Al-Haadi Deeni Akhbaar organized Prize distribution function where Mazoon ud-Da'wat Saiyedi Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (dm) called upon all those brilliant students and their parents at Devdi Mubaarak Taiyebi Mahal on 17th June, 2007, Sunday at 11:30 a.m. and appreciated their children's efforts in scoring highest percentage in their respective classes by giving them a memorable gift. Mazoon saheb exerted that there is no bifurcation between deeni and dunyawi learning, they both are one and the same. However deen supersedes duniyaa and the fountainhead of all learning is through deen which is further based on Qur'an. Mumineen should strengthen their aamaal for aakherat then automatically their duniyaa will become peaceful. Citing this, He did hidaayat to all of them present in this small but sweet gathering that in the time when there is lot of pressure of studies from schools and tuitions, mumineen should keep in mind that his child should get knowledge of deeni aamaal faithfully and completely through Madrasah. Today our youth are planning to settle abroad or going for further studies to find better future prospects; this is in fact a good sign. But side by side one should never forget his roots of Husainiyat and Alaviyat and never forget his identity. We should appreciate the generous contribution by Vohra, Dabhoiwala and Image Personal Coaching Classes in getting such event successful and also welcome such noble gesture by others too. We pray by the waseelah of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) that, Allaah Ta'aala bestow over children with the best of His knowledge and excel them with highest level of success through the Siraat-e-Mustaqeem. Ameen