The Prayer of Tahajjud

Allaah Ta’aala says in the Qur’an, In the night you offer the prayer of Tahajjud as it is the blessing for you from your Lord, you might be granted a sublime post.  The Supreme position-Maqaam-e-Mahmood of Rasoolullaah (saws) among all the Ambiyaa on Yaum ul-Qeyaamah is the establishment of Da’wat ul-Haqq on the hands of his Aal-‘Itrat (progeny) in this Daur us-Satr.  One who offers the 12 rak’ats of Tahajjud by waking after the midnight and before the dawn will get enormous fazl-o-sawaab from his Rabb.  It is the Naafelat prayer and mumineen are specially commanded to offer it in Shahrullaah as the namaazi will get high exaltation having the company-sohbat of his beloved Nabi Mohammad (saws) and surely his intercession-shafaa’at for his sins.


Tahajjud comprises of 12 rak’ats divided into 6 salaams.  Namaazi have to take its niyyat and then recite from Surat un-Naas till Surat ul-‘Asr in ascending order with Surat ul-Faatehah in each rak’at.  After every salaam namaazi should sit and recite its assigned du’aa and then get up by saying Allaaho Akbar and start with the next rak’at.  In this way namaazi should complete all the 6 salaams and at the end recite a du’aa of sajadah.

After every 2 rak’ats separate du’aa is recited where there is waseelah of ‘Aql-e-Awwal till ‘Aql-e-‘Aashir Mudabbir (1-10 intellect), Angels-Malaa’ekah, Prophets-Ambiyaa, Rasoolullaah and his progeny (saws), Imaam uz-Zamaan and his deputy, Maulaana Qaa’im ul-Qeyaamah (as).  At the end in the sajadah, there is the request for the acceptance of Du’aa, fulfillment of hope and endowment of the noble heir by the Waseelah of Maulaana Zakariyaa Nabi, as Allaah Ta’aala will never change His Decision and never go against His Promise.

After 2 rak'ats
After 4 rak'ats
After 6 rak'ats
After 8 rak'ats
After 10 rak'ats
After 12 rak'ats
Du'aa of Sajadah
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