There is a strong Sync between a Community-Jamaa'at and a Friday-Jomo'ah Congregational Prayer

Rabbana laa Tozigh Quloobana ba'da iz Hadaytana wa Hab lana mil-Ladunka Rahamatan, Innaka antal Wahhaab - O Our Lord, Make not Our Hearts deviate after You have guided us aright, and bestow us from Your Mercy. Surely You are the benevolent Giver. 3-8

The wise men have stated, “Those who do not have brothers shall not have peace, those who do not possess children shall not be remembered, those who do not earn by lawful means are considered as foolish and misfit for this World and the Hereafter.”  In the same way, one who does not offer the Friday prayer in congregation-imaamat behind Saheb-e-darajah or Saheb-e-Razaa shall distance himself from many blessings and bounties.

Here the four key points are: Brothers, Children, Lawful income and Friday prayers. We can find the relevance of all the four points in the Qur’an-e-Hakeem. It is well known that each of the mumin-believer is the brother of the other by Imaan and this very fact forms the foundation of Jamaa’at, a caring Community. The existence of families, tribes and various groups is possible only because of this brotherhood. Money and Children are considered as the adornment of this worldly life. The trial and testing of a person occurs by both of these. There is an entire chapter “Surat ul-Jomo’ah” in the Qur’an which explains the importance of Friday prayers in congregation. It has been instructed that when one hears the call for prayer on Friday namaaz, he should rush to the masjid, leaving his work/job/business aside, in order to offer prayers and along with it recite Salawaat, do supplication and sadaqah. One should remember that occupation is just one of the ways of spending time in this world.  And the one who is crazy after it considers the worldly trade as a priority over religious obligations and the one who is mindful of this wild worldly web knows that it is nothing but a playful toy.

If brothers work together, handling different responsibilities, then they can provide courage, determination and strength to each other.The role of brothers in one's life is just as the role of backbone in one’s body. Whenever any sickness or disintegration is caused in the person's backbone the strength of his body reduces to half. In a similar way a person’s life is affected by not having a brother. The bond of all relations is strengthened by this brotherly love. This also results in maintaining discipline and peace in the house.

Parents regard their children as the apple of their eyes and the glory of their house. Children do create clamour, commotion and clashes in the house but they also create celebrations. A child, whether a girl or a boy is the successor of his/her parents. A virtuous daughter will always make her father feel proud of her. The remembrance of a daughter’s father remains fresh and alive because of her virtues and affectionate behaviour when she goes to begin her new chapter of life in her in-laws. A sincere son who takes the responsibility of his family business and who serves the people of the society becomes the cause of remembrance of his father’s reputation.

In the past many noble men, who were close to the Da'i uz-Zamaan, have served the society and have earned a respectable reputation.  But unfortunately their children got indulged in bad habits, wrong traits and worst company; as a result they destroyed the reputation of their parents. On the other side, there are such children whose parents have not earned an extraordinary name in the society and were not so well-known among the people.  But due to the best acts and benevolent nature of their children, they have earned a reputed name in this world and have reserved great reward in the hereafter.

When Allaah Ta’aala provides us with righteous earning he also blesses us with the wisdom where to spend it (so that each one should get the correct share). If one spends his earnings on others he gets the credit for his good deeds. The person who is blessed with this wisdom and riches is the luckiest person in this world.

Rasoolulaaah (saws) is considered as the Saheb or Mamsool or proprietor of Friday. Friday is superior to all other days and is the essence of all other six days of the Week. On Friday afternoon, people get together and offer their prayers in congregation behind Saheb-e-Razaa. It means that the existence of any congregation or Jamaa’at is due to this prayer of Friday. In the same way the existence of other faiths and religions is only due to basis of Islaam.  This prayer of Friday, when prayed with the religious head-Da’i in the mosque, glorifies the community members by elevating them in spiritual spectrum. One who does not follow this faith of namaaz is not considered as a part of the community and the one who leaves the community customs and traditions as prescribed by the Ahl ul Bayt (as) becomes cursed and wicked in the eyes of Allaah Ta’aala. 

Imaam uz Zamaan (as), who is from the Aal-progeny of Imaam Husain (as), in case during this time reveal his holy identity then Maulaa will have his own kingdom, Zulfiqaar, pulpit, army, darbaar and close assembly members.  He will be capable to declare Jihaad against disbelievers during the prayer of Jomo’ah and khutbah will be recited on his name.  Mumineen will congregate on such occasions and they will act completely with soul and spirit against the enemies of Deen e Haqq.  Imaam uz Zamaan (as) will establish justice and peace by defeating all evil forces and Allaah Ta’aala will bestow him with ultimate triumph and he will lead Islaam as the complete Deen for the well-being of human kind.

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