On the occasion of 72nd Milaad of ad-Durrat ul-Bayzaa Mohtaramah Maa Saahebah (dm), Huzoor-e-'Aali Saiyedna Saaheb (tus) felicitated the selected muminaat of our Jamaa'at who have excelled in various fields and disciplines like Da’wat Khidmat, deeni ta’leem, academics, education, government services, social services, social welfare etc. These muminaat in their service span helped our community members in their capacity. Names of the muminaat with a short description of their excellence and achievement have been listed below with their photograph.

In his Bayaan, Huzoor-e-'Aali (tus) exclusively mentioned about their khidmat and their efforts in bringing change of betterment through self-respect and education, Maulaa encouraged the muminaat of our Jamaa'at that with dedication and perseverance, anyone can excel in any field. In this ever-demanding and competitive world everyone is engaged in maintaining and sustaining their family, therefore in this hustle a person who thinks about his community’s welfare will sure be revered and remembered. Dili Mubaarak-baadi to all those who have received the honour on the occasion of Milaad-e-Maymoon.

ad-Durrat ul-Bayzaa Maa-Saahebah (dm) delivering bayaan in Majlis-e-Milaad
Khidmat of Da'wat Shareefah

Busaahebah Qeebu Abdul Taiyebbhai Chinwala is the eldest daughter of Muqaddas Maulaa Yusuf Nooruddin saheb (aq), has dedicatedly served as a Qaariyah and Zaakerah in Majlis-e-‘Azaa during the Da’iship of Muqaddas Maulaa.


BuSaahebah Ruqaiyahbu Haddsaheb Ameer Hamzahbhai is one of the Rukn of Zumrah-e-Maa Sahebah Durrah Bayzaa with her khidmat spanning for 38 yrs in reciting Madeh, Qasaa’id and Maraasi in Majlis-e-Ahl ul Bayt (as)


Haajrahbu Yahyaabhai Bhaisaheb is the senior most member of Bunaiyaat-e-Taiyebiyah worked as a khidmat-guzaar for 27 yrs and is attached with newly formed Tanzeem Committee.  She has been as a Science Teacher in Secondary Section for 35 yrs.

  Kubraabu Alibhai Gulaabiwala is doing Khidmat-e-Husainiyah for 45 yrs and is one of the Rukn of Zumrah-e-Maa Sahebah Durrah Bayzaa.  She started this khidmat from Mumbai and continued it in Vadodara.

Faatemahbu Shabbirbhai Charniwala is doing Khidmat-e-Husainiyah for 30 yrs and is one of the Rukn of Zumrah-e-Maa Sahebah Durrah Bayzaa.  She has also tutored many children in Deeni Ta’leem.


Zahraabu Mulla Ghulaam Husainbhai Zariwala has served as a Ustaaz in Madrasah Taiyebiyah for 25 yrs and has trained students in offering Wuzoo and Namaaz

Given the Coveted Title of Mullaani

Azeemahbu Miyaabhai Lala is a member of the family who has a strong association of the Khidmat-e-Ilmiyyah and has printed different books of du’aas.  She is an active member of Shehr-e-Baanu Anjuman in Mumbai which is hosting Majaalis-e-Ahlul Bayt (as) since ling time.


Durriyahbu Imtiyaaz Husain Motiwala played a key role in materializing the project of Alavi Community Centre for which she offered her premises in Badri Mohalla to setup Alavi Library.  She is attached to Tanzeem Committee and has a vision of Women Welfare.


Rasheedahbu Abdul Husain Attarwala is serving as a Ustaaz in Madrasah Taiyebiyah since 10 yrs and is doing khidmat at Devdi Mubaarak relating to Library.


Faatemahbu Mulla Husainalibhai Najmi has served for 30 yrs as a Maths Teacher and is an active of Tanzeem Committee. She has been hosting Maulaatona Faatemah Zahraa (as) majlis since 7 yrs.


Shirinbu Mulla Qurbaanhusainbhai Rangwala is attached as a Teacher with Madrasah Taiyebiyah in Baroda since 9 yrs and is also training girls as per our beliefs who are coming in our Jamaa’at before Nikaah. She is a scribe of Dars-e-Taiyebi at Nooraani Masjid.


Rukhsaanahbu Shaukatalibhai Retiwala is serving as a Ustaaz in Madrasah Taiyebiyah since 10 yrs. She contributes and writes articles on varied topics for Mishkaat ul-Haadi Deeni Newsletter.


