65th Milaad-e-Haatemi of Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb (tus)
with the
Rusoomaat of Nisbat of Bhaisaheb Kumail bhai

8th Rabi' ul-Awwal 1444 AH/03-10-2022, Monday

  Bayt e Muneer: Aaj Mawlid hai Haatim Shahaa ka...


"O Mumineen! This is not the only Saalgirah-Milaad of your Da'i uz Zamaan Aqaa Maulaa TUS, but this is the Milaad Mubaarak of Nabi, Wasi, Imaam, Baab, Hujjat, Du'aat e Balaagh and Du'aat e Mutlaqeen SA.  These 7 Darajaat of our Isma'ili-Taiyebi mazhab are the 7 days between the Milaad of our beloved Nabi Mohammad Rasoolullaah SAWS, 2nd Rabi' ul Awwal, and the Milaad of your Da'i uz Zamaan TUS, 8th Rabi'ul Awwal.  All these days of this month are mubaarak and maymoon to you.  I dedicate all my Milaad masarraat to you and for the Khushi of your family.  A small piece of Khajoor that you offered me was a great treasure of Mawaddat and Mahabbat."  These are the golden words Maulaa delivered during the memorable speech of Milaad in Nooraani masjid.

7th and 8th Rabi'ul Awwal 1444, witnessed a sea of Alavi Bohra Mumineen at Taiyebi park and Badri Mohalla.  To offer tehniyat and mubaarak-baadi of 65th Milaad e Maymoon to Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS, every nook and corner wore the robe of Khushi, excitement and community strength.  Madrasah Taiyebiyah organized Milaad card competition, Eye and Teeth medical camp and Milaad procession, in which large number of Alavi children participated.  at-Taiyebaat committee organized Fun-Fair at Badri Mohalla with 18 stalls offering different mouth-smacking delicacies.  During Fun-Fair, expert mehndi designers offered free service and khidmat to put Barakaat and Khushi of Milaad on the hands of Muminaat in form of Mehndi.  As a part of Milaad khidmaat, Huseni committee will organise all-disease medical camp including diabetes, hypertension, ENT, bones etc.

The Nafs o Jaan of Milaad was the mawkib-Nooraani sawaari of Aqaa Maulaa with Faatemi Shaanaat and Haatemi Jaah o Jalaal.  Different khaandaans, committees, groups, building members offered mubaarak-baadi to Aqaa Maulaa TUS with Guldasta-Bouquet of flowers, barakaat of Khajoor-dates, gifts, fruits-Fawaakih etc.  Mumineen from Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Nadiad, Umalla, Ankleshwar, Navsari etc offered tehniyat to Aqaa Maulaa TUS in person and witnessed the Nooraani fizaa of Milaad.  Also Mumineen from different countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE, Newzealand etc sent heartiest Milaad greetings with Arz of Du'aa.

With the Masarraat of Milaad, Aqaa Maulaa TUS performed the rusoomaat of Nisbat-engagement of the eldest son of Mukaasir Maulaa DM, Kumail Bhaisaheb with Fizzah bu bint Aqeel Bhaisaheb, the grand-daughter of  Hadd saheb Ameer Hamzah, the youngest brother of 44th Da'i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb AQ.  Fizzah's sister Laame'ah bu has been engaged with the second son Shahzada Murtazaa bhai of Aqaa Maulaa TUS.  All Abnaa ud Da'wat are at present pursuing different careers along with the khidmat of Da'wat e Haadiyah.


Funfair was dotted with various food stalls and when it started, Ma’zoon Maulaa DM along with other Hudood e Da’wat visited each stall, tasted their home-made food items and appreciated their efforts to add vibrancy of our community uniqueness in the Milaad celebrations.  All the stall owners collectively made Maa’edah of all food items and presented to Aqaa Maulaa TUS for Du’aa and Barakaat.


Dental and Eye Examination Camp in Madrasah Taiyebiyaah was organised this 65th Milaad of Huzoor e 'Aali TUS for the first time. More than 250 school going students got themselves examined in the camp and this report would help them in proper follow-up and care in case some serious ailment is diagonised. 4 separate teams were arranged at two Madrasah centers - Wadi and Ajwa Road. Representatives of Baroda Children Hospital, Center for Sight, Manubhai Dental Hospital, Bright Dental Hospital assisted in this camp.


Our Family Our Honour: "KNOW YOUR ROOTS" was an innovative project given to the students of Madrasah Taiyebiyaah. Students were supposed to make a Family Tree of their minimum three generations with names and photos, so that they feel connected to their roots and remember their forefathers. Overwhelming participation and their efforts and dedication was clearly seen from their charts. Also students of Madrasah greeted their Aqaa Maulaa TUS by making "MILAAD CARDS". Each card was unique because it had respect, honour and love for Huzoor e 'Aali TUS. Mustafaa Mannaan Marchawala made 65 Milaad cards and the same was kept for display in the sahen of Masjid e Taiyebi.