reminds you of the Aakherat (hereafter).  You should always remember death as it is rayhaanah (giving comfort) to you against the loss of worldly things.  The wisest of the faithful are those who remember death most often and are always ready for it.   The greater the remembrance of death, the greater is the renunciation of the worldly pleasures.  A misleading and deceived person will appear happy because of his temporary possessions as he understands nothing but eating, drinking and making merry.  But this liking makes Allaah dislike him and he will be sure destined to hell-fire.  Death is a sweet-smelling flower for a believer and it brings faith and certainty combined with the gladness to get the best of the rewards of his good deeds from Allaah.  But woe to him, who actually bids farewell to the deceased every day and walks along with his janaazah to his grave, and yet returns unmoved by remaining hooked to the deceptions of the world, and never restrains himself from its passions and luxuries.  So, O believers, don’t forget death like people who foolishly say that death will never visit them and don’t lean on the world and its craze like those who neither anticipate yaum ul-Hisaab (Reckoning) nor fear azaab (pumishment).

Those who remember death the most often and who are most careful for its preparation, then surely they are the cleverest people.  By the cooperation and ijaazat of Al-vezaaratul Alaviyah, we will here give the details of the marhumeen mumineen with the date of wafaat, its cause, address, phone no.  With this little endeavor our mumineen living around the globe will be able to get the akhbaar of wafaat timely so that munineen can give payghaam-e-sabr (condolence) to the nearest ones.  We will try our level best to put the name of the deceased before the ziyaarat or dasma.  The details of the deceased will not be removed before the chalisma.


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