Online - A Divine 'Alavi Line

O People, We created you in the form of male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may recognise each other with respect and love. He who has more pious in deeds and thoughts has indeed greater honour with Allaah. Surely Allaah is All-knowing and Well-informed.

The word Online” is very popular nowadays in this technology loving generation of Smartphone and Internet. Anyone who uses Internet also uses the word of Online and identifies it quite well. Before some time there were Round dial phones with wire attached with it, and one who wish to call outside the state, firstly he has to book the call and then when the person at telephone exchange gave the line then only he could have a conversation with the desired person. It means that only when the telephone line is free then only the person could have conversation. If anyone is talking on the phone and suddenly the voice of the other person stops then, it was said that, the line is being cut or there is some problem in the wire or connection. If there is delay in making the call then it was said that, “Sorry, the line is busy.”

By the time when humans started writing or making tools with the stones and wood there came into being the strong relation between human and “line.”  Somewhere the line is to be found on the road, somewhere it is on the cloth, somewhere in the books, somewhere on the pillars, somewhere in the houses, somewhere in the train. The fact is that some lines are found to be hidden and some are left as open, some are seen and some are invisible. But through smartphones the concept of using Internet has changed by leap and bounds.  In recent past, people were using internet through cables, but this has been replaced by WiFi technology.  But here too the need of lines is necessary and impending.  Nowadays line also comprises of “On” and “Off”. That means Online and Offline”. Any of the advertisements or hoardings are not empty with the Internet based resources like app, website, email or any other online facility.

In this competitive world there is need of an ocean of information and the youth are truly inspired by the Internet, but the mindset of the youth have changed totally due to the use of Internet.

Before the era of Internet the minds of the people were very sharp and can take decisions on their own, but nowadays the youth and the people too are addicted or caged or getting more relied on the Internet to take their decisions because the Internet has reduced and destroyed the thinking power of the brain.

Every facility given by the government or any company like banking, railway, hotels, catering, shopping, etc. is all done Online and people like to do it from the comforts of their offices and homes. The world of this Online platform is so promising and vast that if we try to remember one thing the other is forgotten.  Oh!! This Online list is very lengthy and new things are getting added day by day.  We fear that though Online trading or Online shopping is hassle-free and easy, it will gradually lead us to social aloofness and unwanted expenses.

Now getting to our Deen, Mazhab, Knowledge, ‘Aqeedah, Thinking, Personal matters, Trading, Health and looking upon these things reasonably and sincerely, we can say that we are always online with our Creator Allaah Ta’aala. Imaam uz Zamaan (as) who is the master of the Ruhaani and Illaahi heavenly institution of our time, through his recognition and love should we not keep ourselves connected to Allaah Ta’aala and His Prophets and His representatives? Yes, we can do that by keeping the Line between Imaam uz Zamaan (as) and ourselves “On” every time and every place. According to the rules and regulations of any institution or company, its office or its supervisor does every required inquiry and investigation then after the person who is requesting to get service from the company is given the connection.

To get to Allaah Ta’aala, to reach to our creator, to acquire the life after death, to get to the bounties of heaven, the permanent Line from Da’i uz Zamaan (tus) is needed, which is there only for a selected and chosen people who abide to the stringent rules of Islamic institution. Allaah’s representative tells us always to stay connected with this line. When we are Online and getting all types of benefits of the uninterrupted divine connectivity then why we should bother or rely upon the other people in the world. Thus the data transfer of Imaan and ‘amal is only and only because of the walaayat of Maulaana ‘Ali Ameer ul Mumineen (as). If we stay firm on the line of Imaan by getting synchronised with the love and affection of our Maulaana Ali (as) and his respected Imaams, then we can proudly say that, “Online” creates the relation between the other people, but our “Alavi Online” creates the direct relation between heavens and ourselves.

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