It is the kind of historic event in Da'wat e Haadiyah akhbaar that, In the month of Jumaadi ul Ulaa 1443 AH, the month of the Shahaadat of Maulaatona Faatemah Zahraa AS, a special outstanding majlis of Muminaat was held on the first day of this month.  Maa Saahebah Umm ul Mumineen DM headed the majlis where the hall was jam-packed with 800 muminaat adorned with the dress-code of pink Ridaa.  Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS attended the majlis for a short time as a Mehmaan e Khusoosi.  Aqaa Maulaa addressed the gathering and said the following nikaat:

  1. The relationship between shohar-zawjah (husband & wife) should be cordial, helpful, respectful, affectionate, steadfast and trustworthy.  Every time remember the life of Ahl ul Bayt AS, the holy relation of Maulaana Ali Ameer ul Mumineen AS and Maa Faatemah AS.
  2. You all are blessed with the Ulfat and Mawaddat of Maa Faatemah AS.  You have a special maqaam due to this quality in the Aakherat.  This Ridaa and the holy Faatemi dress that you have chosen is the Ne'mat of Maa Faatemah AS.  Always respect this Sirat and Surat.  Ridaa is the precious ornament for you.
  3. From today onwards this majlis will be included in Rusoomaat e Haatemiyah named as “Maa'edat o Salawaat e Faatemah az-Zahraa AS."  In the past it was called Mithi Shitaabi that was defaced with bid'aat and customized as per the whims and fancies.  What you all witness today here is as per the Rusoomaat e Da'wat endorsed by Aqaa'id and Faatemi principles.  I hope that by the esteemed wasilah of our Maa Faatemah AS this majlis e Salawaat will become an annual event.
  4. Rasoolullaah SAWS said that, “O my believers! Bury your daughters when they attain puberty.”  When asked what the meaning ‘Bury' carried.  Imaam AS replied that, “Don't take the word Bury literally, but it means that you should arrange marriage for you daughters as early as possible.” So, O muminaat! Saheb e Da'wat is not against the education of your daughters.  But engage them timely with pious Alavi boy without waiting for the completion of graduation or getting job.  Also do not let your daughters live alone in India or abroad for job or higher education.  But first choose her house of return where she will be with family of her husband.
  5. Da'wat e Faatemiyah is a zenith of Islaam.  Everything has its face, and the face of Panjatan e Paak AS is Maa Faatemah az-Zahraa AS.  In such a short period of her life, her piety, loyalty, simplicity, truthfulness, patience, nobility, purity, devotion, morality and modesty became a way of life and code of conduct for the generations to come till the Day of Justice.  Her believers placed her in sublime status of Spirituality as She is divinely chosen as the Saiyedah-Master  of the entire women-being of this world.  We all are Mumineen-Muminaat of this great this Da'wat e Faatemiyah.