Madrasah Taiyebiyah
  Workshops and PTM
4-1444/Nov 2022

Madrasah PTM: Parents Teacher Meeting or rather Parents Teacher Interaction was held for the Students of Madrasah e Taiyebiyah for the first time. Parents enthusiastically attended the session where they interacted with the Ustaad of their child regarding the progress of Ta'leem and need of improvement at any level. Interactions were kept for individual classes for several days so that utmost personal attention is given for each student. Parents welcomed the gesture of Madrasah for organising such session which is a need of time and in sync with School meetings.

Kitchen Garden: Rasoolullaah SAWS - "Greenery in house removes Sadness." These words mean a lot in today's world of concrete jungle. Allaah Ta'aala na Fazl o Ahsaan thi ane Huzoor e Aali TUS ni Du'aa na sabab our Madrasah Taiyebiyah took a novel initiative of developing Gardening interest - specifically Kitchen Garden among our Madrasah Students. Two faculties of Vadodara Garden Lovers' group visited our Madrasah at Wadi and Ajwa Road and shared their experiences and demonstrated students how to make Kitchen Garden in their homes.

Madrasah is now not ONLY about Qur'an and Deeni Ta'leem but slowly by the Grace of Allaah Ta’aala and Du’aa of Huzoor e ‘Aali TUS it’ll get transformed into a hub of various creative and extra curricular activities also...Exclusive Vacation Batches were launched.... full of interesting and proactive activities.

Following workshops were organized for the first time in our both Madrasah (Ajwa Road and Wadi)

  1. Website Designing - Dr Aqeel Husain Zulfiqarbhai Surti.
  2. Basic Stitching Techniques :- Shaguftaben Nadeali Bhaisaheb.
  3. Art Carnival :- Tazeenben Fazalbhai Vohra
  4. Resin Art :- Aamenaben Fazalbhai Vohra

Special Activity Classroom
21 Moharram 1440/1 Oct 2018

Children are Playful by Nature. Play brings out Children's Interest and Creativity. In today's modern world children needs something which is Colourful and Creative in every aspect and by the way children learn more through play-way methods or by Audio-visual modes as it is done basically in Schools. So it is the need of the hour that Deeni Knowledge should also be given in the same way, so that the children enjoy coming in Madrasah and Learning Deeni concepts while getting through general knowledge and current affairs should be their first priority.

This Activity Classroom is specially designed with all modern methods of Teaching which includes Games, Flash cards, Smart way of Teaching through Projector etc.

With the Guidance and Du'aa of Huzoor e 'Aali a team of khidmat-guzaar worked on it and did efforts to transform the atmosphere of Madrasah into a platform of learning Deen e Islaam through Modern and Multimedia methods. The core idea is to impart Deeni Knowledge with Colours, Practical Activities and Audio-visual Techniques.

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