Video of the Medical Camp

Anjuman-e-Tanzeem-e-Millat-e-Taiyebiyah organized a Medical Camp of Thyroid, Eye and Dental Diseases on 12th Sha’baan 1433/1st July 2012, Sunday at Shams and Mohammad Husain Hall in Badri Mohalla for our mumineen. This was after successfully organizing the Medical Camp of Bone Diseases, Diabetes & Breast Cancer awareness before two months, this anjuman along with Da’wat-e-Haadiyah had planned to organize a special camp focusing on the Thyroid Diseases.

In the Thyroid Camp, 86 mumineen registered for the blood test of Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism. On the day of the camp, the reports of the blood test were issued to the registered mumineen and an exclusive PowerPoint presentation of the Thyroid Diseases was shown to them. Dr Kiran Shah explained the importance of Thyroid Hormones in the Human Body and focused on the signs and symptoms of failure and over working of Thyroid Gland. Consultation of the Mumineen whose reports tested positive was done in the camp itself. Thyroid medicines for 1 month were given free to them by the Abbott Pharmaceuticals.

In the Eye Camp, over 120 mumineen got their eyes tested by Dr Fakhri Jiruwala. Service of refraction testing (number testing of the eyes) was given by Hadd Saheb Qambarali, Shabbirbhai Chasmawala and Mohammadbhai Chhaliyarwala. On the same day early in the morning 12 mumineen got their Cataract removed free of charge at the Clinic of Dr Chiplunkar. The cataract operations were sponsored by the benevolent mumineen of our Jamaa’at. Even after the camp, 7 needy mumineen got their Cataract removed free of charge. One retina operation was also done on the day of the camp.

In the Dental Camp, the team of Dr Rajendra Singh Rathod gave free service for the diagnosis of dental diseases. Over 60 patients underwent dental checkup. Insha Allaah, the Anjuman is planning to organize a Cardiac and Cancer camp after Shahrullaah.

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