt of 41st Da'i e Mutlaq Saiyedna Fakhruddin saheb AQ about Qur'an. How a mumin should recite a Qur'an. Faith, Hearing and Vision are equally impaired and paralyzed by a disbelief of a person.

  • Aayat 8-9: Deception of a Hypocrite (munaafiq). Continuing with the Bayt-e-Fakhri of the Merits of Qur'an e Kareem, 'Abd e Saiyednal Min'aam Mukaasir Maulaa said that, Hypocrisy is the root cause of decaying of moral values. One who Loves M. Ali will never be disloyal to his Da'wat and one who is a Munaafiq will never be a true believer of M. Ali's Da'wat. A striking example of a hypocrite is a Spider.

  • Aayat 10:  How is the heart of a Hypocrite? There is a very interesting connection between heavens, earth and humans. Allaah Ta'aala increases the sickness of the already disease-stricken hearts of Hypocrites (munafeqeen). Falsehood is the centre of Nifaaq (hypocrisy). Both their tongues and hearts are filled with distrust. They are the arch-enemies of the believers (mumineen). They could be figured out openly but they are have hidden grudge and strong denial in their hearts. What they speak is never the same what they think or believe.

  • Aayat 11-12: Is Peace-making possible by a Hypocrite? Kufr (disbelief), Nifaaq (hypocrisy) and Shirk (polytheism) makes hearts narrow and tense, while Mahabbat (love), 'Ibaadat (good deeds) and Khidmat (serving) bestows hearts with kindness and nobility.

    Nifaaq is like a dimak-white ants that makes the hearts weak and susceptible to various types of diseases that attacks faith and beliefs. One cannot identify a person having Nifaaq by his face. But by actions and counter-actions one can easily judge him. Munaafiq always makes an habit to feel others that he is a peace-maker but truly speaking he is no less than a mischief-monger.

  • Aayat 13-14-15: Foolishness and Mockery. We are here to wage an all out war against Shaytaan and in return as a reward our Lord, the compassionate will bestow Paradise to us. Our Wealth and Soul are properties of Allaah and we have to make sure that we train ourselves to invest these in such a way and on that path prescribed by our Da'i ul Mutlaq. We are the soldiers of Allaah Ta’aala.

    Mockery is a vicious tool of the people of Shaytaan used against mumineen. But they are least aware of the way Allaah mocks them. Faithlessness fueled by foolishness is the reason behind their dirty attitude of doing mockery of other innocent people.
  • Aayat 16-17: Profitable Business. 29th Da'i e Mutlaq Saiyedna Ali saheb (aq) is the Saheb of Truth, Piety and Truth. All those who attained martyrdom for the cause of Deen e Haqq remained mazloom and their followers too are on the same path. Maulaa's Qabr is not there now in the Rawzah of Ahmedabad, but the aqeedah of mumineen remains stronger on the same place of Qabr. No one can eliminate the Truth. On the other hand, those foolish who try to do this heinous crime of demolishing the Qabr will themselves face extinction and destruction.

    Taqwaa and 'Ilm are the main pillars of Deen e Haqq. Saheb e Da'wat makes all possible efforts through multiple electronic mediums to impart and update mumineen with 'Ilm e Haqq that they can avail in the confines of their houses.

    Munaafiqeen (hypocrites) are unable to differentiate between Naar (fire) and Noor (light). Naar will become Noor when one obeys and loves the household of Prophet i.e. Ahl ul Bayt (as). Instead of Guidance, hypocrites have bought Ignorance and it is the business of total loss. The best merchant is the one who recognizes and studies the thing in detail then only he either buys it or sells it with the niyyat of getting Rizq from it.
  • Aayat 18: Reality of a Human Body and its Faculties. The great and grievous misfortune of a person is an inactivity or failure of his body parts to perform at its best. To maintain our body and to retain its health and beauty, we spend enormous time and energy. But how far would we succeed!!! The body will at last disintegrate and disappear into many elements of this earth. What would remain is our soul and it is eternal.

    Our hard efforts should be for our soul’s beauty. This could be only be achieved by the obedience of Saheb e Da’wat. This is seriously needed for the progress of our soul. Those who don’t take this at the centre-stage of the Deen, then in spite of their outward eye-sight they are blind. They are able to listen things other than guidance so they are deaf. They speak lot many things but are dumb in revealing the truth. These are the misconducts of disbelievers and they are there during every time against every Imaam or Da’i. They have gone astray from the path of return.
  • Aayat 19: Wickedness of this World, Waste or Useful. The nature of Duniyaa-this temporal world is ever changing. Today the thing that is favorable might be harmful tomorrow. Today those who are with you might leave you all alone. Today's wealth may invite poverty. It is only a medium to Aakherat. Medium is always not permanent.

    To get finished product, the system has to undergo proper processing of raw material and the waste is ought to come out. Shari'at is like rain. With little potable or usable water remaining and the huge amount of rain-water flows into gutter, the same way only few faithful take advantage of Divine Law, and the majority of the people waste this opportunity. Mumineen are finished products of Shari'at.

    Hypocrites or disbelievers are always afraid of the thunder, lightening and stormy rains. Lightening is like a temporary noor that gives them a glimpse of Haqq to make them realize that they are misguided and still they have got time to return to Truth.
  • Aayat 20: Knowledge and Ignorance. With the Bayt of 41st Da'i Saiyedna Fakhruddin saheb (aq) explaining the importance of 'Ilm-e-Ahl-e-Bayt (as), the bayaan takes into account the merits of acquiring knowledge. Its reward is manifold and every mumin should do efforts in getting right knowledge on right time from right person.

    Disbelievers has nothing to do with this. He is least bothered about the authenticity of the knowledge. His eyes and ears have lost the vital connectivity with his Heart i.e. the connection required for the cognizance of Allaah Ta'aala and to seek pardon for his lamentable deeds. Lightening is like a spark of opportunity for a disbeliever. But he never realizes it and remains struck in his stubbornness.
  • Rukoo' 1
  • Rukoo' 2:  The dialogue between People of Haqq and People of Baatil. A question as to why anybody else than the Trustworthy, entitled by Allaah Ta'aala should be believed? See how Tribes in the past were destroyed.
  • Rukoo' 3: When will Qiyaamat come? Day and Night are the Signs of Allaah, same as Son and Moon. The Day of Judgement will come, When and How?
  • Rukoo' 4: The people of Jannat and Jahannam The Du’aa we recite while dropping 3 handfuls of mud in the Qabr of Mumineen. Doing Wuzoo before offering Namaaz of Janaazah. Du’aa for Heart Disease. The place for the people of Hell. The place for the people of Jannat.
  • Rukoo' 5:  Part 1: Was Rasoolullaah SAWS a Poet? People of Makkah used to call Rasoolullaah SAWS by 4 names - Poet, Magician, Mad and Liar... Why? Animals are created by Allaah so that we may take advantage from them. We will be enlivened again from the crushed Bones!!!

    Part 2: Fire from the Green Trees - Kun Fa Yakoon. How Allaah Ta’aala has uncovered Fire from the Green Trees! Remember how Wildfires spread in various countries and destroyed wildlife and displaced major populations. If He has created everything out of nothing, He will once again create and enliven bones from the powder. He is the Greatest Creator When He commands “BE IT” it “BECOMES”. Significance of Surah Yaa Seen.