Barakaat of the Tears shed on the
Shahaadat of Imaam Husain (as)

A Riwaayat of a Wailing Bird

al-Hamdo lillaah - Praise be to Allaah Ta'aala

Once there was a Yahoodi (Jewish man) who had a daughter. She was unwell and handicapped. She was unable to move or walk. She was blind too. One day that man made her sit under a tree in a garden and went to nearby place for some work. He did not return even after a long time. Night fell and his daughter started crying sitting under the tree.

She had a habit of sleeping near her father at night. She could not sleep for the whole night. Just before dawn, she heard a bird wailing in the sorrow. She couldn’t see it but she surely felt that the bird was sitting nearby on one of the branches of the tree. The daughter of Jewish man could not understand what was happening around her. As the bird was wailing, its tears fell into the eyes of that girl. Due to the barakaat of tears shed in the remembrance of Imaam Husain (as), the girl’s vision returned immediately. She was cured of her blindness. Soon she was able to move and walk. She was no more handicap.  When asked about its wailing, Allaah Ta’aala gave bird the power of dialogue and it explained to a little girl what happened to the Imaam and his family in Karbalaa. The bird had come from Karbalaa following the Martyrdom – Shahaadat of Imaam Husain (as). Its body was covered with the bloody dust of Karbalaa where Imaam Husain (as) attained martyrdom.

The girl started roaming in the garden. Meanwhile, the Jewish man returned in the garden. He started searching for his daughter. He asked the roaming girl about his daughter. He was unable to recognize that the girl to whom he was inquiring about his daughter was actually his own. The girl replied – "O father! I am your daughter." She narrated the incident of the wailing bird and told him that it was the tears of the bird which cured her illness. After witnessing the Miracle of wailing on Imaam Husain (as), the Jewish man, his daughter and a group of 500 people embraced Islaam.

Rasoolullaah (saws) has said in his Hadees – Whoever cries, makes other cry or expresses grief in the remembrance of the Masaa’ib of his Grandson Imaam Husain (as), Jannat is reserved for him. Indeed the cure of the illness of the Jewish girl is Jannat for her in this World. Such is the Barakat of Ghamm of Imaam Husain (as), that mumineen are cured of all their illnesses – physical or spiritual.

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