Mazoon ud-Da'wat visited Mumbai
Zul Hajjat il-Haraam 1428


For the mumineen of Mumbai, the month of Zul Hijjat il-Haraam brought with it the beautiful bouquet of bushraa, khush-khabari and delight when Mazoon ud-Da’wat Saiyedi Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (dm) made a memorable visit to the city on 30th Zul Qa’adat il-Haraam and stayed for 3 days.  These three days witnessed series of deeni-ijtemaa’ee (religious-social) activities that included proper nizaam of madrasah framed on the foot-prints of Madrasah Taiyebiyah of Vadodara, deeni weekly daras addressing to the most fundamental doctrines of our Isma’ili Mazhab and other Da’wat Umoor.

Mazoon ud-Da’wat gave the sharaf of Namaaz-e-Imaamat of pehli tareekh and pehli raat of Zul Hijjat il-Haraam and its essence was the bayaan which focussed on the hurmat-sacredness of this month, the importance of Hajj Baytullaah and its rituals and the tareeqah of Du’a and maghferat (supplication and forgiveness).  There was also a small deeni gathering of our college-going students headed by Raasul Hudood and he instructed all to be punctual in namaaz, recitation of Qur’an, doing wuzoo, making their beliefs more stronger and defending their aamaal based of holy tareeqah of our Ahlul Bayt (as).  The majlis of Maulaana Muslim bin Aqeel (as) was held at the residence of one of the ma’moor accompanied with ziyaafat.  Here Mazoon ud-Da’wat explained mumineen the wafaa-daari  of Maulaana Muslim in the khidmat of Saiyed ush-Shohadaa Imaam Husain (as), the izzat of a common mumin and the significance of mehmaan-nawaazi.  Those present were left spell-bound after knowing the haqeeqat of it’aam ut-ta’aam (serving food to a mehmaan), one of the sunnat-e-khaassah of Rasoolullaah Bawaji (saws).  Programme regarding the Urs Mubaarak of Saiyedna Nooruddin saheb (qr) at Surat that falls of 20th Moharram ul-Haraam was also discussed among Anjuman-e-Nooraani members and subsequently finalized with Mukasir ud-Da’wat.  This time the anjuman members have the vision and vigor in planning the Urs of Muqaddas Maulaa at grand level.  We pray for all mumineen that Allaah Ta’aala fulfill the deeni-duniyaawi haajaat and dili tamannaa.