Mariyambu Mulla Isma’ilbhai Trunkwala is giving Deeni Ta’leem to more than 15 children in Nadiad since 4 yrs in accordance with the syllabus of Madrasah Taiyebiyah.

Given Title of Appreciation for Khidmat in Various Fields

Nazneenbu Ali Asgharbhai Umallawala is serving as a Real-Estate Consultant, Legal Advisor and is attached to different Govt. Departments since 24 yrs.


Faatemahbu Aneesbhai Kundhelawala has served as a Sarpanch of Kundhelawala Village for 10 yrs and now her daughter got elected for the same post.  She has worked untiringly for the welfare and development of her village.


Quraanbu Fakhruddinbhai Poonawala has served as a Primary section teacher, librarian and Scout-Guide leader in Zenith High School for 38 yrs.


Aamenahbu Qurbaan Husain Kanjariwala is working in Collector Office as a Deputy Mamlatdar since 32 yrs. 


Mariyambu Ameeruddinbhai Attarwala is serving in Vadodara Municipal Corporation since 36 yrs.


Nargisbu Firozbhai Kanjariwala is serving in Revenue Department of Vadodara Municipal Corporation in Ward-3 (c) since 31 yrs.


Baanubu Shabbir Husainbhai Chashmawala is related to a family who devotedly works with Da’wah affairs and has served Whole-heartedly on every Farmaan of Saaheb-e-Da’wat.


Safiyahbu Ilyaasbhai Thakrawala has served for 40 yrs in Zenith School as a Teacher and Supervisor.  She was awarded “Best Teacher” of the year 2001.


Faatemahbu Habeebullaah Adenwala has served for 33 yrs as a Higher Secondary Teacher in University Experimental School and remained as a Principal for 1½ yrs.  She is now working as a Chemistry Teacher in Zenith School.


Aneesahbu Isma’ilbhai Padaria is working in a school as a Teacher and consulting Psychologist for last 13 yrs.  She is helping children with learning disabilities along with the counselling  of their parents.


Mubinabu Hamzahalibhai Popatwala is a active member of Tanzeem Committee and has played key-role for organizing different events for muminaat working closely with al-Mo’azzamah Husbaanahbu.


Baanubu Nazarali Tailor is serving as a Maths-Science teacher in MES Girls High School since 30 yrs and has tutored many students of our Jamaa’at.


Zainabbu Ayyoobalibhai Kachwala is active in Social Services and has a merit of organizing Sabeel-e-Husaini since 25 yrs and her household having skill in making anything out of glass.


Saarrahbu Alibhai Tailor is teaching English-Social Studies in Rosy School and is serving there as a Supervisor since 31 yrs. 


Onezahbu Shamsuddinbhai Lokhandwala is conducting Sewing classes at her home for last 30 yrs and has trained many muminaat and their daughters in a skillful manner.


Bilqeesbu Shabbarbhai Khokhawala remains afoot in serving the Saahebaan of Da’wah Shareefah and acts as a driving force for khidmat-e-khalq in her entire family.


Sughraabu Ghulaam Husainbhai Contractor is related to a family who is doing khidmat and mehmaan-nawaazi of of Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna saheb (tus) whenever Maulaa visits Ahmedabad and remains close to Saiyedaat of Da’wah Shareefah.


Shirinbu Mohammadali Bookbinder served as a Primary Section teacher (English Medium) in Zenith School for 26 yrs.  She has tutored many children of our Jamaa'at.

  Mahfuzahbu Badruddin Barodawala has worked as a lecturer of History at Maharashtra College of Arts, Science & Commerce since 28 yrs. Wrote a book on History for HSC, worked for Youth Forum (Mumbai), held painting exhibitions at different places and won prizes from Bombay Arts and Sports Club.

Rukhsaanahbu Akbaralibhai Kachwala is working with Doordarshan Kendra in Ahmedabad since 35 yrs and this year she has been felicitated as a senior most Employee of that Kendra.

Given Certificate of Appreciation for Academic Excellence

Faa’ezah Ejaazbhai Vohra has secured 94% of marks in HSC (Science) and stood first in her school and our community.  She is having a distinction of securing first rank in her class throughout her schooling.


Zarin Sibtainbhai Rangwala is studying MBBS (JJ Medical College) and had secured 1st Rank in her College in HSC (Maharashtra Board). She got 379th Rank out of 30,000 students who appeared for Maharashtra CET Exam and secured 181/200 points.


Sofiyah Ibraahimbhai Vasanwala is studying M. Sc. (Physics) in MSU, Baroda.  She was awarded Gold Medal in B. Sc. last year for her meritorious performance.

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